Another week of GW News, July 17, 2011

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

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Another week of Climate Disruption News

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July 17, 2011

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    For those who enjoy challenging Poe's Law:

  1. 2011/07/11: DVice: Millions killed in jellyfish anti-nuke protests
  2. 2011/07/12: TreeHugger: (Another) Power Station Shut Down By (More) Jellyfish
  3. 2011/07/11: EnergyBulletin: Americans select dilithium crystals to power next generation

    Looking ahead to COP17 and future international climate negotiations:

  4. 2011/07/15: Guardian(UK): Sir David King: world should abandon Kyoto protocol on climate change
    UK's former chief scientist calls instead for a system where each nation is awarded a carbon emissions quota based on population
  5. 2011/07/11: National(Ae): Little hope of agreement on limiting global emissions [says former UN special envoy on climate change, Dr Han Seung-Soo]

    The Horn of Africa drought and famine is a major disaster:

  6. 2011/07/16: BBC: Somalia drought: UN delivers aid to Islamist areas
    The UN has made its first aid delivery to drought victims in areas of Somalia controlled by al-Qaeda-linked militants since they lifted an aid ban. UN children organisation's Rozanne Chorlton said al-Shabab had given UN workers unhindered access and hoped this would encourage other agencies.
  7. 2011/07/16: BBC: [UK] International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell has urged the global community to help people in drought-hit east Africa to avoid a "catastrophe"
  8. 2011/07/16: al Jazeera: Somalia crisis one of 'largest in decades'
    US state department official promises increased humanitarian aid to Somali victims of massive regional drought. East Africa's worsening famine is one of the largest humanitarian crises in decades, a US official has said, pledging "significant" aid.
  9. 2011/07/16: Guardian(UK): UK pledges £52m aid to victims of east African drought
    Britain will provide financial assistance to Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia -- the three countries worst affected by the drought
  10. 2011/07/14: UN: UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake arrives in Horn of Africa to boost response to crisis
  11. 2011/07/15: UN: UN welcomes opening of [Ifo II] new camp for Somali refugees in Kenya
  12. 2011/07/15: UN: UN delivers relief to Somalia as response to Horn of Africa drought gathers pace
  13. 2011/07/15: BBC: Somalis displaced by drought hit by Mogadishu rains
    People who have fled the drought in Somalia to camps near the capital Mogadishu have now been hit by days of heavy rain. Aid workers say five people, including three children, had died of exposure. A doctor told the BBC that people could not find shelter from the cold rain.
  14. 2011/07/14: BBC: Horn of Africa drought: Kenya to open Ifo II camp
  15. 2011/07/14: CBC: Drought in the Horn of Africa, does the world still care? A humanitarian disaster in slow motion is threatening nearly 10 million people
  16. 2011/07/13: DailyKos: East Africa: Famine II
  17. 2011/07/13: UN: Aid effort for drought-hit Horn of Africa must include long-term measures - UN
  18. 2011/07/13: PlanetArk: In The Horn Of Africa, Drought Threatens Millions
  19. 2011/07/13: DemNow: Famine in Somalia, Horn of Africa Described as "Worst Humanitarian Disaster in the World"
  20. 2011/07/13: BBC: Horn of Africa drought: Kenya row over Somali refugees
    A row has broken out in Kenya's government over the huge influx of Somalis fleeing the region's worst drought in 60 years. About 370,000 Somalis are at an over-crowded camp and the government is divided over opening a second camp. One minister said a new camp would encourage more Somalis to cross the border. Another minister, however, said he was "embarrassed" that Kenya was refusing to give more help to refugees.
  21. 2011/07/13: al Jazeera: UN aid group ready to work with al-Shabab
    World Food Programme says it is prepared to work with Somalia's fighters to tackle refugee crisis.
  22. 2011/07/12: CBC: Drought in Africa puts pressure on the UN
    The worst drought in 60 years in the Horn of Africa is forcing thousands of people into camps in Kenya and Ethiopia, putting pressure on the United Nations, which is struggling to cope with the influx of people needing aid.
  23. 2011/07/11: al Jazeera: Dadaab, the world's biggest refugee camp
    Desperation reigns amid the 380,000 refugees in Dadaab, a sprawling "tent city" in northeastern Kenya.
  24. 2011/07/12: BBC: Horn of Africa drought: First new aid for Somalia
    The first new distribution of aid has begun in Mogadishu since Somali Islamist group al-Shabab lifted its ban on aid workers last week.
  25. 2011/07/11: PlanetArk: Africa drought endangers 500,000 children: UN
  26. 2011/07/11: BBC: Horn of Africa drought: Kenya pressed over Ifo II camp
  27. 2011/07/11: al Jazeera: UN: Somalia is 'worst humanitarian disaster'
    Head of UNHCR appeals for "massive support" over drought affecting about 10 million people in the Horn of Africa.
  28. 2011/07/10: CBC: Somalia 'worst humanitarian disaster' in world
    The head of the UN refugee agency said Sunday that drought-ridden Somalia is the "worst humanitarian disaster" in the world after meeting with refugees who endured unspeakable hardship to reach the world's largest refugee camp. The Kenyan camp, Dadaab, is overflowing with tens of thousands of newly arrived refugees forced into the camp by the parched landscape in the region where Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya meet. The World Food Program estimates that 10 million people already need humanitarian aid. The UN Children's Fund estimates that more than 2 million children are malnourished and in need of lifesaving action. Antonio Guterra, the head of UNHCR who visited Dadaab on Sunday, appealed to the world to supply the "massive support" needed by thousands of refugees showing up at this camp every week. More than 380,000 refugees now live there.
  29. A notable WikiLeaks document emerged this week:

  30. 2011/07/14: TP:JR: In a Cable Released by WikiLeaks, State Department Officials Encourage Canada to Spin News Coverage of Tar Sands Pipeline
  31. 2011/07/13: LA Times: Path appears clear for oil pipeline from Canada
    The Obama administration says it has yet to decide whether to allow a pipeline from Alberta to Texas, but documents suggest it is ready to support the project although environmental and economic studies are ongoing.
  32. Death threats against scientists continue:

  33. 2011/07/16: QuarkSoup: Death Threat Captured on Video
  34. 2011/07/15: CCP: Hans Schellnhuber: Climate anger dangerous, says German physicist
  35. 2011/07/15: TP:JR: Climate Science Denier Brandishes Noose to Scientist
  36. 2011/07/15: Deltoid: Another day, another death threat

    And on the Bottom Line:

  37. 2011/07/13: SciAm: Economists Find Flaws in Federal Estimate of Climate Damage
    A report concludes that each ton of CO2 emitted inflicts almost 45 times more "social cost" than the federal government estimates
  38. 2011/07/15: ERabett: The Models Suck: Part I
  39. 2011/07/13: TDC: Economists find flaws in federal estimate of climate damage
    A new report concludes that each ton of carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere inflicts as much as $900 in environmental harm - almost 45 times the amount the federal government uses when setting regulations. The gap, advocates say, disguises the true value of emissions reductions.
  40. 2011/07/12: Guardian(UK): Why high-carbon investment could be the next sub-prime crisis
    Over-exposure to fossil fuel investments could have even more severe implications than those of the financial crisis
  41. Who's getting the subsidies?

