Great video on Arctic sea ice

Via a new blog started up this summer, Fool me Once (sounds like wishful thinking ;-), proprieter Alden has graciously permitted me to embed a most excellent video he has produced on arctic sea ice.

He is covering a standard denialist talking point, that arctic sea ice has/is recovering, so the concepts will not be unfamiliar to any regulars here, but the very clear trains of argument and great use of data and graphics make this well worth watching.

The original posting is here.

His other post from about a month ago, is similarily clear and compelling. (Warning: video starts automatically, so check your sound volume!). In it, he is addressing the "global warming stopped in 1998" canard, with a focus on Phil Jones' BBC interview in which a scientifically nuanced comment on the unreliability of short term trends was intentionally twisted beyond recognition. It is also a great illustration of a point climate realists are constatntly trying to make about finding a trend in noisy data.

I've said this before and it may sound like strong words, but I believe it is well justified: *any* scientifically trained individual that makes his claim that global warming has stopped is most likely outright lying, but at the very least is intentionally misleading an audience he/she assumes to be uninformed. Of course, this claim can come from simple ignorance as well. So beware the liars, but also beware the crackpots!

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