Counting your attitudes

Spend a few minutes at the link below to fill in an online survey about your attitude to climate change and a variety of other issues.

Your answers are desired as the reader of a "pro-science" blog, they are confidential and will be used for a research project.


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lol, I half expected them to ask about the de-medicalization conspiracy of psychologists.

By nonymouse (not verified) on 29 Aug 2010 #permalink

Typical. As questions, nonsensical. I got as far as question 8 which is really two questions to which I have definitely different answers. So I was not allowed to continue.

By James Beck (not verified) on 01 Sep 2010 #permalink

I can't say I liked/understood the point of some of those questions, either. I didn't want to say anything not to prejudice the survey sample. I would also note that interpreting the answers depends alot on whether any of the various conspiracies happen to be true! ;o)