  42. 2011/07/15: AlterNet: The Real Reason Big Macs Are Cheaper Than More Nutritious Alternatives

    John Cook and friends continue their point-counterpoint articles:

  43. 2011/07/17: SkeptiSci: Carter Confusion #3: Surface Temperature Record Cherries by Tamino
  44. 2011/07/16: SkeptiSci: Citizen Science: Climatology for Everyone by Dawei
  45. 2011/07/15: SkeptiSci: Why Wasn't The Hottest Decade Hotter? by Rob Painting
  46. 2011/07/14: SkeptiSci: Monckton at odds with the very scientists he cites by John Abraham
  47. 2011/07/14: SkeptiSci: Great Barrier Reef Part 3: Acidification, Warming, and Past Coral Survival by Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
  48. 2011/07/13: SkeptiSci: OA not OK: Reservoir dogs
  49. 2011/07/13: SkeptiSci: Visions of the Arctic by photographer Florian Schulz
  50. 2011/07/12: SkeptiSci: What we know and what we don't know by Verity
  51. 2011/07/12: SkeptiSci: Irregular Climate Episode 21
  52. 2011/07/12: SkeptiSci: Tracking Earth's energy: A key to climate variability and change by Kevin Trenberth

    Late Comments on the WESS:

  53. 2011/07/14: HotTopic: Revolution and realism required: UN report
  54. 2011/07/11: TP:JR: An Ounce of Prevention: The Case for "The Great Green Technological Transformation"

    A note on the Fukushima disaster:

    It is evident that the Fukushima disaster is going to persist for some time. TEPCO says 6 to 9 months. Now the Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, says decades. We'll see. At any rate this situation is not going to be resolved any time soon and deserves its own section.

    Not much good news coming out of Fukushima:

  55. 2011/07/15: APR: TEPCO, Japanese Gov't: [Fukushima Daiichi] "Reactors Stabilized"
  56. 2011/07/15: APR: Nuclear in Japan / USA / Around the world
  57. 2011/07/16: BBC: Japan's Ohi nuclear reactor shuts down after fault
  58. 2011/07/16: al Jazeera: Japan reactor halted over pressure drop
    Nuclear reactor shut down because of a technical failure, placing further strain on the country's power supply. A Japanese power firm said it would halt operations at a nuclear reactor because of a technical failure, placing further strain on the country's power supply. Kansai Electric Power Co said it would manually shut down reactor Number 1 at its Ooi plant in central Japan on Saturday because of a temporary pressure drop in a standby tank.
  59. 2011/07/15: APR: Nuclear Energy in Japan
  60. 2011/07/14: BBerg: Beef Contaminated by Radiation Intensifies Food-Safety Concerns in Japan
  61. 2011/07/13: APR: Nuclear Energy in Japan
  62. 2011/07/12: CNN: Radioactive meat circulating on Japanese market
    Health official says he does not believe contaminated meat will cause problems - His comments follow the discovery of cesium contamined meat from Fukushima cows - The Tokyo Metropolitan Government says the meat was marketed and probably ingested by now - Cows were fed contaminated hay
  63. 2011/07/12: Grist: TEPCO bulldozed hill that could have prevented Fukushima disaster
  64. 2011/07/12: NatureN: No fallout legacy for Japan's farms -- But the most contaminated soils need urgent clean-up.
    After the Fukushima nuclear disaster spewed radiation across northern Japan in March, some feared that farming there would be shut down for years. But early studies of how the radiation has accumulated in plants and the soil now suggest that farmers in much of the region can go back to work.
  65. 2011/07/12: BBC: Widening scandal at Japan's Kyushu nuclear firm
    Dozens of workers at Japan's Kyushu Electric Company posed as citizens and lobbied for a power plant to be reopened, an internal inquiry says. A whistleblower last week revealed that some 50 workers had sent e-mails to a televised debate backing a plan to restart Kyushu's Genkai plant. But the firm's internal inquiry has found more than 100 employees may have been involved. Two-thirds of Japan's 54 reactors have been idle since the 11 March quake.
  66. 2011/07/11: PlanetArk: Japan's nuclear industry credibility crumbles amid email scandal
  67. 2011/07/11: BBC: The Japanese government has tried to clarify its conditions for restarting dozens of nuclear reactors, idle since the 11 March tsunami and quake

    Post Fukushima, nuclear policies are in flux around the world:

  68. 2011/07/15: Reuters: Analysis: Japan power sector oil demand may triple as nuclear
    Japan's demand for crude and oil products to fuel power plants could triple if the country shuts all its nuclear reactors due to growing public safety concerns after the March earthquake and tsunami.
  69. 2011/07/15: CSM: Germany's trouble with abandoning nuclear power
  70. 2011/07/14: ProPublica: NRC Panel Calls for Safety Upgrade After Fukushima
  71. 2011/07/15: ScienceInsider: Japan Reconsiders Nuclear Power and the Monju Fast-Breeder Reactor -- Or Maybe Not
  72. 2011/07/13: ScienceInsider: After Fukushima, Nuclear Task Force Wants Major Changes for U.S. Plants Rules
  73. 2011/07/14: TreeHugger: Japan Needs to Completely Phase Out Nuclear Power, Says Prime Minister
  74. 2011/07/13: CSM: Nuclear safety review: how US plants could handle a Fukushima-type event
    A major post-Fukushima review of US nuclear power facilities is calling for sweeping changes to shore up safety, including ensuring that nuclear operators can handle multiple reactor emergencies at a single site. But a Fukushima-type accident "is unlikely to occur in the United States," and continued nuclear plant activities "do not pose an imminent risk" to public safety, concluded the 90-day task force convened by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The task force released its report Wednesday.
  75. 2011/07/13: PlanetArk: Japan PM Says Must Reduce Dependence On Nuclear Power
  76. 2011/07/13: UCSUSA: NRC Must Strengthen Reactor Safety, Security to Avoid Major Nuclear Plant Accidents Like Fukushima, Science Group Says
    UCS Releases 23 Recommendations to Ensure Public Safety; Says Problems at U.S. Nuclear Plants Have Been Evident for Decades
  77. 2011/07/13: DerSpiegel: Phase-Out Hurdle -- Germany Could Restart Nuclear Plant to Plug Energy Gap
    Germany's energy agency is warning that one of the German reactors mothballed in the wake of Fukushima may have to be restarted to make up for possible power shortages this winter and next. Berlin is also using money earmarked for energy efficiency to subsidize coal-fired power plants.
  78. 2011/07/13: BBC: Japan PM Naoto Kan urges nuclear-free future
    Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan has called for his country to develop into a nuclear-free society, amid rising public anger at the continuing crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. In a televised news conference, Mr Kan said the country should harness renewable energy sources. The 11 March earthquake and tsunami wrecked the Fukushima plant, which continues to leak radioactive material. A large section of public opinion has turned against nuclear power.
  79. 2011/07/13: al Jazeera: PM: Japan 'can exist without nuclear power'
    Japanese prime minister vows to move country towards renewable energy after disaster-triggered Fukushima meltdown.
  80. 2011/07/12: PlanetArk: Analysis:After Japan, Slow Change Seen For U.S. Nuclear Industry
  81. 2011/07/12: PlanetArk: Japan Idled Reactors Could Restart After Stress Test
  82. 2011/07/11: TP:JR: Germany's Phase-Out of Nuclear Power Will Speed Up the Low-Carbon Economy

    And of course, the pundits. lobbyists and politicians get their two cents in:

  83. 2011/07/11: FAIR: Is Japan Threatened by Anti-Nuke Politicians ... or by Nukes?

    The Arctic melt continues to garner a lot of attention:

  84. 2011/07/16: KlimaZwiebel: Buckets of questions
  85. 2011/07/16: TP:JR: With Arctic Ice at Record Low, NSIDC Director Serreze says "we are on track to see an ice-free summer by 2030. It is an overall downward spiral."
  86. 2011/07/15: QuarkSoup: Does 2011 Have What it Takes?
  87. 2011/07/15: ASI: SIE 2011 update 12: fumbling in the dark
  88. 2011/07/17: Stoat: Thoughts from Zorita
  89. 2011/07/14: ASI: SEARCH 2011 Sea Ice Outlook: July report
  90. 2011/07/13: moyhu: Updating Arctic ice and global temperature data
  91. 2011/07/12: ERabett: Toilet
  92. 2011/07/11: ERabett: Without Comment
  93. 2011/07/11: CBC: 'Exotic' species come north to Nunavut
  94. 2011/07/11: Guardian(UK): Arctic may be ice-free within 30 years
    Data showing dramatic sea ice melt suggests warming at the north pole is speeding up
  95. 2011/07/10: ITracker: Sea ice extent -- headed for a record low?

