Another Week of GW News, November 20, 2011

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

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Another week of Global Warming News

Information is not Knowledge...Knowledge is notWisdom

November 20, 2011

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    No matter how dark things seem, there are always bad jokes:

  1. 2011/11/16: DailyKos: (cartoon - TomTom) Not Mitt Romney
  2. 2011/11/16: Seppo: (cartoon - Seppo) Invasive species
  3. 2011/11/16: XKCD: (cartoon - Munroe) Citogenesis
  4. 2011/11/16: uComics: (cartoon - Toles) Governing Philosophy

    And in the Supreme Sarcasm department:

  5. 2011/11/16: CCurrents: Mother Nature Reveals Her Energy Descent Action Plan

    Looking ahead to COP17 and future international climate negotiations:

  6. COP17/CMP7 - Durban
  7. UNFCCC: The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa, COP 17 / CMP 7, 28 November - 9 December 2011
  8. UNFCCC: Durban Climate Change Conference - November 2011
  9. 2011/11/18: P3: Linked Fates -- "Occupy" and the Climate Negotiations
  10. 2011/11/15: ERW: Sliding scale could help countries cooperate on climate
    When countries try to work together to limit the effects of climate change, the fear of being the only nation reducing greenhouse-gas emissions -- while the others enjoy the benefits with no sacrifice -- can bring cooperation to a grinding halt.
  11. 2011/11/17: Guardian(UK): [Letters] Japan backs carbon emissions deadline
  12. 2011/11/17: EurActiv: MEPs push for strong EU role in climate talks
    The European Parliament called yesterday (16 November) for the EU to have a leading role in the forthcoming UN climate change conference in Durban and to push for the extension of the Kyoto protocol unless a new legally binding deal is agreed. With the international negotiations on climate change balancing on a thin rope, the MEPs sent a clear message to the EU's summit negotiators and reiterated the EU pledge to cut emissions 20% by 2020.
  13. 2011/11/18: MENAFN: US won't accept new climate agreement without China, other emitters
  14. 2011/11/19: TCoE: Greenlock!
  15. 2011/11/17: PlanetArk: Analysis: China Climate Role Could Be To Corner U.S.
    China, the world's biggest carbon emitter, could nudge the United States into more action on climate change, rescuing the latest round of global talks and improving its international reputation. Expectations remain extremely low that a new global deal can emerge from a summit later this month in Durban, South Africa. But it could lay the foundations for a future deal and desperate negotiators are looking to China to help isolate the United States in its stubborn climate change denial, even if it is only for reasons of enlightened self-interest.
  16. 2011/11/16: Guardian(UK): A campaigning road trip in Africa for climate justice
    The Caravan of Hope is taking African activists through 10 countries to the climate change negotiations in South Africa, and along the way it's aiming to galvanise support for climate justice
  17. 2011/11/16: NatureN: Summit urged to clean up farming
    Leading scientists say that agriculture is a 'poor relation' in global-warming negotiations. Delegates meeting this month in Durban, South Africa, to assess international progress on tackling climate change need to look beyond smoke stacks and car exhausts to a neglected source of emissions -- agriculture.
  18. 2011/11/16: CSM: Keep the climate challenge in focus
  19. 2011/11/15: PlanetArk: Climate Deal Unlikely Soon, As Emissions Grow
  20. 2011/11/14: Guardian(UK): Climate change: there is no plan B
    Time is almost up. It is critical we secure a legally binding approach on climate change in Durban
  21. 2011/11/14: EurActiv: Europe looks to 'coalition of the willing' for Durban deal
    The EU has held talks on a binding successor deal to the Kyoto Protocol on climate change with representatives of a "coalition of the willing" that spreads across the developing world, EurActiv has learned. Participants include China, the G77 emerging economies, the least developed countries (LDCs) and the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS).
  22. The Climate Vulnerable Forum had a meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh:

  23. 2011/11/14: UN: Bangladesh offers lessons on climate change and disaster risks - Ban
  24. 2011/11/14: BBC: UN chief Ban Ki-moon makes climate plea at Dhaka summit
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged world leaders to establish a climate fund to help those countries worst affected by climate change. Speaking at a conference in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, he said efforts must be made to create a $100bn (£63bn) Green Climate Fund. The global economic crisis should not deter such efforts, he added. The event was organised by the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), which connects countries affected by extreme weather.
  25. 2011/11/14: al Jazeera: Vulnerable nations seek climate change action
    Representatives from 18 nations meet in Bangladesh to issue a declaration before next month's UN conference in Durban. The Climate Vulnerable Forum has convened in Bangladesh for countries worried about the threat of climate change. Speaking at the opening of the forum in Dhaka on Monday, Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, urged world nations to consider ways to fund a $100bn green climate fund created last year to help at-risk countries cope with global warming.
  26. 2011/11/14: MOFA(Bd): Draft for the Ministerial Declaration of the Climate Vulnerable Forum
  27. Climate Vulnerable Forum
  28. 2011/11/13: BBC: Mixed messages on climate 'vulnerability'
    One of the most striking new voices on climate change that's emerged since the UN summit in Copenhagen two years ago is the Climate Vulnerable Forum. The grouping includes small island states vulnerable to extreme weather events and sea level rise, those with immense spans of low-lying coastline such as Vietnam and Bangladesh, and dry nations of East Africa.
  29. The Horn of Africa drought and famine continues to be a major disaster:

  30. FEWS: Horn of Africa Emergency 2011
  31. 2011/11/18: CBC: Somalia famine zones reduced by half -- Crisis far from over, authorities warn
  32. 2011/11/18: Guardian(UK): Somalia famine eases but situation is still 'fragile'
    Food security agencies warn that conflict now threatens relief efforts that have led to decline in malnutrition and deaths Three areas of Somalia are no longer considered to be famine zones, but 250,000 people in the country still face imminent starvation and millions more still need urgent relief, according to UN and US food security agencies.
  33. 2011/11/18: BBC: Somali famine zones downgraded by UN
    Famine no longer exists in three of the worst-affected areas of Somalia following the intervention of aid agencies, the United Nations has said. The UN's Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit said improving conditions meant Bay, Bakool, and Lower Shabelle had been downgraded from famine zones. But the UN says a quarter of a million people still face imminent starvation.
  34. 2011/11/14: MLynas: To Kyoto or not to Kyoto? The question for Durban
  35. 2011/11/18: OpenDem: Giant strides or fairy footsteps -- How much progress can be made in tackling climate change without a global deal?
  36. 2011/11/19: al Jazeera: UN downgrades half of famine zones in Somalia
    Three zones downgraded to emergency status, but aid groups warn crisis not over with four million people needing help.
  37. 2011/11/19: al Jazeera: Outrage over contaminated Kenya food aid
    Much of food aid supplied by Kenya Red Cross for six months found to be infected by the Aflatoxin fungus.
  38. 2011/11/15: JQuiggin: East Africa appeal, again

    The SREX Summary for Policymakers was released this week:

  39. 2011/11/18: IPCC: [link to 7,9 meg pdf] Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation - Summary for Policymakers
  40. 2011/11/19: RealClimate: The IPCC report on extreme climate and weather events
  41. 2011/11/19: ABC(Au): Extreme weather to worsen with climate change: UN
  42. 2011/11/18: BBC: IPCC: Climate impact risk set to increase
  43. 2011/11/18: CBC: Adapt to extreme weather or pay price, expert warns
    Co-author of IPCC report Gordon McBean outlines global trends, risks The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was set to release a report Friday examining the risks posed by the extreme weather events that are becoming increasingly frequent around the world. We talked to one of the report's co-ordinating lead authors about what general trends he and his colleagues found when drafting the report and how these trends might impact Canada. Gordon McBean is a professor of geography and political science at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ont., and the director of policy studies at the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. He is also chair of the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Studies and president-elect of the International Council for Science.
  44. 2011/11/18: Stoat: IPCC Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation
  45. 2011/11/18: CBC: Extreme weather takes growing toll
  46. 2011/11/18: Guardian(UK): IPCC chief braced for storms of denial over extreme weather report
  47. 2011/11/18: Guardian(UK): Extreme weather will strike as climate change takes hold, IPCC warns Heavier rainfall, storms and droughts could wipe billions off economies and destroy lives, says report by 220 scientists
  48. 2011/11/18: Guardian(UK): Extreme weather: We're gambling with lives at ever worsening odds
  49. 2011/11/18: UNISDR: IPCC and UNISDR welcome new report as historic contribution to understanding disaster risk
  50. 2011/11/18: UN: UN-backed report spotlights links between global warming and extreme weather
  51. 2011/11/18: KSJT: Wires, etc: IPCC says it again -- more confidently -- expect extreme weather more often
  52. 2011/11/18: TP:JR: Blockbuster IPCC Chart Hints at Dust-Bowlification, But Report Is Mostly Silent on Warming's Gravest Threat to Humanity
  53. 2011/11/18: NatureN: Climate panel says prepare for weird weather -- Despite uncertainties, the IPCC warns that climate change will bring more extreme weather
  54. 2011/11/18: Wunderground: Extreme weather and climate change: a new IPCC report
  55. 2011/11/18: CCentral: The IPCC's Extreme Weather Report: News Roundup
  56. 2011/11/18: Grist: 5 takeaways from the IPCC report on extreme weather and climate change
  57. 2011/11/19: JFleck: SREX, slow journalism edition
  58. 2011/11/19: CCurrents: Extreme Weather Set To Worsen With Climate Change: IPCC
  59. 2011/11/18: CSM: Climate change warning: brace for hotter heat waves, stronger storms
  60. 2011/11/19: TMoS: We're Causing Climate Change. It's Here and It's Going to Keep Getting Worse
  61. 2011/11/19: PostMedia: Expect more climate upheaval, panel warns nations
    Violent weather could cause more economic losses here than in developing countries, Canadian scientists say Record-breaking temperatures, stronger winds and heavy precipitation in the form of rain and snow are becoming more frequent events in the 21st century due to climate change that evidence indicates is being caused by human activity, says a new assessment released Friday by governments from around the world. Canadian scientists who contributed to the review, a special report on managing the risks of extreme weather events and disasters to advance climate change adaptation, also say Canada is facing more violent weather that could cause greater economic damage at home than in developing countries.
  62. 2011/11/17: TP:JR: IPCC Extreme Weather Report Is Another Blown Chance to Explain the Catastrophes Coming If We Keep Doing Nothing
  63. 2011/11/17: Guardian(UK): IPCC expected to confirm link between climate change and extreme weather
  64. 2011/11/20: HotTopic: Stormy weather: we're making it worse, and there's more on the way
  65. 2011/11/16: BBerg: Global Temps `Virtually Certain' to Rise: UN
  66. 2011/11/13: Yahoo:AFP: Regions must brace for weather extremes: UN climate panel
    Southern Europe will be gripped by fierce heatwaves, drought in North Africa will be more common, and small island states face ruinous storm surges from rising seas, according to a report by UN climate scientists. The assessment is the most comprehensive probe yet by the 194-nation Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) into the impact of climate change on extreme weather events. A 20-page draft "summary for policymakers" obtained by AFP says in essence that global warming will create weather on steroids.
  67. 2011/11/15: KSJT: BBC: A glimpse at IPCC's upcoming report on weather extremes...

    The Response to Climate Change in New York State report came out this week:

  68. 2011/11/17: NYSERDA: [links to many pdfs] Report 11-18 Response to Climate Change in New York State
  69. 2011/11/17: CSW: Text of ClimAID report, "Responding to Climate Change in New York State"
  70. 2011/11/17: TreeHugger: New York Already Has Twice The Average Warming & Sea Level Rise, More To Come
  71. 2011/11/17: KSJT: Wires, Local Press, UK too: New York's state climate watchdog agency says: Watch Out, NY!
  72. 2011/11/17: CCentral: Climate Change to Bring More Heat Waves, Floods to New York, Report Says
  73. 2011/11/16: CSW: ClimAID science report: New York state must prepare for climate change now
  74. 2011/11/16: Guardian(UK): Major storms could submerge New York City in next decade
    Sea-level rise due to climate change could cripple the city in Irene-like storm scenarios, new climate report claims
  75. The Lee et al. paper on deforestation by latitude is bound to be controversial:

  76. 2011/11/16: Nature: (ab$) Observed increase in local cooling effect of deforestation at higher latitudes by Xuhui Lee et al.
  77. 2011/11/16: QuarkSoup: Deforestation causes cooling, study shows
  78. 2011/11/16: Eureka: Forests cooler or warmer than open areas depending on latitude, study finds
  79. 2011/11/16: Eureka: Yale study shows deforestation causes cooling [in northern latitudes]
  80. 2011/11/16: Eureka: Deforestation causes cooling in Northern US, Canada -- The impact of deforestation on global warming varies with latitude...

