The Doomsday Bomb

From, Tom Tomorrow has a great panel!

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Some things don't change they just get more cronic. Jules Fieffer published a similar cartoon 50 years ago about testing ever bigger bombs until finally they had to test the biggest ever that could blow up the Earth. "So they did." Sorry I couldn't find it for a link.

Funny, but slightly misleading.
What really happens is the cut off switches cost a million dollars each, the liberals get their regulations, the Gravel Boys then ignore them/pay lip service to them, the Big Event happens but the world is not destroyed,only messed up quite a bit.
Will you all be laughing when the regulations brought in on the back of this means you are paying $7 a gallon like we do in the UK?
P.S. BP does NOT stand for "British Petroleum". BP is a global corporation 40% American owned.

By Jack Savage (not verified) on 18 Jun 2010 #permalink

Wow, 1 million for a switch. That'll be a major problem for a deepsea drilling rig that may easily cost 400,000 dollar...A DAY.

You are also aware that the fuel price in the UK has little to do with regulations?