    As for the charismatic megafauna:

  96. 2011/07/13: ChronicleHerald: Polar bear heading to at-risk status
  97. 2011/07/12: JCMorton: Polar bear to be listed as species-at-risk
  98. 2011/07/12: CBC: Polar bears to be listed as species at risk
    Canada is set to include the polar bear on its list of species at risk, but not as a threatened or endangered species. The federal government gave notice this month that it intends to list the Arctic animal as a species of special concern -- one level below threatened and two levels below endangered -- under the Species at Risk Act. The move would require a plan to be devised within three years to prevent the species from becoming endangered or threatened.
  99. As for the geopolitics of Arctic resources:

  100. 2011/07/15: CNN: 'Ice Wars' heating up the Arctic
    Tension is building in the Arctic, where countries are vying for valuable natural resources - More oil, natural gas and mineral deposits can be accessed now because of climate change - There have been territorial disputes over the underwater land where these deposits rest - The Arctic is now seeing naval and military activities it hasn't seen since the Cold War
  101. 2011/07/14: TStar: Canada looking at building military bases in Arctic
  102. 2011/07/11: EUO: Arctic shipping routes unlikely to be 'Suez of the north'

    While in Antarctica:

  103. 2011/07/12: SfB: Ice watching
  104. 2011/07/11: BBC: Antarctic experts meet for conference in Edinburgh
    More than 500 experts from around the world are meeting in Edinburgh to present the latest scientific research from the Polar regions. It is the first time in more than 20 years that the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) has held its conference in the UK.
  105. The food crisis is ongoing. See also :

  106. 2011/07/15: EconView: Food and of the largest global security issues in the next fifty years...
  107. 2011/07/14: EnergyBulletin: Rising temperatures melting away global food security by Lester Brown
  108. 2011/07/13: ProMedMail: Stripe rust & foot rot, wheat - USA, UK
  109. 2011/07/07: Yale360: Phosphate: A Critical Resource Misused and Now Running Low
    Phosphate has been essential to feeding the world since the Green Revolution, but its excessive use as a fertilizer has led to widespread pollution and eutrophication. Now, many of the world's remaining reserves are starting to be depleted.
  110. 2011/07/12: al Jazeera: India's food security emergency
    Corporate influence on food production and large, chemical monoculture farms is causing a severe food insecurity crisis.
  111. 2011/07/11: AllAfrica: ZimStandard: Zimbabwe: Hunger Stalks Silobela
    A serious food shortage is looming in Silobela in the Midlands province with the authorities warning that villagers are left with only five months' supply of grain. Some wards reportedly have less than two months supply of grain because of poor harvests.
  112. The conflict between biofuel and food persists:

  113. 2011/07/13: AutoBG: Andersens adding cheaper wheat to corn biomass in its ethanol

    Regarding the genetic modification of food:

  114. 2011/07/15: CBC: GM salmon could breed in wild, study shows -- Grow GM fish in closed containers on land to minimize risk, researchers urge
    A salmon engineered to contain a certain growth hormone gene (rear) grows twice as fast as its non-transgenic counterpart the same age. A salmon engineered to contain a certain growth hormone gene (rear) grows twice as fast as its non-transgenic counterpart the same age. AquaBounty Technologies/Associated PressGenes from genetically engineered Atlantic salmon could potentially enter wild populations through natural interbreeding, a new study suggests. Male fish carrying a growth hormone gene that causes them to grow twice as quickly as regular salmon can engage in normal breeding behavior and breed with wild females under natural conditions, scientists from Memorial University in St. John's, have found.
  115. 2011/07/15: ClassM: The narrow mind of Greenpeace
  116. 2011/07/15: ScienceInsider: Anti-GM Attacks Destroy German Test Plots
  117. 2011/07/15: ScienceInsider: Vandals Attack Transgenic Wheat Test Plot [in Australia]
  118. 2011/07/15: JQuiggin: Greenpeace, an enemy of science
  119. 2011/07/14: Deltoid: Greenpeace destroy genetically modified wheat experiment
  120. 2011/07/13: Eureka: First study into GM Atlantic salmon mating reveals danger of escape to wild gene pool
  121. 2011/07/11: NatureN: Kenya set to give green light to GM crops -- Bt cotton first in line for open release
  122. 2011/07/11: UCSUSA: USDA Bluegrass Decisions Signal Major Weakening of Genetic Engineering Regulations -- Agency Makes Announcement Late Friday before Holiday Weekend to Avoid Scrutiny

    And how are we going to feed 9 billion?

  123. 2011/07/13: USGS: Climate Adaptation of Rice -- Symbiogenics --- a New Strategy for Reducing Climate Impacts on Plants
  124. 2011/07/13: EUO: New EU policy aims to reduce overfishing by 2015
    In a frank admission that the current EU fisheries policy is "not working", the responsible commissioner Maria Damanaki on Wednesday (13 July) unveiled a new set of measures aimed at reducing overfishing by 2015.
  125. 2011/07/13: ASA: The Future of Cover Crops -- Although beneficial, farmers are often hesitant to use cover crops because of costs, time
  126. 2011/07/11: Maribo: Farming the sea
  127. 2011/07/11: CSM: Five little-known vegetables that could help end hunger
  128. 2011/07/10: EnergyBulletin: Farming of the future takes root in Switzerland

    In the Western Pacific, Typhoon Ma-on is lining up to take a run at Japan:

  129. 2011/07/15: Wunderground: Globe has 7th warmest June on record; Typhoon Ma-on a threat to Japan
  130. 2011/07/14: Eureka: NASA satellite sees Typhoon Ma-on soaking Guam
  131. 2011/07/15: NASA: Typhoon Ma-on's Eye Seen in NASA Satellite Images

    While elsewhere in the hurricane wars:

  132. 2011/07/13: Wunderground: Invest 97L bringing heavy rains to Mexico

    While in the carbon cycle:

  133. 2011/07/14: TreeHugger: Climate Change Reducing Ocean's Ability to Absorb Carbon Dioxide
  134. 2011/07/13: Eureka: New research reveals soil microbes accelerate global warming
  135. 2011/07/12: TP:JR: Climate Change Reducing Ocean's Carbon Dioxide Uptake
  136. 2011/07/10: Eureka: Climate change reducing ocean's carbon dioxide uptake

    As for the temperature record:

  137. 2011/07/16: Tamino: Trend and Noise
  138. 2011/07/14: NOAANews: Global temperatures were seventh warmest on record for June
  139. 2011/07/13: TreeHugger: Winter Warming More Than Summer Across Much Of United States
  140. 2011/07/11: SciNews: Simulation tracks ocean's missing heat -- Climate scientists suggest energy is buried deep undersea or released to space
  141. 2011/07/11: RealClimate: Revisiting historical ocean surface temperatures

    While in the paleoclimate:

  142. 2011/07/17: Guardian(UK): When Antarctica was a tropical paradise
  143. 2011/07/14: UBuffalo: Fast-Shrinking Greenland Glacier Experienced Rapid Growth During Cooler Times
    Study on Jakobshavn Isbrae supports growing evidence that calving glaciers are particularly sensitive to climate change
  144. 2011/07/12: SciNow: Case Closed for Dino Killer?

    While on the ENSO front:

  145. 2011/07/15: NOAANews: Strong El Niño could bring increased sea levels, storm surges to U.S. East Coast
    New study examines how El Niño in cold months affected water levels over past 50 years
  146. 2011/07/12: Oregonian: Climate scientists evaluate impact of El Nino Modoki on the Pacific coast
  147. 2011/07/11: ITracker: La Nina officially over

    The cliff, aka tipping points, aka planetary boundaries, put in an appearance:

  148. 2011/07/15: SCN: Predicting Climate 'Tipping Points' Within Reach, Study Suggests

    What's new on the extinction front?