    Late comment on the IEA WEO report:

  81. 2011/11/13: CCurrents: The World Is Locking Itself Into An Unsustainable Energy Future
  82. 2011/11/16: SkeptiSci: World Energy Outlook 2011: "The door to 2°C is closing" by Andy S
  83. 2011/11/14: PeakEnergy: IEA World Energy Outlook: "If we don't change direction soon, we'll end up where we're heading"
  84. 2011/11/13: NBF: World Energy Outlook 2011

    Late comment on BEST:

  85. 2011/11/14: CQ: Do Judith Curry and Richard Muller disagree?
  86. 2011/11/14: TP:JR: The Koch-Funded Scientist Who Came In From The Cold: Muller Warns We're in "Dangerous Realm" of "Very Steep Warming"

    Who's getting the subsidies?

  87. 2011/11/16: PlanetArk: E.U. Plans Probe Of U.S. Bioethanol Subsidies: Diplomats
  88. 2011/11/16: Grist: Theft in progress: Big Ag raids the treasury -- with help from Congress
  89. 2011/11/13: TP:JR: Over Half of All U.S. Tax Subsidies Go to Four Industries. Guess Which Ones?

    The Global Climate Fund is being talked up prepatory to Durban:

  90. 2011/11/18: Maribo: More on managing climate change aid
  91. 2011/11/18: PlanetArk: Euro Zone Crisis To Widen Climate Fund Gap: Report
  92. 2011/11/17: CBC: UN climate change fund accountability sought
    The UN's past record of suddenly injecting vast sums of money into countries to solve a problem doesn't bode well for the future of the massive Green Climate Fund, say three University of British Columbia professors.
  93. 2011/11/17: Maribo: Science: Managing climate change aid
  94. 2011/11/16: Guardian(UK): Ban Ki-moon calls for [the $100bn Green Climate Fund] to be finalised at Durban
    UN secretary general expects Kyoto compromise at forthcoming climate summit in Durban
  95. John Cook and friends continue their point-counterpoint articles:

  96. 2011/11/19: SkeptiSci: Congressional Climate Briefing - The End of Climate Skepticism? by dana1981
  97. 2011/11/18: SkeptiSci: The Debunking Handbook Part 2: The Familiarity Backfire Effect by John Cook, Stephan Lewandowsky
  98. 2011/11/17: SkeptiSci: Lone Star State of Drought by Rob Honeycutt
  99. 2011/11/17: SkeptiSci: The Last Interglacial Part Five - A Crystal Ball? by Steve Brown, jg
  100. 2011/11/16: SkeptiSci: The Debunking Handbook Part 1: The first myth about debunking
  101. 2011/11/15: SkeptiSci: Cardinal Pell needs to practise what he preaches on climate change
  102. 2011/11/15: SkeptiSci: Hiding the Incline in Sea Level by dana1981
  103. 2011/11/14: SkeptiSci: New tool clears the air on cloud simulations by John Hartz
  104. 2011/11/20: SkeptiSci: The Debunking Handbook Part 3: The Overkill Backfire Effect

    Post CRU theft, controversy & inquiry:

  105. 2011/11/18: IJISH: Two more tidbits of information on SwiftHack

    A note on theFukushima disaster:

    It is evident that the Fukushima disaster is going to persist for some time. TEPCO says 6 to 9 months. The previous Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, said decades. Now the Japanese government is talking about 30 years. We'll see. At any rate this situation is not going to be resolved any time soon and deserves its own section.

    Not much good news coming out of Fukushima:

  106. 2011/11/15: UN: [link to 2 meg pdf] UN atomic agency completes review of Japan's response to nuclear disaster
  107. 2011/11/19: EneNews: Yomiuri: Unknown how much nuclear fuel has melted through Fukushima reactors and 'dispersed' -- Questionable to assess that as nearly a 'cold shutdown'
  108. 2011/11/19: EneNews: Top Japan Official: There have been various discussions on location of melted fuel -- We 'think' we are able to cool fuel inside primary containers and pressure vessels
  109. 2011/11/19: EneNews: China syndrome inevitable says architect of Fukushima Reactor No. 3 -- Warns of massive hydrovolcanic explosion -- Melted fuel inevitably sank underground
  110. 2011/11/18: EneNews: Japan to use military troops for decontamination? Koide: "It is impossible to decontaminate -- Region's land itself has been contaminated -- It is impossible to move the land"
  111. 2011/11/17: JapanTimes: Cesium fallout widespread -- Simulation determines much of east, northeast likely contaminated
  112. 2011/11/17: CNN: New radiation scare for rice in Japan
    Tests found higher-than-allowed cesium levels in rice grown northwest of Fukushima Daiichi - It's the latest of several bans on food shipments since the March disaster - A recent study warned farming could be "severely impaired" by cesium fallout
  113. 2011/11/18: EneNews: DPA: Japan protesters refuse to leave gov't ministry until all reactors close, camping for last two months -- Crowd boos as authorities try to remove two women in 60s -- 1,300 form human chain
  114. 2011/11/17: APR: Radioactive water at Fukushima Daiichi - new video
  115. 2011/11/17: BBC: Japan has banned shipments of rice from an area near the nuclear power station at Fukushima after high levels of radioactive caesium were detected
  116. 2011/11/16: EneNews: Fukushima Diary: "I'm under their surveillance... I can't post everything I know" -- Next day writes "4 men interrogated me"
  117. 2011/11/17: EneNews: Mainichi reporter: Seeing mountains of radioactive waste in Yokohama, I felt the ominous weight of the nuclear crisis, which had seemed a distant affair to me until then
  118. 2011/11/17: BBC: Rice containing radioactive caesium found in Japan
    Radioactive caesium has been detected above the safety level in rice for the first time in Japan since the nuclear crisis began at the Fukushima plant. The sample came from a Fukushima city farm about 60km from the plant.
  119. 2011/11/17: CBC: Japan finds radioactive cesium in rice -- Farmers asked to suspend rice shipments
  120. 2011/11/15: EneNews: Just in: Americium-241 and Plutonium detected in ALL soil samples off Fukushima coast -- Tepco says NOT caused by meltdowns
  121. 2011/11/16: EneNews: WBAI: "There should be grave concern in Japan" -- Country to see 20 to 30 percent increase in cancer, maybe even higher in Fukushima -- Gov't deliberately playing down significance (video)
  122. 2011/11/16: EneNews: City workers in Date find radiation rising 'unexpectedly' below surface... While another buried radium bottle blamed for Tokyo hotspot
  123. 2011/11/15: APR: Xenon at Fukushima Daiichi No. 2 - Gone!
  124. 2011/11/10: Cryptome: Fukushima Daiichi NPS Unit 4 Damage Photos
  125. 2011/11/12: Cryptome: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
  126. 2011/11/14: CNN:B: New study maps spread of Fukushima fallout
  127. 2011/11/14: NatureN: Fukushima maps identify radiation hot spots -- Independent studies plot fallout from Japanese nuclear disaster
  128. 2011/11/13: EneNews: News Flash: Massive nuclear demonstration in Japan -- Citizens are standing up for their lives more than ever before (video)
  129. 2011/11/14: EneNews: Mainichi: Melted nuclear fuel seems to be leaking out from reactor buildings
  130. 2011/11/14: EneNews: NYT: Reporters not allowed to leave bus during tour of Fukushima plant even though in full body contamination suits -- CNN: "Radiation readings stood at 1,000 microsieverts" around reactors
  131. 2011/11/14: BBC: Japan farm radioactive levels probed
    New research has found that radioactive material in parts of north-eastern Japan exceeds levels considered safe for farming. The findings provide the first comprehensive estimates of contamination across Japan following the nuclear accident in 2011. Food production is likely to be affected, the researchers suggest.
  132. 2011/11/13: NBF: HAL Exoskeleton adapted for emergency teams at Fukushima

    Post Fukushima, nuclear policies are in flux around the world:

  133. 2011/11/17: Reuters: France needs to upgrade all nuclear reactors
    France needs to upgrade the protection of vital functions in all its nuclear reactors to avoid a disaster in the event of a natural calamity, the head of its nuclear safety agency said, adding there was no need to close any plants. After Japan's Fukushima disaster in March, France, along with other European countries, decided to carry out safety tests on 58 reactors and its next-generation reactor under construction in northwestern France. The aim was to test their capacity to resist flooding, earthquakes, power outages, failure of the cooling systems and operational management of accidents. IRSN, experts on radiation protection and nuclear safety, delivered a 500-page report to nuclear watchdog ASN on Thursday, which will in turn hand over its conclusions, based on the report, to the government at the start of 2012.
  134. 2011/11/17: BBC: Parties clash over future of nuclear power in France
  135. 2011/11/15: Guardian(UK): 'Eccentric' nuclear plans threaten UK's part in renewables revolution, expert warns
    Prof John Schellnhuber says UK is not fit to take part in 'third industrial revolution' of switch to clean energy
  136. That I-131 plume over Europe is still generating discussion:

  137. 2011/11/17: EneNews: Experts on iodine in Europe: Something very unpleasant has happened -- Either serious accident or reactor emergency required venting radioactive substances
  138. 2011/11/18: EneNews: ABC calls radiation plume over Europe "massive, but harmless" -- IAEA now claims Hungary lab likely source of iodine-131 -- "Extremely unlikely" says director
  139. 2011/11/17: UN: Hungarian laboratory the likely source of iodine outbreak, UN agency says
  140. 2011/11/16: EneNews: Major Website: Mystery cloud of dangerous iodine-131 over Europe is absolutely cause for concern -- Certainly deserves more than 129 words by IAEA
  141. 2011/11/15: EneNews: "Quite Exceptional": France reveals detection of iodine-131 -- Says it could be from nuclear reactor

    The Arctic melt continues to draw attention:

  142. 2011/11/15: BBC: UHI research warns of 'black Christmases' in Santa town
    A project led by a Scottish university has warned of an increased likelihood of snow-free "black Christmases" for the capital of Finnish Lapland by 2050.
  143. 2011/11/14: ASI: Storm impacts -- the 'Arctic Hurricane'
  144. 2011/11/14: PlanetArk: Alaskan Villages Recovering From Massive Storm
  145. 2011/11/13: ASI: Yet another broken record

    As for the charismatic megafauna:

  146. 2011/11/16: Guardian(UK): Stranded polar bears at Kaktovik, Barter Island, Alaska - in [20] pictures
    [...] During the summer, many polar bears gather to rest and feed on hunter-harvested bowhead whale remains near Kaktovik, on Barter Island. But in recent years, dozens - possibly hundreds - of bears are becoming stranded on the coastal plain because they cannot reach the retreating sea ice
  147. That Damoclean sword still hangs overhead:

  148. 2011/11/16: QuarkSoup: Methane Levels May Be Increasing Again

    As for the geopolitics of Arctic resources:

  149. 2011/11/18: CCP: Environmental and local Northwest Alaska groups have again filed suit in an attempt to block offshore oil and gas exploration in the Chukchi Sea
  150. 2011/11/18: AlterNet: Vultures' Picnic: In Pursuit of Petroleum Pigs, Power Pirates, and High-Finance Carnivores
  151. 2011/11/17: BCLSB: Government Prepares For The Future Of The North
  152. 2011/11/19: CCP: When Despots and Bullies Run The Government (video)
  153. 2011/11/16: Guardian(UK): Guggenheim Partners announces Arctic investment fund
    Environmentalists fear the move by the privately held investment firm based in the US will accelerate exploitation of the region
  154. 2011/11/17: ABC(Au): Ghost mountains give up their secrets

