JC does not understand the internet!

This comment may explain alot a lot about how Judith Curry is able to publish demonstrable tripe and completely brush off all substantive criticism:

"If what i said was utter nonsense, why is anyone here talking about it, I have 440 comments in 24 hours."

It leaves me speechless. On the other hand, it may explain why she thinks WattsUpWithThat and Climate Audit are quality sources of climate science.

More like this

"alot" is still not a word, whether Curry uses it or you do.


By Michael Tobis peeved (not verified) on 07 Nov 2010 #permalink

Observation ---> Conclusion.
This is her blog science. It needs more rigour.

I read the title and thought this was about the other JC.

Nonethelesss, same advice applies to this JC: get off the cross, we need the nails.

alot is not a word - it is a common typo. Don't you rouse the grammar nazi in me ............

I have enough trouble with my resurgent schoolmarm. Constantly nagging me to get stuck into jc for logic, coherence and other elementary attributes of year 11 writing.

Apart from the flawed nature of her view that the volume of comments somehow lends them credibility, I have mixed views about JC's position in the original article.

I tend to concur with the basic thrust, which decries dogma and suggests that science should be open and willing to accept debate. But........

I think she is being EXTREMELY naive about what is reasonable debate, and what passes for debate with regard to climate science. Unfortunately, the debate on this issue has been hijacked by opinion writers and politicians with agendas, and the real science debate has been drowned out.

The final paragraph in the article is most telling (IMO).

"....Disagreement is part of what moves science forward. Why did the email authors find it important to deal with people that are willfully ignorant and trying to deceive? Why not ignore them? Trying to deceive whom about what? Sowing doubt about the IPCC findings? Well that should be part and parcel of science. Scientists dealing with willfully ignorant people or people that are trying to deceive because of concerns that this ignorance or deception is motivated by what, exactly?
How is Steve McIntyre willfully ignorant or trying to deceive? He was asking questions about statistical analysis methods and accountability. How is Pat Michaels willfully ignorant or trying to deceive? Pat accepts the basics of AGW theory, but does not see evidence of a high CO2 sensitivity and doesnât buy the argument that warming is âbad.â..."

Yes, disagreement IS what moves science forward. But to criticise scientists for attempting to deal with ignorant decievers is - not to put too fine a point on it - away with the fairies! Scientists NEED to deal with these fools, because it is people like Watts and Monckton who are hogging the limelight, and getting the general population and politicians to accept their nonsensical rantings. Ignoring them does not work, and it is demonstrably so.

I think there are very few people (and I am not one of them) who think that 'skeptics' like McIntyre are willfully ignorant or trying to deceive. I believe McIntyre (and others like him) asks quite legitimate scientific questions, and if they cannot be properly answered, the science underpinning AGW is flawed (it's not). But its not the McIntyres of the world that are the problem - its the Moncktons and the Inhofes and Soons. Does she really think that scientists should ignore them?

the real problem with dogma is that the usa has all these crazy politicians who go around claiming agw is a hoax or communist plot and then threaten to crucify climate scientists.

By crazy bill (not verified) on 07 Nov 2010 #permalink

I agree with your take on it mandas. I think her biggest failing, and only charitable explanation I have for her extreme and slanted view, is that she paints a broad spectrum of viewpoints on both sides with a two single brush strokes and then shoehorns everything out there into a very cartoonish narrative.

In the post following immediately after that one, she says:
"No argumentum ad populum".

By Lars Karlsson (not verified) on 08 Nov 2010 #permalink

Must be a lot of people out there suffering from SIWOTI Syndrome