  149. 2011/07/15: MoJo: Annihilate an Entire Species of Fish, and Other Easy Ways to Really Mess Things Up
    How one company's monopoly on an obscure little fish called the menhaden could cause widespread ecological ruin.
  150. 2011/07/15: CCurrents: Human-Caused Loss Of Big Predators Disrupts Earth Ecosystem
  151. 2011/07/15: TreeHugger: We All Suffer When Large Animals Removed From Our Environment, Entire Ecosystem Feels It
  152. 2011/07/13: PostMedia: Woodland caribou need sweeping protection to arrest slide to extinction: scientific report
    Woodland caribou have vanished from half their historic North American range and risk a downward slide to extinction unless governments in Canada, including B.C., protect their northern boreal habitat, according to a report released Wednesday by an international panel of scientists.
  153. 2011/07/14: PostMedia: Caribou at risk, report warns -- Industry, piecemeal protection leaves iconic species 'on the road to extinction'
    An international panel of scientists is warning that the woodland caribou will soon be "on the road to extinction" without immediate efforts by federal and provincial agencies to protect the animal's increasingly disturbed boreal habitat. In open letters issued Wednesday to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach, the Canadian Boreal Initiative and Pew Environment Group - backed by the new report from an "all-star cast" of wildlife experts probing the status of the antlered beast that graces Canada's 25-cent piece - urgently pushed for bolder conservation measures to prevent the caribou's rapid decline.
  154. What's up with volcanoes this week?

  155. 2011/07/13: BoingBoing: Lightning over Puyehue-Cordon Caulle [Chile]
  156. 2011/07/17: BBC: Indonesians flee new volcano eruption on Sulawesi - Mount Lokon
    Thousands of residents have been forced back into emergency shelters after a volcano in central Indonesia unleashed its most powerful eruption in weeks. Mount Lokon, on Sulawesi, started erupting at around 1035 local time (0335 GMT) on Sunday. It spewed hot ash and smoke 3,500-metres (11,500ft) into the air, according to reports.
  157. 2011/07/15: DM:BA: A long, thin, volcanic plume from space
  158. 2011/07/15: BBC: Indonesians flee volcano eruption on Sulawesi
    Thousands of people on an Indonesian island have been forced to flee a fierce volcanic eruption. Mount Lokon, on Sulawesi, started erupting at around 2230 local time (1530 GMT) on Thursday, according to reports.
  159. 2011/07/15: CBC: Volcano eruption in Indonesia sends thousands fleeing [Mount Lokon]

    Meanwhile in near earth orbit:

  160. 2011/07/15: Eureka: NASA's Aura satellite measures pollution 'butterfly' from fires in central Africa

    More GW impacts are being seen:

  161. 2011/07/12: USGS: US West Coast Erosion Spiked In Winter 2009-10, Previewing Likely Future As Climate Changes
  162. 2011/07/14: Mercury: Heavy coastal erosion in 2009-2010 winter linked to climate change
  163. 2011/07/13: TreeHugger: Are Supersize Dust Storms The New Normal for Southwest?
  164. 2011/07/13: Eureka: One-third of central Catalan coast is very vulnerable to storm impact
  165. 2011/07/12: Wunderground:RR: Drought, Fire, Flood: In the News

    And then there are the world's forests:

  166. 2011/07/13: FAO: Reforming forest tenure systems -- Forest ownership rights can improve peoples' livelihoods
  167. 2011/07/15: CSM: Study: Forests absorb much more greenhouse gas than previously known
  168. 2011/07/14: Yahoo:AFP: Forests soak up third of fossil fuel emissions: study
  169. 2011/07/15: PlanetArk: Study Shows Forests Have Bigger Role In Slowing Climate Change
  170. 2011/07/14: CBC: Forests absorb a third of world's CO2 emissions -- Other land ecosystems have no effect on CO2, study suggests
  171. 2011/07/14: ABC(Au): Study casts doubt on forest carbon capture plans
  172. 2011/07/14: Eureka: Link found between increased crops and deforestation in Amazon, but issue not so cut and dry
  173. 2011/07/13: QuarkSoup: Planting Trees in Cities Won't Stop Climate Change
  174. 2011/07/12: BBC: Plants in cities and towns make a major contribution towards removing carbon from the atmosphere, a study suggests
  175. 2011/07/12: BBC: Genetically identical forest trees raised in different environments react differently when exposed to drought conditions, a study has shown.
  176. 2011/07/11: Grist: DuPont herbicide may have caused mysterious tree plague

    Climate refugees are becoming an issue:

  177. 2011/07/15: PSinclair: Think Illegal Immigration is Bad Now? Somalia a Glimpse of a "Global Weirding" World
  178. 2011/07/13: PlanetArk: U.N. Says Struggling With Growing Somali Exodus

    Desertification looms as a threat:

  179. 2011/07/15: CCurrents: Combating Desertification

    Yes we have no wacky weather, except:

  180. 2011/07/11: BBC: The worst snow storms in Bolivia in the last 20 years have left thousands of people stranded

    This week in extreme weather:

  181. 2011/07/11: Wunderground: June 2011: another month of exceptional extremes for the U.S.

    As for heatwaves and wild fires:

  182. 2011/07/16: CBC: Oppressive heat expected in much of Canada
    Extreme heat and humidity are expected to blanket Canada this weekend from Saskatchewan to Quebec -- and Environment Canada's long-term forecast says warmer-than-normal weather can be expected to persist throughout the summer.
  183. 2011/07/17: CBC: Forest fires rage in Northern Ontario
  184. 2011/07/11: CSM: Raging wildfires: Climate changes to blame for record season?
  185. 2011/07/11: CNN: Record temperatures seen as heat wave plagues 15 states
    Heat-related death reported in Illinois - Temperatures are expected to exceed 105 degrees in 15 states - The heat advisories are expected to last through at least Tuesday - Excessive heat is extremely hazardous to human health
  186. Acidification is changing the oceans:

  187. 2011/07/16: SkeptiSci: OA not OK part 6: Always take the weathering by Doug Mackie
  188. 2011/07/14: Eureka: Acidifying oceans could hit California mussels, a key species
  189. 2011/07/14: Eureka: Ocean acidification will seriously impact mussel populations -- Concerns for mussels as larvae will be smaller and weaker in acidic future
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    More DIY science:

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    Regarding Soon:

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    Regarding de Freitas:

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    While at the UN:

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    And on the carbon trading front:

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    Regarding rare earths:

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    The energy race is on. Who's running?

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    The issue of the law and activism is playing out around the world:

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    What are the activists up to?

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    Polls! We have polls!

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    Regarding Water Politics and Business:

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    As for SW tools:

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    Among the world's religions:

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    And on the American political front:

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    American Electric Power kiboshed their CCS coal plant:

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    A major American utility is shelving the nation's most prominent effort to capture carbon dioxide from an existing coal-burning power plant, dealing a severe blow to efforts to rein in emissions responsible for global warming. American Electric Power has decided to table plans to build a full-scale carbon-capture plant at Mountaineer, a 31-year-old coal-fired plant in West Virginia, where the company has successfully captured and buried carbon dioxide in a small pilot program for two years. The technology had been heralded as the quickest solution to help the coal industry weather tougher federal limits on greenhouse gas emissions. But Congressional inaction on climate change diminished the incentives that had spurred A.E.P. to take the leap. Company officials, who plan an announcement on Thursday, said they were dropping the larger, $668 million project because they did not believe state regulators would let the company recover its costs by charging customers, thus leaving it no compelling regulatory or business reason to continue the program.
  314. This will give the deniers something to do for a while:

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    The actions of the Obama administration are being watched closely:

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    As for what is going on in Congress:

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    Like some horrible Freddy Krueger film, blocking the new energy efficiency standards for light bulbs is a bad idea that won't die. The House of Representatives failed to pass it with the needed two-thirds vote on July 12, but it has arisen again to be offered as an amendment to the House FY 2012 Energy and Water appropriations bill, H.R. 2345.
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    While in the UK:

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    And in Europe:

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  358. 2011/07/14: DerSpiegel: The Western Culture of Waste -- We Should Be Outraged! At Ourselves
    Germans want to end nuclear power and turn to renewable energy, but they keep buying SUVs. Global carbon emissions and oil consumption have risen sharply over the last two environmentally conscious decades -- and the trends will continue, as long as Westerners keep discovering new "needs."
  359. 2011/07/14: EurActiv: Brussels weighs billion-dollar F-gas [HFC] industry ban
    Planet-warming gases used to power Europe's refrigerators and air conditioning should be banned or face a weighting system based on their global warming potential, a consultants' report to the EU says. Fluorinated gases (also known as HFCs or F-gases) only contribute around 2% of greenhouse gases today but if business continues as usual, that figure could rise to between 9% and 19% by 2050.
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    Meanwhile in Australia:

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    Regional Development Minister Simon Crean says cities like Wagga will embrace the Federal Government's clean energy plans.
  365. 2011/07/14: ABC(Au): Wind farm extension given green light
    An extension to a wind farm project near Hallett in South Australia's Mid North will go ahead after being approved by the Goyder Council. Electricity company International Power wanted to increase the number of wind turbines on its Willogoleche Hill site from 26 to 37.
  366. 2011/07/13: ABC(Au): The future of a proposed biomass power plant in the Bega Valley, on the New South Wales far south coast, is now uncertain.
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  373. 2011/07/11: ABC(Au): Poll predicts landslide Coalition victory

    Now that the Australian carbon plan has been released, the wrangling is moving into high gear:

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    A leading supplier of power generation equipment says the certainty of a carbon price will lead to an investment boom in new power plants. Alstom is a French-based company that manufactures power generation equipment, both in the fossil fuel and renewable sectors.
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  425. 2011/07/11: ABC(Au): The Western Australian Chamber of Minerals and Energy (CME) says the introduction of a carbon tax will be a barrier to mining investment in the state's Goldfields and wheatbelt
  426. 2011/07/11: ABC(Au): Companies see opportunities in carbon scheme
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  433. 2011/07/11: ABC(Au): The Tasmanian Government is under pressure to detail how the state will benefit from the federal carbon tax
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  452. 2011/07/10: BBC: Qantas sees $122m carbon tax cost warns of fare rises
    Qantas Airways claims the new carbon tax is likely to increase the cost of its operations by as much as 115m Australian dollars ($122m; £76.7m). However, the airline says the extra cost will be passed on to passengers as it increases fares. Qantas expects the price on a single domestic flight to rise by about A$3.50 in 2013.
  453. 2011/07/10: Guardian(UK): Australian government unveils radical carbon tax plan
  454. 2011/07/10: Guardian(UK): Gillard puts future on the line with radical plan for Australian carbon tax
  455. 2011/07/10: Guardian(UK): Australia's carbon tax is a brave start by a government still gripped by fear

    After a 10 year drought and recent massive flooding, water usage planning is controversial and difficult:

  456. 2011/07/12: ABC(Au): MDBA rejects claims it fails to use Indigenous knowledge

    While in the Indian subcontinent:

  457. 2011/07/14: Guardian(UK): Andhra Pradesh at the forefront of Indian 'coal rush'

    In the Middle East:

  458. 2011/07/11: CJR: Growing Science in the Desert -- Several Middle Eastern countries are pouring money into research; will it work?

    And South America:

  459. 2011/07/16: TreeHugger: Head of Brazil's Environmental Protection Agency Says It Is Not His Job to Protect the Environment
  460. 2011/07/12: EnergyBulletin: Humala's triumph in Peru: America's defeat

    In Canada, neocon PM Harper, continues his do-nothing policy:

  461. 2011/07/14: TMoS: You Can't Argue With These Numbers
    Stephen Harper may act as though climate change impacts can be ignored but the global insurance industry would tell him he's full of crap. An industry review of catastrophic loss claims reveals that 2011 stands as "the highest-ever loss year on record, even after just six months."
  462. Politicos & their corporate sponsors are meeting in Kananaskis to devise a national energy strategy:

  463. 2011/07/16: CBC: Leaders seek national energy policy
  464. 2011/07/16: Tyee: Cooking up a National Energy Strategy in Kananaskis
    Will ministers let oil industry dictate the recipe? And thumb their nose at the world?
  465. 2011/07/16: ChronicleHerald: National energy strategy a tough sell -- Ottawa is not trying to burn provinces, minister tells business audience
  466. 2011/07/15: 350orBust: Big Oil Bankrolls Meeting on Canada's Energy Future
  467. 2011/07/15: BBerg: Canada Seeks to Grow China Sales Amid 'Exaggerated Rhetoric' for Oil Sands
  468. 2011/07/14: PostMedia: Canada's energy superpower status focus of national talks -- Federal energy minister wants to improve project approval process
  469. 2011/07/14: PostMedia: Oil, gas firms wine and dine ministers -- Politicians meeting to talk energy strategy
    A major summit of Canadian energy and mines ministers starting this weekend in Alberta has provoked skepticism over its list of corporate sponsors, almost exclusively from the oil and gas industry, that have offered up $180,000 for a barbecue, catering and a free trip flying the delegates to tour oilsands operations.
  470. 2011/07/13: CBC: Corporate sponsorship for energy meeting slammed
    A coalition of environment groups says the large corporate sponsorship at next week's meeting of energy ministers "sends the wrong message to Canadians." Eleven energy companies and associations are spending $180,000 to sponsor the annual conference that will be held July 16 to 19 in Kananaskis, Alberta. The sponsorship is just under a third of the approximately $600,000 price tag for the conference. Federal, provincial and territorial ministers and their deputy ministers are holding their annual meeting to discuss, among other issues, a national energy strategy. But environment groups say the sponsorship is a clear attempt by the petroleum industry to influence people who will be making crucial decisions about Canada's energy future.
  471. 2011/07/12: OSun: Canada's CEOs demand green plan
  472. 2011/07/10: G&M: National energy strategy gains clout
    The Harper government has endorsed the need for a national energy strategy in the face of growing calls from provinces and industry groups that the sector's vision of a new era of global growth is too critical to be governed by piecemeal planning. The government's backing of the idea of a national energy strategy marks a substantial shift from its previous public position. The Conservative government had long been cool to calls for a national strategy, fearing it would get dragged into areas of provincial jurisdiction with demands for financial support.
  473. The battle over the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines rages on:

  474. 2011/07/11: TreeHugger: Great Bear Rainforest Threatened with Massive Oil Pipeline, Conservation Photographers to the Rescue
  475. 2011/07/11: TreeHugger: Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Could Have 91 Serious Spills in 50 Years
  476. 2011/07/11: DeSmogBlog: Expert Warns That TransCanada's Keystone XL Pipeline Assessments Are Misleading

    Natural Gas in the Canadian context:

  477. 2011/07/16: PI: Is natural gas a climate change solution for Canada? New report finds numerous problems with push to expand natural gas production
  478. 2011/07/14: PI:B: New report challenges the assumed climate benefits of natural gas
  479. 2011/07/13: CBC: Natural gas not the answer, climate groups say
    Natural gas is not a "transition" fuel to a low-carbon energy future, says a report from two of Canada's most respected environmental think-tanks. Switching from coal to natural gas could help meet Canada's short-term goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 17 per cent from 2005 levels by 2020. But if that's the only change Canada makes, the 2050 targets -- an 80 per cent greenhouse gas reduction -- would be almost impossible to achieve.
  480. 2011/07/14: PostMedia: Natural-gas shift won't meet green goals: Study
    A shift toward natural gas to meet growing energy demands could damage natural ecosystems and take Canada and other jurisdictions further away from meeting greenhouse gas reduction goals, says a new study to be released Thursday by two major Canadian environmental research groups.
  481. Given that the main reason for the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline is to supply natural gas to the tarsands and that market is currently oversupplied (by fracking), how long will the other 'majors' last?