    Another angle on Antarctic resource:

  155. 2011/11/08: Guardian(UK): Pawns in play on Antarctic ice-cap
    Russia and China are both planning to prospect for natural resources despite a long-standing agreement banning it
  156. While in Antarctica:

  157. 2011/11/17: KSJT: BBC, Nat'l Geo, etc: Secret's solved on a mountain range deep in polar ice
  158. 2011/11/16: NSF: Antarctica's Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains Mystery Solved
  159. 2011/11/17: BBC: Gamburtsev 'ghost mountains mystery solved'
    Scientists say they can now explain the existence of what are perhaps Earth's most extraordinary mountains. The Gamburtsevs are the size of the European Alps and yet they are totally buried beneath the Antarctic ice. Their discovery in the 1950s was a major surprise. Most people had assumed the rock bed deep within the continent would be flat and featureless.
  160. 2011/11/16: USGS: Gamburtsev Mountains Enigma Unraveled in Interior East Antarctica
  161. 2011/11/16: Eureka: Gamburtsev Mountains enigma unraveled in East Antarctica

    The food crisis is ongoing:

  162. 2011/11/17: NYT:Economix: United States of Hunger
  163. 2011/11/16: NYT:Economix: The Sharp Increase in the Food Stamps Program
  164. 2011/10/31: USDA:FNS: SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program FY2008 - FY2011
  165. 2011/11/18: CBC: Afghan drought leaves 2 million at risk of hunger -- Winter weather could cut off access to drought-stricken northern provinces
  166. 2011/11/18: UN: Niger's food crisis affecting more than half of country's villages - UN
  167. 2011/11/18: Oregonian: Oregonians top the nation for food stamp use, new Census data shows
  168. 2011/11/16: FAO: Cassava virus on verge of epidemic in East Africa -- Experts urge funding, swift action to protect staple food crop
  169. 2011/11/17: BBC: UN warns of staple crop virus 'epidemic'
    UN scientists are warning that a virus attacking the cassava plant is nearing an epidemic in parts of Africa. Cassava is one of the world's most important crops providing up to a third of the calorie intake for many people. The food and agriculture organisation of the UN says the situation is urgent and are calling for an increase in funding for surveillance. None of the varieties of cassava being distributed to farmers in Africa appears to be resistant to the virus.
  170. 2011/11/16: UN: Urgent action needed to stem cassava virus threatening East Africa - UN [FAO]
  171. 2011/11/15: ProMedMail: Announcements (14): World Livestock Disease Atlas

    Food (& Land) Prices are still problematic:

  172. FAO: World Food Situation - Food Price Indices
  173. 2011/11/18: BPA: 2011 Canadian Farmland Prices Up 9.5%; Saskatchewan Farmland Up 14% in Year
  174. 2011/11/15: BPA: Iowa Farmland Prices are Up 31% Year-Over-Year for the Third Quarter of 2011 While the Seventh Federal Reserve District's Farmland Rose 25%
  175. 2011/11/16: BPA: Nebraska's Aquifer-Fed Corn Producing Farmland tops the nation's rise in farmland price increases this past year, up 40.6%

    And how are we going to feed 9 billion?

  176. 2011/11/: CSA&CC: [link to 1.3 meg pdf] Achieving Food Security in the Face of Climate Change -- Summary for policy makers from the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change
  177. Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change
  178. 2011/11/17: FAO: Agriculture key to addressing future water and energy needs
    But holistic policy approaches, integrated planning, more attention to smallholder farmers needed
  179. 2011/11/15: FAO: FAO and World Vision to join forces -- Partnership to boost global food security
  180. 2011/11/14: FAO: FAO says traditional crops key to facing climate change -- On 10th anniversary, international plant genetics treaty funds new projects
  181. 2011/11/14: ERW: How to feed 9 billion people without damaging the planet
    By 2050 the Earth's population is projected to be more than 9 billion. Many people are concerned that we will not be able to feed everyone without seriously damaging the environment. But evidence gathered by a team of 21 researchers shows that it is possible to feed 9 billion people, as long as five key recommendations are met: halt farmland expansion in the tropics; close yield gaps on underperforming lands; use agricultural inputs more strategically; shift diets; and reduce food waste.
  182. 2011/11/16: BPA: 2011 Year End Global Rice Production Report, Plus Rice Production this Decade
  183. 2011/11/17: WMO: Kuwait Declaration calls for Actions to Minimize Short- and Long-term Vulnerability of the West Asia and North Africa region to Climate Change
  184. 2011/11/18: AlterNet: 5 Ridiculous Myths People Use to Trash Local Food -- And Why They're Wrong
  185. 2011/11/17: NatureN: Fish and rice flourish together in paddies -- Farming two species at once promises double the income, study suggests
  186. 2011/11/16: Guardian(UK): Agriculture needs massive investment to avoid hunger, scientists warn
  187. 2011/11/16: UN: Upcoming [Doha] trade talks must focus on right to adequate food, UN expert stresses
  188. 2011/11/16: TreeHugger: Can Local Food Be As Efficient as Industrial Agriculture?
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  190. 2011/11/16: Eureka: Global commission charts pathway for achieving food security in face of climate change -- Scientific experts outline concrete steps toward a sustainable global food system
  191. 2011/11/14: CCurrents: Food Inflation: Groping In The Dark
  192. 2011/11/15: EnergyBulletin: Four billion new reasons why food will become a local government issue

    Another relatively quiet week in the hurricane wars with only a couple tropical depressions:

  193. 2011/11/18: NASA: GOES Satellite Eyeing Late Season Lows for Tropical Development

    As for the Monsoon:

  194. 2011/11/16: CNN: Thailand: Super-canal may prevent floods
    Thai authorities consider super-express waterway to prevent future floods - Under the plan, existing natural canals would be linked in 200-km "super-highway" - Super-canal would hold 1.6B cubic meters of water and massively speed drain run-off
  195. 2011/11/16: PlanetArk: Two Bangkok Industrial Parks Hold Out Against Flood
  196. 2011/11/15: al Jazeera: Questions swirl as Thai floodwaters recede
    Government continues to face anger over which communities were flooded and which were spared, especially around
  197. 2011/11/15: al Jazeera: Pictures from the Thailand floods
    Thailand floods continue to cause problems across the northern half of the country. Flood waters are easing in Bangkok.
  198. 2011/11/14: Wunderground: Thailand's flood gradually subsiding; climate change increasing Thai flood risk
  199. 2011/11/14: CSM: In flooded Bangkok, a little bit of water can't stop business

    And in the carbon cycle:

  200. 2011/11/16: Eureka: Scientists tackle the carbon [cycle] conundrum

    As for the temperature record:

  201. 2011/11/16: Wunderground: October 2011 the globe's 8th warmest on record
  202. 2011/11/15: NOAANews: NOAA: Global temperatures 8th warmest on record for October -- Strengthened La Niña conditions expected through winter

    Aerosols are making their presence felt:

  203. 2011/11/15: Eureka: Air pollution a culprit in worsening drought and flooding -- Increases in aerosols can affect cloud development
  204. 2011/11/13: Eureka: Rising air pollution worsens drought, flooding, UMD-led study shows
  205. 2011/11/13: NBF: Rising Air Pollution Worsens Drought, Flooding

    While in the paleoclimate:

  206. 2011/11/17: Eureka: Archeologists investigate Ice Age hominins' adaptability to climate change
  207. 2011/11/14: Eureka: Insects offer clues to climate variability 10,000 years ago
    An analysis of the remains of ancient midges -- tiny non-biting insects closely related to mosquitoes -- opens a new window on the past with a detailed view of the surprising regional variability that accompanied climate warming during the early Holocene epoch, 10,000 to 5,500 years ago. Researchers at the University of Illinois and the University of British Columbia looked at the abundance and variety of midge larvae buried in lake sediments in Alaska. Midges are highly sensitive to summer temperatures, so changes in the abundance of different species over time gave the scientists a reliable marker of temperature fluctuations over the last 10,000 years.
  208. While on the ENSO front:

  209. 2011/11/18: PlanetArk: La Nina Weak For Now But Likely To Strengthen: WMO
  210. 2011/11/17: WMO: La Niña reappears: still weak, but expected to slightly strengthen

    Dealing with uncertainties:

  211. 2011/11/15: JEB: How not to compare models to data again

    Regarding Climate Sensitivity:

  212. 2011/11/16: SEasterbrook: Climate sensitivity as an accordion

    What's new on the extinction front?

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  216. 2011/11/17: PostMedia: Greenhouse gases got our planet once before [P/T]
  217. 2011/11/17: FuturePundit: Double Whammy Wiped Out Dinosaurs
    But the second phase of the Deccan Traps volcanic eruptions did more to wipe out dinos and other species than the Chicxulub volcanic eruption.
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  219. 2011/11/17: CBC: Massive [P/T] extinction linked to [Siberian Traps]
  220. 2011/11/16: Guardian(UK): Amphibians facing 'terrifying' rate of extinction
    Researchers say tropical regions of richest diversity are most at risk of losing frogs, toads, newts and salamanders
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    Did a giant impact 200 million years ago trigger a mass extinction and pave the way for the dinosaurs?
  222. 2011/11/15: SciAm:EC: Another Rhino Goes Extinct and Other Updates from the Brink

    Meanwhile in near earth orbit:

  223. 2011/11/18: USGS: Landsat 5 Mission in Jeopardy
    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has stopped acquiring images from the 27-year-old Landsat 5 Earth observation satellite due to a rapidly degrading electronic component.
  224. 2011/11/17: Eureka: Satellite images help species conservation
  225. 2011/11/16: BBC: Weather satellites and the gathering storm
    Nothing illustrates better the benefits to society of space activity than meteorological satellites. Weather forecasts save lives and limit damage to property.
  226. More GW impacts are being seen:

  227. 2011/11/18: Guardian(UK): Drier, hotter: can Egypt escape its climate future?
  228. 2011/11/17: BBC: Pace warns on Thailand floods impact
    Pace, the set-top box manufacturer, has warned that its profits are set to be hit by hard drive shortages caused by the flooding in Thailand. Many firms, including Pace's main supplier Western Digital, have hard drive factories in Thailand. Pace said its profits next year would be down by up to $50m (£37.7m) and the floods would knock $9.5m off profits this year.
  229. 2011/11/16: BBC: Computer maker Dell warns Thai floods will hurt revenues
    Dell has warned its revenues could be hit by a worldwide shortage of hard drives caused by the flooding in Thailand.
  230. 2011/11/13: al Jazeera: Protecting nature's nomads
    Migratory patterns of 10,000 species are being destroyed by barriers, habitat degradation, pollution and climate change.
  231. And then there are the world's forests:

  232. 2011/11/17: UN: Deforestation threatens planet, economies and communities, UN chief warns
  233. 2011/11/17: OPB:EarthFix: How A Tiny Fungus is Starving Coastal Douglas Fir Trees
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  235. 2011/11/13: GEP: UNEP Campaign Reaches Twelve Billion Trees
  236. 2011/11/15: Eureka: Trees adapt to poor levels of sunlight to effectively process carbon, study shows

    Climate refugees are becoming an issue:

  237. 2011/11/18: UN: Record number of arrivals from Horn of Africa to Yemen -- UN agency

    This week in the New Normal -- extreme weather:

  238. 2011/11/17: CAbyss: Understanding of Extreme Events: Hansen, Sato, and Ruedy
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  242. 2011/11/14: ABC(Au): Air pollution linked to extreme weather
  243. 2011/11/13: SciNews: Dirty air fosters precipitation extremes -- Changes to clouds encourage drought in dry areas and torrential downpours in moist ones

    Changes in natural cycles are showing up:

  244. 2011/11/14: BBC: UK trees' fruit ripening '18 days earlier'
    Britain's native trees are producing ripe fruit, on average, 18 days earlier than a decade ago, probably as a result of climatic shifts, a study reveals. It shows that acorns are ripening 13 days earlier, while rowan berries are ready to eat nearly a month earlier.
  245. On the tornado front:

  246. 2011/11/18: PlanetArk: Storms Cause Damage, Deaths, Injuries In South
  247. 2011/11/18: NASA: NASA's TRMM Satellite Sees Deadly Tornadic Thunderstorms in Southeastern U.S.
  248. 2011/11/17: CNN: 6 killed as storms sweep across South
    Official: Storm left 7- to 9-mile debris field in North Carolina - 3 died in South Carolina, 2 in North Carolina and 1 in Georgia - 4 people are injured in Mississippi, but their injuries are not critical
  249. 2011/11/17: CBC: Storms in U.S. southeast leave 4 dead
    At least four people have been killed and dozens more injured as a storm system that spawned several possible tornadoes moved across the southeastern U.S. Suspected tornadoes were reported Wednesday in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina. Dozens of homes and buildings were damaged and thousands of people were without power as trees and power lines were downed.
  250. As for heatwaves and wild fires:

  251. 2011/11/19: CSM: Firefighters aided by easing winds in Reno fire
  252. 2011/11/18: CSM: Reno fire expands to over 2,000 acres
  253. 2011/11/15: TreeHugger: Texas Drought Is So Bad The Wildfire Season May Not End At All This Year
  254. 2011/11/13: QuarkSoup: Review of 2010 Russian Heat Wave

    Corals are a bellwether of the ocean's health:

  255. 2011/11/18: CoralCOE: Corals can sense what's coming

    Acidification is changing the oceans:

  256. 2011/11/16: al Jazeera: World's oceans in peril
    Climate change is causing our oceans to become increasingly acidic, threatening to alter life as we know it.
  257. Sea levels are rising:

  258. 2011/11/17: ClassM: A climate change report for the Tea Party
  259. 2011/11/17: SF Gate: Climate change: Sea rise could kill vital marshes

    As for hydrological cycle disruptions [floods & droughts]:

  260. 2011/11/15: WaPo: Report: Climate change means more frequent droughts, floods to come
  261. 2011/11/18: al Jazeera: Grim news as Malaysia enters rainy season
    Recent flooding events around the world are lessons learned as Malaysia gets ready to battle rising waters.
  262. 2011/11/18: ABC(Au): Summer flooding extremes not 'lined up'
  263. 2011/11/17: Guardian(UK): Exceptionally dry weather could lead to drought in 2012, say [UK] water companies
    Concerns over depleting groundwater levels and shortage of supply as forecasters expect a second mild winter in a row
  264. 2011/11/16: TMoS: The Danube Runs Dry
  265. 2011/11/15: PlanetArk: Africa's Nile, Limpopo At Risk From Climate Change
  266. 2011/11/14: al Jazeera: Thailand floods and the Texas drought update
    Flood waters are now starting to recede in Bangkok and rain is expected in drought stricken parts of the USA
  267. 2011/11/14: ABC(Au): Marine life falls victim to Queensland's floods
  268. 2011/11/14: Eureka: Climate change in Africa's river basins could impede continent's farm transformation efforts
    Experts at global water forum warn climate shifts will increase water pressure on already-stressed Limpopo, Nile and Volta river basins, increase cross-border water conflicts
  269. 2011/11/14: SwissInfo: Flooding of cities raises safety questions
    How is it possible that today's modern cities like Bangkok, Rome and Genoa can seem so defenceless against flooding?
  270. 2011/11/13: Guardian(UK): Weatherwatch: Sniffer an unforgettable acronym

    Consider transportation & GHG production:

  271. 2011/11/18: EurActiv: Airlines blast EU's 'blatant bias' for railways
    The European Union should reconsider its "blatant bias" for costly high-speed rail networks and instead boost competitiveness and duplicate successful plane-train links, an airline trade association said yesterday (17 November). The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) made public a report challenging the cost benefits of high-speed rail and contending that rail is not as green-friendly as promoted by policymakers.
  272. 2011/11/14: Grist: Airlines race to be first to fly with biofuel

    Large scale geo-engineering keeps popping up:

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  274. 2011/11/15: GEB: Creating extra ice in winter for extra cooling in summer
  275. 2011/11/16: WiredSci: Artificial Urban Glacier to Cool Mongolian Capital
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  277. 2011/11/17: Eureka: Rivers may aid climate control in cities
  278. 2011/11/15: Guardian(UK): Mongolia bids to keep city cool with 'ice shield' experiment
    Geoengineering trial aims to 'store' winter temperatures in a giant block of ice that will cool and water Ulan Bator in summer
  279. 2011/11/: CBD: Climate-related Geo-engineering and the Convention on Biological Diversity

    Meanwhile in the journals:

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    And other significant documents:

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    [link to 3.1 meg pdf] Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication
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    As for miscellaneous science:

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    Emissions regulations do have an environmental impact, according to a long-term study of acidic rainfall by researchers at the University of Illinois.
  324. 2011/11/15: ScienceInsider: International Ocean Drilling to Follow Simpler Structure
  325. 2011/11/14: MGS: Is it science?

    Regarding Michael Mann:

  326. 2011/11/16: QuarkSoup: Mann to receive Hans Oeschger Medal from EGU
  327. 2011/11/16: CCP: Mann to receive Hans Oeschger Medal from European Geosciences Union

    Paul Epstein obit:

  328. 2011/11/15: TP:JR: Remembering the Great Dr. Paul Epstein, Who Helped Warn the World of the Health Impacts of Climate Change

    While at the UN:

  329. 2011/11/16: UN: Governments and private sector accelerating transition to green economy - UN
  330. 2011/11/14: UN: East Asian and Pacific children most vulnerable to climate change - [UNICEF] report

    And on the carbon trading front:

  331. 2011/11/18: NakedCapitalism: "Validated Carbon Credits": a Correction, a Confirmation, Questions, and No Hint of an Apology
  332. 2011/11/14: NakedCapitalism: Moron from Scam Companies "Validated Carbon Credits" and "Baron Traders Limited" Threatens This Blog

    Meanwhile on the international political front:

  333. 2011/11/18: al Jazeera: China cautions 'outside forces' on sea issue
    Wen Jiabao sounds warning against interference in dispute with neighbours over potentially oil-rich South China Sea.
  334. In the Rare Earths' tussle:

  335. 2011/11/19: PeakEnergy: Prices of Rare Earth Metals Declining Sharply
  336. 2011/11/16: EurActiv: Rare-earth shortage to hamper clean energy: EU study
    Looming shortages of metals that are in high demand and dominated by a single supplier -- China -- threaten Europe's goals for cleaner transport and sustainable energy, says a new study prepared for the European Commission.
  337. Climate Change is a threat multiplier exacerbating existing conflicts in food, energy, water, race, ideology ... etc.:

  338. 2011/11/16: TCoE: Doc alert: Climate change and national security [DSB]
  339. 2011/11/15: TP:JR: Iowa Scientists Urge Candidates to Acknowledge Climate Science, Warn of Threat to "National and Global Food Security"
  340. 2011/11/14: Guardian(UK): CIA urged to be more open about climate change
    US government agency [Defence Science Board] says CIA should abandon its traditional culture of secrecy and begin sharing its intelligence on the issue
  341. 2011/11/13: Eureka: Climate policies can help resolve energy security and air pollution challenges

    The issue of the law and activism is playing out around the world:

  342. 2011/11/20: ABC(Au): Greenpeace duo charged over destroyed wheat crop

    What are the activists up to?

  343. 2011/11/16: Tyee:B: McKibben takes on Harper at Occupy Vancouver
  344. 2011/11/14: Grist: McKibben to critics: Forget NIMBY -- the new battle cry is 'Not On Our Planet'
  345. 2011/11/14: Grist: Letter from an imprisoned activist [Tim DeChristopher]: Time to 'play dirty' for the climate's sake

    Polls! We have polls!

  346. 2011/11/18: Grist: Americans are smarter than they look about extreme weather
  347. 2011/11/18: TreeHugger: Most Americans Recognize Link Between Climate Change and More Extreme Weather (Chart)
  348. 2011/11/16: TP:JR: Poll: Swing Voters Want Stronger Clean Air Standards
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  350. 2011/11/15: TP:JR: Bombshell: Experts Debunk Polls that Claim Sharp Drop in Number of Americans Who Believe in Global Warming
  351. 2011/11/15: AutoBG: Consumer Reports: Large majority favor stronger fuel economy standards

    Regarding Water Politics and Business:

  352. 2011/11/19: JFleck: Water use in Indian Country
  353. 2011/11/15: AltNews: Israeli army steps up attacks on Palestinian water
  354. 2011/11/17: UN: Innovative agriculture key to meeting future demand for water and energy - UN
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  357. 2011/11/15: TCoE: Doc alert: Freshwater Use by US Power Plants
  358. 2011/11/15: UCSUSA: New Report Finds Power Plants Contributing to Water Stress -- To Manage Risk, Power Plant Planners Must Consider Impact of Water Use

    And on the groundwater front:

  359. 2011/11/18: OSU: Study finds Great Plains river basins threatened by pumping of aquifers
  360. 2011/11/17: NCSU: Study Details Links Between Climate, Groundwater Availability -- Will Help Water Managers Prepare For Drought
  361. 2011/11/15: PeakEnergy: Coal Seam Gas and The Great Artesian Basin

    Who's making predictions this week?

  362. 2011/11/16: CBC: Surprise! Canadian winter will be cold
    A senior climatologist with Environment Canada says the country should expect a cold winter, but warns that forecasting is getting more and more difficult. "It's almost as if you can't look at the past to tell us what the future is," David Phillips told CBC News. "There's a new norm: Expect the unexpected." Phillips said the long-term models show that most of the country will be colder than normal because of La Nina, El Nino's lesser known counterpart.
  363. And on the American political front:

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  365. 2011/11/18: CDreams: Processed Food Industry Shows USDA Who's Boss in the Cafeteria
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    But Requirement Must Be Strengthened for California to Meet 2050 Climate and Public Health Goals
  370. 2011/11/16: CSM: Keep the climate challenge in focus
  371. 2011/11/15: Guardian(UK): Why Republican attacks on environment laws are flawed
    Republicans have been attacking environmental regulations, arguing that they hurt the economy and that the costs outweigh the benefits. But four decades of data show they are wrong
  372. 2011/11/15: Nation: Is Global Warming an Election Issue After All? [McKibben]
  373. 2011/11/14: TP:JR: Environmental Enforcement in Largest Drilling States is "Scant" and "Puny," According to Greenwire Investigation
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  376. 2011/11/13: TreeHugger: Texas' Water Shortage Turning Ranchers & Farmers Against Coal-Fired Utility Expansion
  377. 2011/11/13: QuarkSoup: Wind money for an Oregon County's Residents

    The BP disaster continues to twist US politics:

  378. 2011/11/18: BBerg: Transocean Can't Sue U.S. for Gulf Spill: Judge
  379. 2011/11/15: CBC: BP loses 2 Gulf spill rulings
    BP has lost two big rulings in its fight to shield itself from potentially having to pay billions of dollars more in damages related to the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history. A federal judge ruled Tuesday that BP PLC is not entitled to coverage for the spill under insurance policies totaling $750 million US held by Transocean Ltd....
    The same judge ruled Monday that Alabama and Louisiana can pursue punitive damages against BP and other companies.
  380. 2011/11/15: CSW: Gulf Coast health crisis in aftermath of BP oil blowout underscored at Keystone XL protest

    On the 2012 campaign trail:

  381. 2011/11/18: TP:JR: Michele Bachmann Claims Solyndra "Makes Watergate Look like Child's Play"
  382. 2011/11/19: TP:JR: Can Romney Beat Obama? Questions Abound As Likely GOP Nominee Doubles Down on Denial
  383. 2011/11/16: AlterNet: The Great GOP Primary Crash and Burn: 5 Republican Would-Be Saviors Flame Out in Hilarious Ways
  384. 2011/11/16: Wonkette: Herman Cain Defends Theory That Presidents Are Supposed To Be Idiots
  385. 2011/11/16: CBC: Latest gaffes on the Republican campaign trail
  386. 2011/11/15: AlterNet: Cain's Milwaukee Meltdown: Will Koch Still Love His 'Brother From Another Mother'?
  387. 2011/11/15: al Jazeera: Obama: America's once and future president
    Although most say Obama has no chance at a second term, there are many factors on his side that suggest he will win.
  388. 2011/11/14: Grist: Romney is recycling all of Bush's EPA-hating energy advisors

    After the Keystone XL delay, there has still been a lot of argument:

  389. 2011/11/18: TP:JR: Religious Voices Loud and Clear at Keystone XL Protests
  390. 2011/11/18: Economist: Keystone cop-out -- Once again, Barack Obama seems to have found a way to annoy everyone
  391. 2011/11/17: Guardian(UK): Stop the tar sands destruction -- outlaw this ecocide
    The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline review is a start, but a law against ecocide would halt this devastating oil extraction
  392. 2011/11/15: OilChange: What now? Reading the tea leaves on Keystone XL
  393. 2011/11/14: KUOW:EarthFix: What Keystone Pipeline Delay Could Mean For NW Tanker Traffic
  394. 2011/11/15: G&M: Deal to divert Keystone XL pipeline puts heat on Obama
  395. 2011/11/16: BBerg: Keystone XL May Be Approved in Six to Nine Months
    TransCanada Corp. (TRP) may be able to win approval of its Keystone XL pipeline in six to nine months as the company negotiates with Nebraska and U.S. officials over a new route, Chief Executive Officer Russ Girling said.
    The U.S. State Department, which has oversight of the Keystone XL pipeline because it would cross an international border, has said studying new routes would cause a delay of 12 to 18 months, regardless of any deal reached between Calgary- based TransCanada and Nebraska.
  396. 2011/11/15: WiC: Bill McKibben: Puncturing the pipeline
  397. 2011/11/15: BCLSB: Keystone XL: Which Way Around?
  398. 2011/11/15: TreeHugger: Keystone XL Pipeline Proposal Re-Routed To Avoid Nebraska Sandhills
  399. 2011/11/15: LA Times: Keystone pipeline builder proposes changing Nebraska route
    It would avoid the delicate Sandhills region above a shallow aquifer. Many cheer, but some environmentalists say the fight isn't over.
  400. 2011/11/15: TheCanadian: Obama's Keystsone XL Reversal: Could the Tide Slowly be Turning Against Dirty Oil?
  401. 2011/11/15: CBC: Keystone XL decision timing still unclear
  402. 2011/11/14: PlanetArk: Analysis: Pipeline Delay Gives Obama Political Space With Base
  403. 2011/11/14: Grist: What the Keystone XL delay means for tar sands and the green movement
  404. 2011/11/14: PSinclair: Keystone Pipeline: Triumph or Hollow Symbol?

    The Obama administration proposed new CAFE regs this week:

  405. 2011/11/18: PlanetArk: U.S. Proposes To Double Auto Fuel Economy By 2025
  406. 2011/11/16: CSM: Does your car get 54.5 miles a gallon? That's what EPA wants for 2025.
    The Obama administration on Wednesday formally unveiled a plan that would chop greenhouse-gas emissions, heavy reliance on oil, and fuel costs.
  407. 2011/11/16: Guardian(UK): White House reveals plans to boost cars' fuel efficiency
    Major car firms sign up to Obama administration proposals -- but claim 54.5mpg target by 2025 will cost them $157bn
  408. 2011/11/16: SciAm:Obs: Can Cars Meet the New 54 mpg CAFE Standards? Yes They Can
  409. 2011/11/16: UCSUSA: White House Proposes Strong Fuel Efficiency and Auto Pollution Standards
    Loopholes and Weak Standards for Big Pickups and SUVs Could Undermine Consumer Savings and Choice
  410. 2011/11/16: AutoBG: Feds proposes new fuel economy standard: 54.5 mpg by 2025

    The Solyndra hearings in the House are playing out like a preview of the 2012 election:

  411. 2011/11/18: PlanetArk: Chu Grilled By Republicans On Solyndra Loan
  412. 2011/11/18: SciAm:PI: Solyndra: Soft Markets and Chinese Subsidies
  413. 2011/11/17: NatureNB: Amid political storm, Chu defends Solyndra decision
  414. 2011/11/17: CSM: Energy secretary, grilled over Solyndra, says politics played no part in loan
  415. 2011/11/16: TP:JR: GOP Rep. John Fleming Claims "Solyndra Affair Has Harmed More People Than Hydrofracking"
  416. 2011/11/17: TP:JR: In Testimony to GOP's Solyndra Witchhunt, Chu Takes on the Clean Energy Defeatists
  417. 2011/11/15: PolitiFact: Solyndra ad claims President Barack Obama gave taxpayer money to help his campaign donors at failed solar company -- Mostly False
  418. 2011/11/17: PlanetArk: Analysis: Energy Secy Chu Faces Showdown On Solyndra
  419. 2011/11/17: CSM: Solar energy loan not political, Chu says
    Taking responsibility for a debacle that has embarrassed the Obama administration, Energy Secretary Steven Chu says he made the final decisions on a half-billion-dollar loan to a California solar energy company that later went bankrupt. Chu, in testimony prepared for delivery Thursday to a House committee, said he made all decisions on Solyndra Inc. with the best interests of the taxpayer in mind. "I want to be clear: Over the course of Solyndra's loan guarantee, I did not make any decision based on political considerations," Chu said in testimony prepared for the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
  420. 2011/11/16: KSJT: Time Magazine: On the other hand, maybe the Solyndra example's lesson is simple: Win some, lose some, play on.
  421. 2011/11/16: TP:JR: Podcast: Steven Chu Defends Investments in Clean Energy; Navy Secretary Mabus Says Clean Energy Doubters are "Wrong"
  422. 2011/11/14: KSJT: NYTimes, WaPost : This just in -- A big government solar subsidy scandal? And other dud policy programs
  423. 2011/11/13: TP:JR: Over Half of All U.S. Tax Subsidies Go to Four Industries. Guess Which Ones?
  424. 2011/11/13: TP:JR: Clean Energy Has Highest Documented Rate of Return of Any Federal Program, But the WashPost Cluelessly Smears the Effort

    Cap-and-Trade in America?

  425. 2011/11/15: AnalysisGroup: [link to 953k pdf] New Analysis Quantifies Economic Impact of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in Ten States
  426. 2011/11/16: SciAm:Obs: U.S. Starts National CO2 Permits, Cap-and-Trade Works and Other Surprises
  427. 2011/11/16: TreeHugger: Northeast's Greenhouse Gas Trading Program [RGGI] Will Save Customers $1.3 Billion
  428. 2011/11/15: KSJT: Minor Ink, Major News: Hmm, cap and trade works? So says report on ten-state RGGI effort in US
  429. 2011/11/15: TP:JR: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Adds 16,000 Jobs and $1.6 Billion in Value to Northeast Economies, Study Finds

    The Obama chatter is nonstop:

  430. 2011/11/14: CER:RRapier: Take a Stand, Mr. President -- The Importance of Being Decisive
  431. 2011/11/14: DVoice: Obama Ignores Global Warming

    The actions of the Obama administration are being watched closely:

  432. 2011/11/17: KSJT: NYTimes: Behind the White House's rebuff to EPA's boss, backslide on smog rules. It's really simple...
  433. 2011/11/18: PlanetArk: EPA To Propose Utility Carbon Rules Next Year
  434. 2011/11/18: PlanetArk: U.S. Grants $112 Million For Energy-Efficient Transit
  435. 2011/11/18: ScienceInsider: Inside Watchdog Suggests Radical Changes in DOE Labs
  436. 2011/11/14: TP:JR: EPA Regulations Will Create New Jobs, Says American Electric Power CEO: "No Question About That"

    As for what is going on in Congress:

  437. 2011/11/18: CBC: Pizza still a vegetable for U.S. schools -- 2 tablespoons of tomato paste suffice as veggie: Congress
  438. 2011/11/18: TP:JR: Congress is Killing Wind Energy Jobs, Says Bipartisan Governors Group: No Wonder It's Less Popular Than Nixon or BP
  439. 2011/11/17: TP:JR: Even After ECD's Public Struggles and Lay Offs, Fred Upton Requested Loan Guarantee For Michigan Solar Company
  440. 2011/11/17: UCSUSA: Proposed Cuts to White House Science Office Could Be Crippling
  441. 2011/11/17: OilChange: Pat Toomey: Drill-Baby-Drill, Even in Lake Erie
  442. 2011/11/17: OilChange: Fred Upton: Dirty Energy's BFF [Best Friend Forever] on the Supercommittee
  443. 2011/11/15: GreenGrok: A Changing Climate About Climate Change in D.C.?
  444. 2011/11/19: CCP: When Despots and Bullies Run The Government (video)
  445. 2011/11/16: Grist: Theft in progress: Big Ag raids the treasury -- with help from Congress
  446. 2011/11/15: ScienceInsider: Congress Slashes Budget of White House Science Office
  447. 2011/11/16: DeSmogBlog: Senate Hearing Confirms Natural Gas Export Plans Will Raise Prices For Americans
  448. 2011/11/15: TP:JR: Steve King (R-IA) on Competing with China: When It Comes to Clean Energy, "Iowa Stands Up Against Any Country"
  449. 2011/11/15: ScienceInsider: NOAA Environmental Satellites Win Funding
  450. 2011/11/15: ScienceInsider: NSF Slated for a 2.5% Boost in 2012 Budget
  451. 2011/11/14: TP:JR: Henry Waxman on GOP Climate Denial: "Republicans Spread Fear and Deny Fact"
  452. 2011/11/14: OilChange: Will The Real Max Baucus Stand Up Please?
  453. 2011/11/13: OregonLive: Environmental law waiver faces northern skeptics
    No one can recall the last time an illegal immigrant hiked into the rugged and remote wilderness of Glacier National Park in an attempt to slip into the U.S. But that isn't stopping some in Congress from proposing to give border agents control over environmental laws in protected areas such as the popular tourist attraction in Montana, Washington's North Cascades National Park and all federal land within 100 miles of the U.S. border.
  454. Iowa State engineers have established a Carbon Negative Economy Panel:

  455. Initiative for a Carbon Negative Economy
  456. 2011/11/19: GEP: New US Group Champions Carbon Negative Economy
  457. 2011/11/11: IAState: Iowa State engineers establish national panel to advance a carbon negative economy

    Shale oil and gas industry job claims have been disputed:

  458. 2011/11/16: OilChange: Shale Oil Jobs "Vastly Exaggerated"
  459. 2011/11/15: F&WW: New Analyses Show Oil and Gas Industry Is Inflating the Job-Creating Potential of Shale Gas Development
    Food & Water Watch Study Shows One Job Claim Exaggerated by 900 Percent
  460. 2011/11/15: DeSmogBlog: Food and Water Watch Report Exposes Lies About Oil and Gas Industry Jobs Claims
  461. 2011/11/16: CEPR:BtP: Hot Air and the Fracking Jobs Boom

    While in the UK:

  462. 2011/11/16: Guardian(UK): Conservationists call for urgent restoration of UK peatlands
    New report warns that losing just 5% of British peatland would equal UK's annual carbon emissions and risk climate targets
  463. 2011/11/15: Guardian(UK): 'Eccentric' nuclear plans threaten UK's part in renewables revolution, expert warns
    Prof John Schellnhuber says UK is not fit to take part in 'third industrial revolution' of switch to clean energy
  464. 2011/11/14: Guardian(UK): Carbon tax 'puts 6,000 UK mining jobs at risk'
    Right-wing thinktank says George Osborne's tax will make British coal industry uneconomic
  465. And in Europe:

  466. 2011/11/18: EurActiv: EU comes clean on phosphates ban in detergents
    EU member states agreed on Tuesday (15 November) to proposals aimed at reducing the use of phosphorus compounds in dishwasher and laundry detergents, taking a decisive step in tackling the formation of algae in Europe's waters.
  467. 2011/11/18: ScienceInsider: European Nations Want Ousted Science Projects [GMES & ITER] Reinstated Into E.U. Budget
  468. 2011/11/17: PlanetArk: EU Biofuel Target Seen Driving Species Loss: Study
  469. 2011/11/17: BBC: Parties clash over future of nuclear power in France
    France's government has accused the opposition Socialists of planning to undermine the nuclear industry in return for Green party support. It said the proposed closure of nearly half of France's nuclear power stations would result in soaring domestic electricity bills as well as job cuts. Socialist presidential candidate Francois Hollande denied planning to abandon nuclear energy. Opinion polls suggest he will defeat Nicolas Sarkozy in next year's vote.
  470. 2011/11/15: EurActiv: Doubts cast on biofuels' air quality claims
    When the European Commission began pressing for a dramatic expansion in the use of biofuels in transport and energy several years ago, it was seen as a win-win situation: a way to help farmers, create energy security, cut greenhouse emissions and improve air quality. But even that last claim is no longer taken for granted.
  471. Meanwhile in Australia:

  472. 2011/11/19: PeakEnergy: Radio National: Coal Seam Gas Report 'Suppressed'
  473. 2011/11/17: ABC(Au):TDU: CSG and climate change: it's time for an independent review
  474. 2011/11/15: PeakEnergy: Coal Seam Gas and The Great Artesian Basin
  475. 2011/11/14: ABC(Au): [Victoria's] Councils given climate change warning

    And in New Zealand:

  476. 2011/11/18: HotTopic: We must change the way we think about the future, now
  477. 2011/11/16: HotTopic: A snake swallows the elephant in the room and then flogs a dead horse -- climate change politics in NZ Election 2011
  478. 2011/11/15: HotTopic: Agriculture: National's double whammy on the environment
  479. 2011/11/14: HotTopic: The scientific yardstick for political policy
  480. 2011/11/13: BBC: New Zealand stricken ship Rena emptied of oil
    Salvage teams have pumped all of the oil out of a cargo ship stranded off New Zealand, officials say.
  481. While in China:

  482. 2011/11/18: Guardian(UK): China's green growth potential 'could create 9.5m new jobs' [China pol]
  483. 2011/11/16: BBC: UN warns Chinese pollution has dire health implications
    Chinese people are paying for the country's heavy pollution with their health, the head of the UN Environment Programme says. Achim Steiner said hundreds of thousands of people were affected by premature death and respiratory illnesses because of poor air quality.
  484. 2011/11/14: OilPrice: China's Energy Investments on a Global Roll, Now Include Brazil
    China, flush with cash, is on a global search to acquire any and all overseas energy assets.
  485. And South America:

  486. 2011/11/18: BBC: Brazil indigenous Guarani leader Nisio Gomes killed
  487. 2011/11/15: CCurrents: Using Courts To Harass Ecuador's Dissidents

    In Canada, neocon PM Harper, continues his do-nothing policy:

  488. 2011/11/19: G&M: Amid dire warming warnings, Canada is MIA
    Later this month, the countries of the world will gather in Durban, South Africa, to discuss climate change. The omens for progress are poor; the forecast for global warming is worse. So says the International Energy Agency, hardly a left-wing pinko organization but, rather, one that collects and analyzes information for energy-importing industrialized countries.
    At Durban, once again, Canada will be excluded from any serious deliberations. Canada is widely considered a climate-change miscreant. Nobody who knows the climate-change file in Canada or abroad believes the federal government's intention to reduce emissions by 17 per cent by 2020 from 2005 levels.
    So Canada's delegates will try to keep the lowest possible profile in Durban, while the government's spin machine will be in high gear talking up a target no one believes will be achieved, and fighting off complaints about this country's poor record by pointing fingers at others.
  489. 2011/11/19: TMoS: Harper EnviroShill Kent Calls Opposition "Treacherous"
  490. 2011/11/17: PlanetArk: Canadian MP Says Oil Sands Opponents "Treacherous"
    In a sign of the strain the Canadian government is feeling over development of the tar sands, Environment Minister Peter Kent said on Wednesday that opposition legislators who campaigned in Washington against the idea were treacherous.
  491. 2011/11/16: PSGraham: Lock up Stephen Harper
  492. 2011/11/14: G&M: Ottawa slammed for stand against Kyoto extension
    Facing the danger of collapse in global climate negotiations, the host of the talks is making a hard-hitting appeal to the Harper government to abandon its opposition to an extension of the Kyoto Protocol. A top diplomat from South Africa, host of a crucial round of United Nations climate negotiations this month, is attacking Canada in highly undiplomatic language for its refusal to consider extending the international commitments to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.
  493. 2011/11/15: G&M: Bound for U.S., NDP critics vow to tell 'whole story' on Alberta oil
  494. 2011/11/14: ChronicleHerald: Leslie goes to Washington to fight for delay on pipeline decision
  495. 2011/11/13: MSimon: Stephen Harper and the Pipeline Debacle
  496. 2011/11/13: CBC: Harper 'disappointed' by Keystone pipeline delay -- PM confident project will endure 'because it makes eminent sense'

    The battle over the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines rages on:

  497. 2011/11/16: EmbassyMag: Keystone XL pipeline: Politics or process? Bruise on Canada-US relations, but won't leave scar.
  498. 2011/11/18: PostMedia: Keystone backers lobbied officials 56 times since May -- Reports filed in lobbying registry reveal numbers
  499. 2011/11/17: PI:B: Keystone XL decision a reminder the customer is always right
  500. 2011/11/18: AlterNet: Tar Sands Fight Goes Beyond Keystone: A Little-Known [Northern Gateway] Pipeline Plan Could Prove Disastrous for British Columbia
  501. 2011/11/16: Tyee:B: McKibben takes on Harper at Occupy Vancouver
  502. 2011/11/16: BCLSB: Keystone XL: That Way Won't Work
  503. 2011/11/16: PostMedia: Obama's catastrophic pipeline cop-out by former U.S. ambassador to Canada David Wilkins
  504. 2011/11/15: G&M: Pipeline-altering lessons
  505. 2011/11/15: MoJo: TransCanada Agrees to Reroute Keystone XL Pipeline
  506. 2011/11/14: ChronicleHerald: Leslie goes to Washington to fight for delay on pipeline decision
  507. 2011/11/14: CBC: TransCanada agrees to reroute Keystone XL pipeline -- 'Nebraskans will play an important role in determining the final route'
  508. 2011/11/14: PlanetArk: Canada Eyes Asia After U.S. Delays Keystone Project
  509. 2011/11/14: BCLSB: Threats And Counter-Threats Re Northern Gateway Pipeline
  510. 2011/11/14: WCEL: With Keystone shelved, Northern Gateway must not go ahead
  511. 2011/11/13: G&M: Opponents of Northern Gateway pipeline brace for a fight
    After the delay of the Canada-U.S. Keystone XL pipeline, opponents of the Northern Gateway project running from Alberta to British Columbia are preparing for a tougher battle, even as Enbridge Inc. maintains it has no plans to change tactics. With Ottawa becoming more anxious to ship Alberta's oil to Asia, it will intensify the fight for anti-Gateway activists, even though they view the Keystone decision by the United States as a victory.
  512. 2011/11/13: G&M: Canada's oil industry faces an urgent search for new markets
    The lengthy delay in a U.S. decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline has created sudden soul-searching for Canada's energy and political leaders, who have now turned their attention to opening the way for oil exports to Asia. Without new pipe of some form, it will only be a few years before Canada's oil gets backed up and begins selling at a deep discount, a prospect that stands to erode corporate and government revenues by billions of dollars a year.
  513. 2011/11/14: PostMedia: Delay is a Pyrrhic victory for U.S. oilsands opponents
    Decision will cause Canada to shift its export priorities and result in the Americans being forced to depend on less-secure fuel supplies
  514. 2011/11/14: CBC: Canada turns to Asia for sales of oil and gas -- U.S. pipeline delay shows Canada must seek new markets, PM tells Obama

    The NRTEE released a report on Canadian drinking water this week:

  515. 2011/11/17: CBC: Canada may have to charge more for water -- Understanding natural resources sectors needed to better manager water: report
    Conserving water in Canada will require new collaborative government measures as consumption swells by as much as 96 per cent in some industries -- which means the country may have to charge farms and oilsands more for its use, a new report says. While there are signs of improvement in water-use efficiency in most economic sectors -- and that is expected to hold steady to 2030 -- there are some "regional challenges," especially in areas where agriculture, and oil and gas are involved, says the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy.
  516. 2011/11/15: EcoJustice: Federal government gets an 'F' for failing to protect drinking water
  517. 2011/11/15: CBC: Drinking water at risk in most of Canada

    The CWB saga grinds along:

  518. 2011/11/18: G&M: Wheat Board bill gets pre-screening -- and debate limit -- in Senate
  519. 2011/11/16: G&M: Ottawa accused of hoarding wheat board fund
    The Harper government, which styles itself "farmers first," is being accused of hoarding Canadian Wheat Board gains that should be paid to grain growers before Ottawa dismantles the marketing agency's monopoly. A contingency fund managed by the board is on track to surpass $60-million in cash, but Ottawa says this is not money it will rebate to farmers.
  520. 2011/11/16: PostMedia: Wheat board backers text 27,000 protest messages
  521. 2011/11/15: CBC: Wheat board defenders rally on Parliament Hill
  522. 2011/11/15: PostMedia: Farmers hit Senate in bid to save wheat board
    Nearly two dozen prairie farmers will blitz the Senate Tuesday to put a personal touch on the arguments to save the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly. The Canadian Wheat Board Alliance is bringing two dozen western farmers to meet with as many senators as possible ahead of the Senate taking a look at the legislation to end the monopoly. A rally led by Canadian Wheat Board chairman Allen Oberg and opposition politicians is scheduled for Parliament Hill Tuesday morning. The bill is expected to pass through the House of Commons next week, and then head to the Senate.
  523. The ISA virus in BC waters is potentially disastrous:

  524. 2011/11/17: AlexandraMorton: IS BC an ISA virus suspect area?
  525. 2011/11/19: TheCanadian: Shades of Green: Pleading Guilty - "By their deeds shall ye know them"
  526. 2011/11/16: ProMedMail: Infectious salmon anemia - Canada (05): (BC), questioned

    And in BC:

  527. 2011/11/18: PostMedia: B.C. Tory leader wants [incandescent] bulb ban reversed -- Cites health issues
  528. 2011/11/17: PI:B: Recommendations to weaken the B.C. carbon tax would be a step backwards
  529. 2011/11/14: DeSmogBlog: New Report: CCPA and the Wilderness Committee on BC's "Reckless" Desire to Frack

    Meanwhile in that Mechanical Mordor known as the tar sands:

  530. 2011/11/17: Guardian(UK): Stop the tar sands destruction -- outlaw this ecocide
    The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline review is a start, but a law against ecocide would halt this devastating oil extraction
  531. 2011/11/16: P3: The unethical proponents of ethical oil
  532. 2011/11/14: OilChange: Dead-End Oil
  533. 2011/11/19: BFCB: A reply to my tar sands entries

    Also in Alberta:

  534. 2011/11/16: PI: Calgary Community GHG Reduction Plan
  535. 2011/11/17: CBC: Redford stresses need for national energy strategy
    Alberta Premier Alison Redford reiterated her call for Canada's provinces to work together on a national energy strategy during a visit to Ottawa on Thursday.
  536. 2011/11/16: CBC: Alberta premier urges united energy front for Canada -- Proposes expansion into Asian markets
  537. 2011/11/16: TMoS: Dear Alison, You Can Shove Your Tar Up Your Ass As Far As I'm Concerned, Just Keep It Out of BC
  538. 2011/11/15: DeSmogBlog: Gas Industry Geologists - Not Doctors - Decide If Water Is "Safe" in Alberta Fracking Contamination Cases
  539. 2011/11/14: G&M: Try as she might, [Alberta Premier Alison] Redford still knee deep in oil
  540. 2011/11/14: PostMedia: Premier Redford courts Alberta's allies in Congress
    Premier Alison Redford reached out to allies in the U.S. Capitol on Monday, touting a new North American energy strategy while embracing news that plans are afoot to reroute the Keystone XL pipeline to cool criticism against the project.
  541. 2011/11/19: CBC: Redford hopes Keystone approval possible pre-2013
  542. 2011/11/14: CBC: Alberta premier still confident of Keystone approval
    Alberta Premier Alison Redford says she remains confident the Keystone XL pipeline project will eventually win regulatory approval in the United States.
  543. Meanwhile in Saskatchewan:

  544. 2011/11/14: PEF: The Politics of Potash

    While in la Belle Province:

  545. 2011/11/14: PostMedia: Quebec forecasts vast electricity surplus by 2020
    Quebec will have a bumper crop of surplus electricity over the next decade, according to a revised supply forecast by Hydro-Québec. In a report filed with Quebec's energy board, the utility said that it anticipates accumulating about 20 terawatt hours of surplus electricity in its domestic market by 2020. There has been a "significant decline" in the energy needs of most of the utility's industrial clients since the utility filed its 2011-2020 forecast with the energy board in 2010, utility spokesperson Patrice Lavoie said Friday.
  546. And in the Maritimes:

  547. 2011/11/19: CBC: Hundreds protest hydro-fracking in Fredericton
    More than 200 people gathered for a hydro-fracking rally in Fredericton, New Brunswick Saturday. An alliance made up of 28 community groups organized the event to show the Alward government it doesn't want shale gas development in the province.
  548. 2011/11/17: ChronicleHerald: Auditors general disagree on vetting rights
    The provincial auditor general called it an "outrageous" request, but the federal auditor general agreed to give oil companies vetting rights before doing a recent audit. The two philosophies came to a head when Nova Scotia auditor general Jacques Lapointe pulled the plug on his half of a joint provincial-federal audit of the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board, which regulates offshore activity. The federal office went ahead as normal.
  549. 2011/11/16: CBC: [Nova Scotia's Auditor General, Jacques Lapointe] says offshore industry denied him information
    Nova Scotia's auditor general is in a major dispute with the agency that regulates the offshore oil industry in Nova Scotia. Jacques Lapointe said the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum board is denying him access to information because the oil companies it regulates don't want the information made public.
  550. In the North:

  551. 2011/11/19: CBC: Military seeks civilian aid for Arctic search and rescue
    Canadian Forces hopes to expand Civil Air Search and Rescue Association to far North
  552. 2011/11/14: CBC: Canadian Forces may need U.S. help supplying Arctic
    The Canadian military will have to look to commercial contractors and possibly even exchanges with the Americans in order to sustain itself when forces are built up in the country's far North, a series of internal Defence Department documents show. All three branches -- the navy, air force and army -- have begun to grapple with the specifics of the enormous, logistical challenge presented by the Harper government's Arctic policies.
  553. As for miscellaneous Canadiana:

  554. 2011/11/16: CBC: Surprise! Canadian winter will be cold
    A senior climatologist with Environment Canada says the country should expect a cold winter, but warns that forecasting is getting more and more difficult. "It's almost as if you can't look at the past to tell us what the future is," David Phillips told CBC News. "There's a new norm: Expect the unexpected." Phillips said the long-term models show that most of the country will be colder than normal because of La Nina, El Nino's lesser known counterpart.
  555. 2011/11/15: CBC: Richer Canadians emit far more greenhouse gases

    The movement toward a long term ecologically viable economics is glacial:

  556. 2011/11/14: CCurrents: Recycling Earth
  557. 2011/11/14: EnergyBulletin: Size of the US underground economy
  558. 2011/11/14: CASSE: Wealth, Illth, and Net Welfare

    IPAT [Impact = Population * Affluence * Technology] raised its head once again:

  559. 2011/11/18: Wonkette: Michigan Proposes Helpful Law To Harass Women Who Miscarry
  560. 2011/11/18: DM:Crux: 7 Billion People, 30 Gigatons of CO2, 1 Warming Planet: Population & Climate in the 21st Century
  561. 2011/11/17: AlterNet: New Low for Right-Wing Anti-Choicers -- Exploiting the Holocaust to Push Anti-Abortion Propaganda
  562. 2011/11/14: ERW: How to feed 9 billion people without damaging the planet
    By 2050 the Earth's population is projected to be more than 9 billion. Many people are concerned that we will not be able to feed everyone without seriously damaging the environment. But evidence gathered by a team of 21 researchers shows that it is possible to feed 9 billion people, as long as five key recommendations are met: halt farmland expansion in the tropics; close yield gaps on underperforming lands; use agricultural inputs more strategically; shift diets; and reduce food waste.
  563. 2011/11/19: TreeHugger: The Importance of Population in Protecting the Planet
  564. 2011/11/20: BNC: Feeding the billions in 2050's sauna (Part I)
  565. 2011/11/14: Guardian(UK): 'Personhood' and the pro-lifers' long game
    The Mississippi amendment fell, but anti-choice groups are not done: they aim to alter the terms of debate on reproductive rights
  566. Apocalypso anyone?

  567. 2011/11/14: P3: The Statues That Walked

    How do the media measure up?

  568. 2011/11/18: TP:JR: Help Fox's Bill O'Reilly Go Solar!
  569. 2011/11/17: Grist: A case study in how media bias works against clean-air rules
  570. 2011/11/17: CJR: WSJ Marginalizes Muller -- Climate-change op-ed didn't run in the paper's US edition
  571. 2011/11/17: DeSmogBlog: Climate Change Spin A Growing Problem For Fox News
  572. 2011/11/14: TP:JR: Climate and Energy Ignorati at New York Times Run Yet Another Error-Riddled Story Attacking Clean Energy
  573. 2011/11/13: TP:JR: Clean Energy Has Highest Documented Rate of Return of Any Federal Program, But the WashPost Cluelessly Smears the Effort
  574. 2011/11/14: TreeHugger: Climate Change Think Tank Starts Taking Money From Polluters, After Pew Center Funding Ends
  575. 2011/11/13: WiC: UNESCO funding cut by U.S. puts millions of lives at risk -- NYT science blogger blames the rest of the world

    There was a bit of a kafuffle when it turned out that the BBC censored the US version of Frozen Planet:

  576. 2011/11/18: Grist: Discovery says they'll be airing climate change show after all, sort of
  577. 2011/11/16: CJR: Frozen Planet Freezes Out Climate -- BBC's polar series unwisely sets apart episode about global warming
  578. 2011/11/16: TP:JR: Why is Discovery Channel Cutting Climate Change Episode From Popular, Groundbreaking Series?
  579. 2011/11/16: Guardian(UK): Frozen Planet has a duty to inspire debate as well as wonder
    The decision not to screen the climate change episode in the US is an injustice to the startling beauty on show during the series
  580. 2011/11/16: PSinclair: Censoring Science in America
  581. 2011/11/16: Grist: U.S. release of British nature doc skips the part about climate change
  582. 2011/11/15: Telegraph(UK): BBC drops Frozen Planet's climate change episode to sell show better abroad
    The BBC has dropped a climate change episode from its wildlife series Frozen Planet to help the show sell better abroad.
  583. Here is something for your library:

  584. 2011/11/15: Grist: Jane Jacobs and the book that inspired a revolution

    And for your film & video enjoyment:

  585. 2011/11/19: PSinclair: The Weekend Wonk: Paul Stamets at Bioneers
  586. 2011/11/17: PSinclair: The Airborne Wind Turbine
  587. 2011/11/15: MediaMatters: How Fox Slants The Energy Debate
  588. 2011/11/15: Guardian(UK): Global warming: two centuries in two minutes
  589. 2011/11/15: PSinclair: A Lone Star State of Drought
  590. 2011/11/15: Grist: Bill McKibben talks Keystone XL on Colbert
  591. 2011/11/15: TreeHugger: Why Doesn't Wall Street Get Renewable Energy? (Video)
  592. 2011/11/15: PSinclair: Electric Vehicles New and Old. Musk and Lutz interview
  593. 2011/11/14: ClassM: Two centuries of warming in two minutes

    Meanwhile among the 'Sue the Bastards!' contingent:

  594. 2011/11/18: CCP: Environmental and local Northwest Alaska groups have again filed suit in an attempt to block offshore oil and gas exploration in the Chukchi Sea

    Developing a new energy infrastructure is a fundamental challenge of the current generation:

  595. 2011/11/18: ABC(Au): Geothermal industry eyes [the Northern Territory]
  596. 2011/11/17: NBF: OECD energy statistics for August 2011
  597. 2011/11/16: EnergyBulletin: Economy: Money and Energy
  598. 2011/11/16: EurActiv: EU renewable energy firms caught in perfect storm
    Three of Europe's top renewable energy companies became the latest victims of a global collapse in prices, massive oversupply and governments slashing subsidies as austerity budgets are being adopted across the continent to contain the eurozone debt crisis. SolarWorld, Q-Cells and Nordex are among the latest renewable energy companies to be hit by a mix of high inventories, slower demand and banks tightening their purses regarding wind parks. Solar companies in particular suffered as they ramped up production last year to meet a surge in demand from Germany and Italy where customers rushed to buy solar panels before governments cut vital subsidies. Both economies are reducing so-called feed-in tariffs...
  599. 2011/11/16: QuarkSoup: Oodles of Energy Data -- Enerdata's Global Energy Statistical Yearbook 2011
  600. 2011/11/16: TP:JR: Investment Continues to Flow into Marine Energy: Siemens and OpenHydro Ride the Tide
  601. 2011/11/16: Grist: The push is on to discredit clean energy investment
  602. 2011/11/16: TreeHugger: Renewable Energy Investment To Double Globally By 2020 - But Is Just One-Third Of What's Needed
  603. 2011/11/15: PlanetArk: Bangladesh To Build Its First Waste-Fuelled Power Plants
  604. 2011/11/15: PlanetArk: European Renewables Caught In Perfect Storm
  605. 2011/11/15: Grist: Tidal power is now a legit source of renewable energy
  606. 2011/11/15: TreeHugger: World's Largest Hydropower Project Will Produce One-Third Of Africa's Electricity, But Who Will Get It?
  607. 2011/11/13: CSM: Clean energy: Costs rising for California consumers

    Hey! Let's contaminate the aquifer for thousands of years! It'll be a fracking gas!

  608. 2011/11/18: EnergyBulletin: Fracking and quaking: They're linked
  609. 2011/11/18: DeSmogBlog: Another Blow To Dirty Energy: Fracking Nixed In The Delaware River Basin
  610. 2011/11/18: Grist: NYT Mag: Country folk understand fracking better than city folk
  611. 2011/11/18: TreeHugger: Delaware River Fracking Vote Canceled
  612. 2011/11/18: Grist: Fracky Friday: Delay means victory for fracktivists in Delaware -- for now
  613. 2011/11/18: Tyee: Fracking and Quaking: They're Linked -- And scientists, the military, and frackers themselves have known it for years
  614. 2011/11/19: TreeHugger: How to Keep Fracking Out of Our Drinking Water: An Interview with Josh Fox, Director of Gasland
  615. 2011/11/19: CBC: Hundreds protest hydro-fracking in Fredericton
  616. 2011/11/16: CEPR:BtP: Hot Air and the Fracking Jobs Boom
  617. 2011/11/17: Eureka: Duke study offers 7 safeguards for hydraulic fracturing
  618. 2011/11/16: Grist: The new fracking battleground: Trenton
  619. 2011/11/15: DeSmogBlog: Gas Industry Geologists - Not Doctors - Decide If Water Is "Safe" in Alberta Fracking Contamination Cases
  620. 2011/11/15: Grist: 'Waterless fracking' is a new way to make fracking less nasty
  621. 2011/11/13: CCP: Earthquakes continue at the same location in Oklahoma, an area of fracking fluid disposal...