  482. 2011/07/15: CBC: Shell wants out of Mackenzie pipeline project
    Shell Canada is planning to pull out of the Mackenzie Valley pipeline project and sell its assets in the region. The company is trying to sell its share in the $16.2 billion natural gas project in the Northwest Territories, according to company documents obtained by CBC News. Shell is part of a corporate consortium, led by Imperial Oil, that is backing the proposed pipeline. Other members of the consortium are Exxon Mobil Corp., ConocoPhillips, and the Aboriginal Pipeline Group. Fred Carmichael, chairman of the Aboriginal Pipeline Group, estimated that Shell has an 11 per cent share in the project.
  483. The AECL saga plays on:

  484. 2011/07/12: Envirogy: AECL Sale Update: What We Know

    The CWB saga plays on:

  485. 2011/07/17: PostMedia: Tories' wheat board ideology could cost us all
    Whenever the ideological goals of the Conservative government are mentioned, such as the long-gun registry and crime control, they usually include the elimination of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) monopoly. Invariably that draws a blank stare from most city folks as the wheat board and its function would be a complete mystery. Its an issue that goes back to the beginnings of the Reform party, when the CWB monopoly was seen as an example of the suffocating intrusion by Ottawa over the rights of western Canadians. Its demise as a monopoly has been carved in stone as Conservative party policy ever since. For the uninitiated, the CWB and its predecessors began during the First World War. The original intent was to control wartime prices and smooth the flow of grain to the U.K. It was further developed to deal with grain market calamities in the 1930s and to thwart the predatory intentions of grain companies and railroads towards innocent farmers. The present modified version of the CWB has been around since the 1940s.
  486. Woodland Caribou are sliding towards extinction:

  487. 2011/07/14: PostMedia: Caribou at risk, report warns -- Industry, piecemeal protection leaves iconic species 'on the road to extinction'
    An international panel of scientists is warning that the woodland caribou will soon be "on the road to extinction" without immediate efforts by federal and provincial agencies to protect the animal's increasingly disturbed boreal habitat. In open letters issued Wednesday to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach, the Canadian Boreal Initiative and Pew Environment Group - backed by the new report from an "all-star cast" of wildlife experts probing the status of the antlered beast that graces Canada's 25-cent piece - urgently pushed for bolder conservation measures to prevent the caribou's rapid decline.
  488. 2011/07/13: PostMedia: Woodland caribou need sweeping protection to arrest slide to extinction: scientific report
    Woodland caribou have vanished from half their historic North American range and risk a downward slide to extinction unless governments in Canada, including B.C., protect their northern boreal habitat, according to a report released Wednesday by an international panel of scientists.
  489. In BC, the stage is set. Now what will Clark and Dix do?

  490. 2011/07/12: Tyee: BC's Carbon Tax Doesn't Work -- As gas prices go up, pollution does too. Time to fix it.
  491. 2011/07/11: PostMedia: BC Hydro announces more smart meter project contracts
    Clevest Solutions and Bit Stew Systems, two British Columbia based high-tech companies, have been chosen by BC Hydro to support its $930 million smart meter installation program. Earlier this month, Hydro commenced an 18-month program to install 1.8 million smart meters in the homes and offices of most of its customers, with Corix Utilities contracted to manage the installation. Vancouver-based Bit Stew has been contracted to provide Hydro the tools to manage and track the upgrade using a real-time interactive map, according to a news release from the Crown corporation.
  492. Meanwhile in that Mechanical Mordor known as the tar sands:

  493. 2011/07/12: Tyee: Turning Oil Sands into Pop Cans -- How Alberta bitumen fuels the global thirst for billions of beverage containers
  494. 2011/07/16: PostMedia: Oilsands benefit all of Canada: minister -- Ottawa backs expansion of markets
    Canada's natural resources minister pledged to vigorously defend Alberta's oilsands Friday, saying Ottawa will challenge attempts to block future energy exports. Joe Oliver was roundly cheered when he said the Harper government will stand up to industry attacks from "those who seek to limit growth and cut access to foreign markets" during a noonhour speech to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.
  495. 2011/07/15: CDreams: As Alberta's Tar Sands Boom, Activists Target [pipelines] Project's Lifelines
  496. 2011/07/15: CBC: Oilsands may threaten whooping cranes' survival
    The Alberta oilsands may be threatening the survival of the whooping crane, which is already an endangered species in North America, according to Global Forest Watch Canada. The environmental group says the world's only wild flock of whooping cranes flies over the oilsands as it migrates annually between breeding grounds in Wood Buffalo National Park, located on the Alberta-Northwest Territories border, and winter grounds along the Texas coast.
  497. 2011/07/15: DeSmogBlog: Talisman Energy Shelves "Friendly Fracosaurus" Coloring Book After Colbert Smackdown
  498. 2011/07/15: CBC: Talisman dumps colouring book after Colbert spoof
  499. 2011/07/13: RAN:Understory: Regulatory Capture And Asleep-At-The-Wheel Officials Justify Citizen-Led Action On Tar Sands
  500. 2011/07/10: DeSmogBlog: Independent Panel Tells Alberta To Clean Up Tar Sands Impacts On Water

    In Saskatchewan:

  501. 2011/07/15: PnP: Tar Sands Supported by Wall Government

    In Manitoba:

  502. 2011/07/14: CBC: Manitoba considers electric car incentives
    The Manitoba government is looking for incentives to entice new car buyers to make the move to electric cars with their next purchase. The province believes most city and suburban commuters will find electric cars, which can travel 120 kilometres on a single charge, even in winter, capable of meeting their needs.
  503. In Ontario, upcoming election issues are appearing:

  504. 2011/07/16: 350orBust: Go Big Or Go Small: Mapping A Sustainable Future For Ontario
  505. 2011/07/14: CleanBreak: New U.S. rules, industrial retrofit programs could do much to improve Ontario air quality come 2014
  506. 2011/07/14: G&M: Oil tycoon takes on Ontario Green Energy Act over wind farm
    Ontario's controversial green energy policy is facing a new assault as famed oilman tycoon T. Boone Pickens has launched a $775-million NAFTA challenge alleging the government has discriminated against his privately owned wind energy company. With the Dallas-based Mesa Power Group's action, the Liberal government is now fighting multi-front battles over its Green Energy Act and the feed-in tariff that pays renewable energy companies premium prices for electricity -- so long as they procure a percentage of the goods and services in the province.
  507. 2011/07/14: Impolitical: Green energy and the Ontario election
  508. 2011/07/13: PSinclair: Life is Loud. Windmills, not so much.
  509. 2011/07/12: TreeHugger: Watching The Dismantling Of Everything Green In Toronto

    The movement toward a long term ecologically viable economics is glacial:

  510. 2011/07/13: EnergyBulletin: Tin production -- A classic case of limits to growth

    IPAT [Impact = Population * Affluence * Technology] raised its head once again:

  511. 2011/07/13: Grist: Why aren't men demanding decent male birth control?
  512. 2011/07/12: BBC: China's richest and most populous province has asked the central government to relax the law that restricts most families to one child
  513. 2011/07/11: UN: On World Population Day, Ban calls for greater efforts to end poverty and inequality
  514. 2011/07/11: CBC: World's population soon to hit 7 billion

    As for how the media handles science:

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  519. 2011/07/12: ScienceInsider: At Science Journalism Confab, Arab-Israeli Tensions Caused Disruptions
  520. 2011/07/12: KSJT: OnEarth Magazine: Inside the effort to turn coal into av-gas and diesel. Good IS journalism, isn't it?
  521. 2011/07/12: Deltoid: Where does cartoonist John Spooner get his science from?
  522. 2011/07/11: TP:JR: NY Times Asks Why "Horrible" U.S. Drought "Has Come on Extra Hot and Extra Early." Their Answer is ... La Niña, Of Course!
  523. 2011/07/10: TP:JR: Chicago Tribune Proud to be 75% Accurate on Climate Change

    Here is something for your library:

  524. 2011/07/10: ERabett: [Book Plug] _A Perfect Moral Storm_ by Stephen M. Gardiner

    And for your film & video enjoyment:

  525. 2011/07/16: 350orBust: Go Big Or Go Small: Mapping A Sustainable Future For Ontario
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  536. 2011/07/11: MoD: Irregular Climate Episode 21: Ironic frozen deniers
  537. 2011/07/10: PSinclair: Ford Pushes Electrics. GM imagines the future of Urban Transport

    Meanwhile among the 'Sue the Bastards!' contingent:

  538. 2011/07/14: STimes: U.S. settles with some Hanford downwinders
    The U.S. Department of Energy has agreed to settle claims brought by 139 people with thyroid disease who believe radiation releases from the Hanford nuclear reservation caused their illnesses. The proposal marks the largest settlement so far in a civil case that has lasted 20 years.
  539. 2011/07/14: G&M: Oil tycoon takes on Ontario Green Energy Act over wind farm
    Ontario's controversial green energy policy is facing a new assault as famed oilman tycoon T. Boone Pickens has launched a $775-million NAFTA challenge alleging the government has discriminated against his privately owned wind energy company. With the Dallas-based Mesa Power Group's action, the Liberal government is now fighting multi-front battles over its Green Energy Act and the feed-in tariff that pays renewable energy companies premium prices for electricity -- so long as they procure a percentage of the goods and services in the province.
  540. 2011/07/13: CBC: Arctic cruise company sues over stranded ship
    The Canadian government is facing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit from the owner of a cruise ship that became stranded in the Northwest Passage last summer...
  541. Wrestling over a new energy infrastructure continues unabated:

  542. 2011/07/14: BPA: The Renewables 2011 Global Status Report
  543. 2011/07/12: Ren21: Renewables 2011 Global Status Report -- Continued Global Growth of Renewable Energy in 2010
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  546. 2011/07/15: Guardian(UK): A research revolution to save the planet
  547. 2011/07/15: BBC: The gas platform that will be the world's biggest 'ship'
    Shell has unveiled plans to build the world's first floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) platform. The 600,000-tonne behemoth - the world's biggest "ship" - will be sited off the coast of Australia. But how will it work? Deep beneath the world's oceans are huge reservoirs of natural gas. Some are hundreds or thousands of miles from land, or from the nearest pipeline. Tapping into these "stranded gas" resources has been impossible - until now. At Samsung Heavy Industries' shipyard on Geoje Island in South Korea, work is about to start on a "ship" that, when finished and fully loaded, will weigh 600,000 tonnes. That is six times as much as the biggest US aircraft carrier.
  548. 2011/07/14: CleanTechnica: 31 States Can be Self-Sufficient with Local Renewable Energy
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  552. 2011/07/13: UN: UN-backed report shows strong performance by renewable energy sector
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  554. 2011/07/12: 350orBust: Google On Why Renewable Energy Is On The Way, and Lubicon Cree On Why It's Needed
  555. 2011/07/11: Grist: What does the volatile past of natural gas tell us about its future?

    Hey! Let's contaminate the aquifer for thousands of years! It'll be a fracking gas!

  556. 2011/07/16: DeSmogBlog: Post Carbon Institute Analysis Suggests Shale Gas (Still) Worse Than Coal For Climate
  557. 2011/07/14: CleanBreak: Pembina, Suzuki Foundation urge a slowdown on natural gas development, particularly shale gas
  558. 2011/07/14: ProPublica: State Fracking Rules Could Allow Drilling Near New York City Water Supply Tunnels
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  567. 2011/07/12: TreeHugger: Fracking Could Damage New York & Pennsylvania Tourism, Too

    On the coal front:

  568. 2011/07/15: TCoE: India's coal rush
  569. 2011/07/15: EnergyBulletin: The end of cheap coal
  570. 2011/07/14: TP:JR: Coal Industry Commits Suicide, NY Times Gets Story Half Right

    On the gas and oil front:

  571. 2011/07/15: BBerg: Closing oil prices Friday
    OIL (US$/bbl)
    Nymex Crude Future...97.24
    Dated Brent Spot....117.72
    WTI Cushing Spot.....97.24
  572. 2011/07/14: Grist: The true cost of gasoline? $13 a gallon
  573. 2011/07/13: TP:JR: Lies, Damned Lies, and Big Oil Statistics
  574. 2011/07/11: OilDrum: Countdown to $100 oil - a date with history?

    In the gas and oil corps:

  575. 2011/07/14: CleanBreak: Fracking pioneer Chesapeake Energy invests in former solar gasification biofuels startup Sundrop Fuels
  576. 2011/07/14: CSM: Oil giant ConocoPhillips to split into 2 companies

    And in pipeline news:

  577. 2011/07/15: PlanetArk: Government Probe Of Exxon Pipeline Leak To Take Months
  578. 2011/07/14: PlanetArk: Exxon Prepares To Replace Ruptured Pipeline
  579. 2011/07/17: Grist: Keystone XL pipeline would screw over farmers, threaten aquifer
  580. 2011/07/17: OilDrum: Tech Talk - natural gas pipelines and regulation
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  583. 2011/07/12: PlanetArk: Government Asks Exxon To Retool Yellowstone Spill Plan
  584. 2011/07/12: OilChange: Keystone Spill Risk "Flawed", Argues Expert

    Yes we have peak everything:

  585. 2011/07/15: OilDrum: The Link Between Peak Oil and Peak Debt - Part 2
  586. 2011/07/13: OilDrum: The Link Between Peak Oil and Peak Debt - Part 1
  587. 2011/07/15: EnergyBulletin: The end of cheap coal
  588. 2011/07/07: Yale360: Phosphate: A Critical Resource Misused and Now Running Low
    Phosphate has been essential to feeding the world since the Green Revolution, but its excessive use as a fertilizer has led to widespread pollution and eutrophication. Now, many of the world's remaining reserves are starting to be depleted.
  589. Biofuel bickering abounds:

  590. 2011/07/13: NYT:GW: No Eureka Moments in Long U.S. Campaign to Crack Cellulosic Code
  591. 2011/07/12: GreenGrok: Corn Cob Ethanol: The Fuel of the 21st Century?
  592. 2011/07/14: KSJT: E&E Greenwire: Why we don't have cheap cellulosic ethanol -- and why people keep trying
  593. 2011/07/12: Eureka: Switch from corn to grass would raise ethanol output, cut emissions
  594. 2011/07/11: TP:JR: The Scoop on Poop: Turning Sewage Sludge into Energy and Dollars

    The answer my friend...:

  595. 2011/07/15: PlanetArk: Enel Green Power Adds 10 MW Wind Capacity In France
  596. 2011/07/14: TreeHugger: Wind Farms Of Small Vertical Axis Turbines More Efficient, Cheaper Than Conventional Projects
  597. 2011/07/13: Eureka: Wind-turbine placement produces tenfold power increase, Caltech researchers say

    Meanwhile among the solar aficionados:

  598. 2011/07/15: CNN: Solar lanterns saving lives, lighting up Kenya
    Around 75% of Kenyans rely on kerosene lamps for their lighting needs - The smoke from kerosene lamps can lead to the development of respiratory illnesses - Solanterns is aiming to replace one million kerosene lanterns with solar-powered ones - The company says that each lantern will reduce CO2 emissions by 135 kilograms
  599. 2011/07/16: TreeHugger: Keep Warm with a Low-Tech, Solar Powered Radiator
  600. 2011/07/14: TreeHugger: Britain's Biggest Solar Field (5MW) Built in Just 6 Weeks!
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  602. 2011/07/12: NBF: China's Solar Power Maker Suntech will push cheaper solar panels with higher efficiency
  603. 2011/07/12: TreeHugger: Solar Cells Can Now Be Printed on Anything, Even Paper and Fabric
  604. 2011/07/11: NBF: New MIT-developed materials make it possible to produce photovoltaic cells on paper or fabric
  605. 2011/07/11: PlanetArk: Italy solar capacity to hit 30 GW in 2020: Enel CEO
  606. 2011/07/10: Oregonian: Aurora-area solar farm reaps $20,000 a month from PGE program

    The nuclear energy controversy continues:

  607. 2011/07/14: PlanetArk: U.S. Nuclear Industry Weighs Costs Of Safety Reforms
  608. 2011/07/17: BNC: For climate's sake, nuclear power is not an 'option', it is a 'necessity'
  609. 2011/07/14: NatureNB: NRC task force proposes new safety guidelines for nukes
  610. 2011/07/14: UCSUSA: Nuclear Expert Dispels Myths about Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in Senate Testimony
  611. 2011/07/14: STimes: U.S. settles with some Hanford downwinders
    The U.S. Department of Energy has agreed to settle claims brought by 139 people with thyroid disease who believe radiation releases from the Hanford nuclear reservation caused their illnesses. The proposal marks the largest settlement so far in a civil case that has lasted 20 years.
  612. 2011/07/14: NBF: Could Thorium solve the world's energy problems?
  613. 2011/07/14: NBF: China COSCO Suspended nuclear powered shipping study
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  617. 2011/07/11: EnergyBulletin: Of Buck Rogers, magic elixirs and fusion power
  618. 2011/07/11: NBF: Russia prepares to start new Kalinin 4 Nuclear Reactor and Japan will have two step stress tests for their reactors
  619. 2011/07/08: Cryptome: Request to Shut Earthquake Zone Nuclear Plants

    Nuclear waste storage requires _very_ long term thinking:

  620. 2011/07/13: TP:JR: Nuclear Waste: The Debate Over Yucca Mountain Continues

    And then there is the matter of efficiency & conservation:

  621. 2011/07/13: TreeHugger: Shining a Light on Energy Efficiency by Lester Brown

    Automakers & lawyers, engineers & activists argue over the future of the car:

  622. 2011/07/15: AutoBG: Suzuki Every electric van hits the streets of Japan
  623. 2011/07/15: AutoBG: GAO: E15 not coming to gas stations anytime soon
  624. 2011/07/13: CSM: Electric cars get a closer look in Japan after nuclear crisis
  625. 2011/07/12: EUO: Denmark to be electric cars guinea pig
  626. 2011/07/11: TreeHugger: Electric Vehicles Bring Us Closer to Freedom From Oil

    As for Energy Storage:

  627. 2011/07/16: NBF: Graphite and water could be as good as lithium ion batteries but recharge in seconds
  628. 2011/07/13: MITNews: New way to store sun's heat
    Modified carbon nanotubes can store solar energy indefinitely, then be recharged by exposure to the sun.
  629. The reaction of business to climate change will be critical:

  630. 2011/07/15: EurActiv: 'Green' image seen as key to future business success
    Customers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their lifestyles and the most successful companies will be those who best respond to shoppers' desire to 'buy green', business representatives argued at a conference this week. As fears over climate change mount and Western consumption patterns continue to put a strain on the world's resources, environmentally-conscious citizens are attracted to companies that share their concerns about environmental degradation.
  631. Insurance and re-insurance companies are feeling the heat:

  632. 2011/07/15: Grist: 2011 climate disasters cost a record US$265 billion
  633. 2011/07/14: PSinclair: Insurance Industry: Climate Change Price Hikes on the Way
  634. 2011/07/12: MunichRe: Accumulation of very severe natural catastrophes makes 2011 a year of unprecedented losses
    An exceptional accumulation of very severe natural catastrophes makes 2011 the highest-ever loss year on record, even after the first half-year. Already, the approx. US$ 265bn in economic losses up to the end of June easily exceeds the total figure for 2005, previously the costliest year to date (US$ 220bn for the year as a whole). Most of the losses were caused by the earthquake in Japan on 11 March.
  635. 2011/07/14: Wunderground: 2011 the most expensive year for natural disasters in history
  636. 2011/07/13: NYT: Violent Storms Make 2011 'One for the Record Books,' Insurance Price Hikes Under Way

    Joe Romm posts a daily list of top energy and climate stories:

  637. 2011/07/15: TP:JR: July 15 News...
  638. 2011/07/14: TP:JR: July 14 News...
  639. 2011/07/13: TP:JR: July 13 News...
  640. 2011/07/12: TP:JR: July 12 News...
  641. 2011/07/11: TP:JR: July 11 News...

    Other (weekly) lists:

  642. 2011/07/11: BPA: Agriculture News

    The carbon lobby are up to the usual:

  643. 2011/07/16: TCoE: Tamino 1, Goddard 0
  644. 2011/07/15: Grist: Koch brothers declare war on offshore wind
  645. 2011/07/16: BCLSB: The State Of Climate Change Denial In Australia
  646. 2011/07/15: ABC(Au): Climate change sceptic Monckton to visit Wagga
  647. 2011/07/15: Stoat: Richard Black winds up the wackos
  648. 2011/07/14: QuarkSoup: Anthropogenic Climate Hypocrisy
  649. 2011/07/14: TCoE: Watts wrong with that guy, anyway?
  650. 2011/07/14: TheConversation: Hear ye, hear ye -- Monckton's medieval warming tale is climate heresy by John Abraham
  651. 2011/07/13: QuarkSoup: Watts Still Denying the Death Threats
  652. 2011/07/14: DM:CCM: Surprise: Anthony Watts Finds a New Disconfirmation!
  653. 2011/07/13: ITracker: Scott Armstrong; liar, fraud, "scientific forecaster"
  654. 2011/07/13: JKB: Tales from Bizarro World
  655. 2011/07/13: Deltoid: Bob Carter's trick to hide the incline
  656. 2011/07/13: DeSmogBlog: Watts Up With the Internet? Motivated Bias on Climate Skeptic Blogs
  657. 2011/07/13: Tamino: Bob Carter Does his Business
  658. 2011/07/11: OilChange: "Shell has cheated us for too long" [Niger Delta]
  659. 2011/07/11: BCLSB: Venues Cancel On Lord Monckton
  660. 2011/07/11: DeSmogBlog: The Science of Astroturfing

    Meanwhile in the 'clean coal' saga:

  661. 2011/07/13: Grist: Coal company: 'Birth defects aren't from mining, they're because you're inbred hicks'
  662. 2011/07/13: PeakEnergy: Fly Ash Panels

    As for climate miscellanea:

  663. 2011/07/16: TreeHugger: Roseanne's Nuts about Global Warming
  664. 2011/07/15: Rabble: Love in a time of climate crisis
  665. 2011/07/14: Grist: Jail time for gardening: Now officially a trend
  666. 2011/07/14: TP:JR: On Experts and Global Warming [Gutting]
  667. 2011/07/12: NYT:B: On Experts and Global Warming by Gary Gutting
  668. 2011/07/14: JQuiggin: What can you say?
  669. 2011/07/13: HotTopic: Things to do in Wellington and Dargaville
  670. 2011/07/13: BNC: Climate change update by the numbers
  671. 2011/07/13: OilChange: What if the Carbon Bubble Bursts?
  672. 2011/07/12: JFleck: Stuff Someone Else Wrote Elsewhere -- Julio Betancourt, a USGS ecologist
  673. 2011/07/11: Stoat: A study of climatological research as it pertains to intelligence problems
  674. 2011/07/11: TCoE: Reaching the last dots
  675. 2011/07/10: CDreams: On Climate-Change Debate, Just Follow the Scientists
  676. 2011/07/11: 350orBust: Australia Steps Up Climate Fight, U.S. Republicans Step Back In Time
  677. 2011/07/11: G&M: Reducing the risk of climate catastrophe

    And here are a couple of sites you may find interesting and/or useful:

  678. US Drought Monitor
  679. Global Forest Watch Canada
  680. Clean Technica
  681. Rainforest Action Network Blog
  682. US Chamber of Secrets
  683. Canadians for Action on Climate Change
  684. Climate Reality
  685. Sou from Bundangawoolarangeera
  686. SCAR: Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
  687. ESF: European Science Foundation
  688. Serendipity - Steve Easterbrook
  689. Climate Justice Action
  690. CDM Watch
  691. CAN: Climate Action Network
  692. Tyee
  693. SEI: Stockholm Environment Institute
  694. TCoE: The Cost of Energy

    Low Key Plug

    My first novel Water was published in Canada May, 2007. The American release was in October. An Introductionto the novel is available, along with the Unpublished Forewordand the Launch Talk(which includes some quotations), An overview of my writing is available here.



    P.S. Recent postings can be found in the week archive and the ancient postings can be accessed here, which should open to this.

    I notice moyhu has set up a monster index to old AWoGWN on AFTIC.

    "It doesn't matter if you believe in global warming. Global warming believes in you." -Tom Tomorrow


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