    On the coal front:

  622. 2011/11/17: TP:JR: Big Coal: Children's Health and Clean Air Are Not Worth Our Spending One Penny of the Billions in Cash We're Sitting On
  623. 2011/11/18: BPA: U.S. Coal Exports are Surging and Wyoming Coal is Being Shipped to Asia
  624. 2011/11/17: Grist: Coal exports are a bigger threat than the tar-sands pipeline

    On the gas and oil front:

  625. 2011/11/18: BBerg: Closing oil prices Friday
    OIL (US$/bbl)
    Nymex Crude Future...97.67
    Dated Brent Spot....107.91
    WTI Cushing Spot.....97.41
  626. 2011/11/16: TreeHugger: Real Time Oil Spill Map is Depressing as Hell
  627. 2011/11/18: DeSmogBlog: ExxonMobil and Shell Eyeing North American LNG Export Deals
  628. 2011/11/18: OilDrum: The Energy Return of Norwegian Oil and Gas Production
  629. 2011/11/15: EnergyBulletin: Selling the oil illusion, American style
  630. 2011/11/17: DeSmogBlog: ExxonMobil and Shell Stamp Huge Oil and Gas Deals in [Kurdistan] Iraq
  631. 2011/11/16: CBC: Oil rises above $100 US
    Oil prices rose above $100 US on Wednesday for the first time since late July as Calgary-based Enbridge said it would buy a stake in the Seaway linking Oklahoma and Texas, and reverse the flow of oil on the line to open an outlet for crude from the Central U.S. and Canada. Traders hope the change may ease the glut of oil at a major storage hub in Cushing, Okla.
  632. 2011/11/15: DeSmogBlog: Fracking Leads To Export Bonanza: Another Unconventional Gas Export Terminal Submitted to US DOE by Sempra
  633. 2011/11/15: OilChange: The New Iraqi Oil Rush
  634. 2011/11/14: OilDrum: Tech Talk: A Review of North American Future Oil Production

    Chevron's oil leak offshore Brazil is raising concerns:

  635. 2011/11/18: BBerg: Chevron Oil Leak Offshore Brazil Is Larger Than Reported, Regulator Says
  636. 2011/11/18: CBC: Chevron Brazil oil spill may be bigger than thought -- Drilling contractor [Transocean] also owned Deepwater Horizon rig
  637. 2011/11/17: TreeHugger: Chevron Oil Spill Off Brazil May Be 10 Times Larger Than Acknowledged
  638. 2011/11/18: TreeHugger: Brazil Police On Chevron's Case After Latest Oil Spill
  639. 2011/11/18: al Jazeera: Brazil probes Chevron over oil spill
    Authorities say they have evidence that US oil giant's drilling went about 500 metres beyond permit.
  640. 2011/11/17: OilChange: Oil Spill off Rio Sets Chevron at the Center of Scandal
  641. 2011/11/17: DeSmogBlog: Brazilian Officials Investigating Chevron Oil Spill Off Coast
  642. 2011/11/17: BBC: Brazil police probe Rio de Janeiro Chevron oil spill
  643. 2011/11/14: PlanetArk: Chevron Halts Drilling Of Brazil Well After Spill
    Oil giant Chevron halted drilling of a well off the coast of Brazil as it looks into the possible causes of an oil spill in the region. Chevron said in a statement e-mailed on Saturday that an oil sheen had appeared on the surface of the ocean near the Frade project it operates, which it attributed to oil seeps in the area. The field began production in 2009 and averaged 50,000 barrels per day of output last year.
  644. And in pipeline news:

  645. 2011/11/17: Grist: Announcement of alternate tar-sands pipeline sends Midwest oil prices surging
  646. 2011/11/16: CBC: TransCanada pushes ahead on Keystone segment [from Cushing, Okla. to the U.S. Gulf Coast]
  647. 2011/11/16: CBC: Enbridge buys $1.15B Seaway oil pipeline stake
    Canadian gas distributor and oil pipeline company Enbridge Inc. says it will pay $1.15 billion US to buy half ownership in the Seaway crude pipeline system between Texas and Oklahoma from U.S. oil giant ConocoPhillips.
    The 1,000-kilometre pipeline carries crude oil between Freeport, Texas and the energy hub of Cushing, Oklahoma.
  648. 2011/11/16: BBerg: Oil Rises Above $100 in New York on Announced Reversal of Seaway Pipeline [between Cushing, Oklahoma, and the Gulf Coast]
  649. 2011/11/15: EnergyBulletin: The Paris-Berlin-Moscow axis back again by Immanuel Wallerstein [pipelines]
  650. 2011/11/14: PlanetArk: Shell Reports New Oil Spill In Nigeria [pipelines]

    Yes we have a peak oil sighting:

  651. 2011/11/17: AutoBG: Reminder: fossil fuels are getting scarcer, says IEA
  652. 2011/11/16: FCNP: The Peak Oil Crisis: Transitioning to Cold Fusion
  653. 2011/11/15: OilDrum: Five Misconceptions About Peak Oil by Robert Rapier

    Biofuel bickering abounds:

  654. 2011/11/16: Reuters: EU biofuel target seen driving species loss: study
    A European Union target to promote the use of biofuels will accelerate global species loss because it encourages the conversion of pasture, savanna and forests into new cropland, EU scientists have warned.
  655. 2011/11/17: UGA: UGA researchers develop 'super' yeast that turns pine into ethanol -- From forest to fuel tank
  656. 2011/11/18: NBF: New 'super' yeast turns pine into ethanol
  657. 2011/11/18: LBL: A Corny Turn for Biofuels from Switchgrass
    Berkeley Researchers Boost Switchgrass Biofuels Potential by Adding a Maize Gene to Switchgrass
  658. 2011/11/17: BPA: 2011 U.S. Ethanol Exports Set to More than Double Over Last Year
  659. 2011/11/17: PlanetArk: EU Biofuel Target Seen Driving Species Loss: Study
  660. 2011/11/16: ASPB: Toward more cost-effective production of biofuels from plant lignocellulosic biomass
  661. 2011/11/15: EurActiv: Doubts cast on biofuels' air quality claims
    When the European Commission began pressing for a dramatic expansion in the use of biofuels in transport and energy several years ago, it was seen as a win-win situation: a way to help farmers, create energy security, cut greenhouse emissions and improve air quality. But even that last claim is no longer taken for granted.
  662. 2011/11/15: Eureka: Large differences in the climate impact of biofuels
  663. 2011/11/14: CBC: 'Energy farmer' sees future in willow trees

    The answer my friend...:

  664. 2011/11/19: PeakEnergy: South Korea to build 2.5 GW offshore wind farm
  665. 2011/11/17: PlanetArk: Dutch Fall Out Of Love With Windmills
  666. 2011/11/16: OPB: Controversial Coastal Wind Farm Cancelled
  667. 2011/11/15: ABC(Au): Wind farm legal fight called off
    Energy company Acciona has withdrawn a legal appeal over the proposed Allendale East wind farm in the south-east of South Australia.
  668. 2011/11/15: TAG: Wind Power Is Getting Even Better...
  669. 2011/11/14: TP:JR: Wind Electricity To Be Fully Competitive With Natural Gas by 2016, Says Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  670. 2011/11/14: TreeHugger: Wind Power to be as Cheap as Natural Gas by 2016
  671. 2011/11/13: QuarkSoup: Wind money for an Oregon County's Residents

    Meanwhile among the solar aficionados:

  672. 2011/11/17: TP:JR: Solar For the 99%? Two Thirds of California Solar Installs Are in Median-Income Zip Codes
  673. 2011/11/17: PeakEnergy: Suntech calls an Australian solar boom
  674. 2011/11/16: TreeHugger: The Capitalist Case for Why Solar Subsidies Make Sense
  675. 2011/11/15: PlanetArk: JinkoSolar, Daqo Add To Global Solar Gloom
    JinkoSolar Holding Co and Daqo New Energy Corp followed peers in giving weak shipment outlook, as the solar sector struggles with weak demand and declining selling prices after subsidy cuts in Europe.
  676. 2011/11/13: TP:JR: Utility CEO on Solar: In "3 to 5 Years You'll Be Able to Get Power Cheaper from the Roof of Your House Than From the Grid"

    The nuclear energy controversy continues:

  677. 2011/11/18: PlanetArk: France Needs To Upgrade All Nuclear Reactors
  678. 2011/11/18: EneNews: NRC says strontium-90 found in fish by nuclear plant on Connecticut River is not a conclusive indication of presence of strontium-90
  679. 2011/11/16: SwissInfo: Russian nuclear site fuels controversy -- Beznau will no longer get fuel from Mayak
    One of Switzerland's leading energy utilities, Axpo, has announced that it is suspending uranium imports from the controversial Mayak processing plant in Russia.
  680. 2011/11/16: NBF: Lightbridge developing larger surface area fuel and all metal nuclear fuels for uprating Pressure Water Reactors by 17 to 30%
  681. 2011/11/17: BNC: The IFR vs the LFTR: An Exchange of Emails

    Low energy nuclear keeps coming up:

  682. 2011/11/18: NBF: LENR "Cold Fusion" nano-magnetism phenomenon details to be revealed December 7th

    Automakers & lawyers, engineers & activists argue over the future of the car:

  683. 2011/11/14: MoJo: Your Prius' Deepest, Darkest Secret
    Rare earth elements are useful in green technology -- but mining for them can make a big mess.
  684. 2011/11/16: PlanetArk: Revenge Of The Internal Combustion Engine
  685. 2011/11/15: PlanetArk: China Pushes Ahead On E-Cars; BYD Shares Soar
  686. 2011/11/14: Guardian(UK): Researchers test-drive eco-friendly cars

    As for Energy Storage:

  687. 2011/11/18: AutoBG: Plug-in batteries could offer 10 times more range, 10 times faster charging in near future
  688. 2011/11/18: NBF: Carbon Foam for better half capacitor and half battery hybrid
  689. 2011/11/17: PeakEnergy: Batteries Made Of Salt Water Last 10 Times Longer Than Lead Acid Batteries
  690. 2011/11/16: EnergyBulletin: Pump Up the Storage
  691. 2011/11/14: NWU: Better Batteries -- New technology improves both energy capacity and charge rate in rechargeable batteries
  692. 2011/11/15: BBC: Scientists boost battery strength with small holes
    Batteries for phones and laptops could soon recharge ten times faster and hold a charge ten times larger than current technology allows. Scientists at Northwestern University in the US have changed the materials in lithium-ion batteries to boost their abilities. One change involves poking millions of minuscule holes in the battery. Batteries built using the novel technique could be in the shops within five years, estimate the scientists.
  693. The reaction of business to climate change will be critical:

  694. 2011/11/16: BBC: Puma completes environmental impact costs
    Sportswear firm Puma says it has become the first major corporation to fully cost its impact on the environment. The German-based company has costed its greenhouse gas emissions, water and land use, air pollution and waste in 2010 at 145m euros ($196m; £124m). This includes the activities of Puma itself and those of its suppliers.
  695. Who's fielding the FAQs?

  696. 2011/11/14: Guardian(UK): What's the target for solving climate change?

    Joe Romm posts a daily list of top energy and climate stories:

  697. 2011/11/18: TP:JR: November 18 News...
  698. 2011/11/17: TP:JR: November 17 News...
  699. 2011/11/16: TP:JR: November 16 News...
  700. 2011/11/15: TP:JR: November 15 News...
  701. 2011/11/14: TP:JR: November 14th News...

    Other (weekly) lists:

  702. 2011/11/14: BPA: Agriculture News

    The carbon lobby are up to the usual:

  703. 2011/11/19: ERabett:BDS: Peiser relies on deception
  704. 2011/11/18: DeSmogBlog: Monckton Reaches New Heights of Anti-Environmentalism
  705. 2011/11/19: SWRWB: Numbered Troll Snarks
  706. 2011/11/16: MoJo: The Debasement of Science
  707. 2011/11/16: ABC(Au): Why do people reject science?
  708. 2011/11/16: ClimateShifts: Cardinal Pell fails to practise what he preaches
  709. 2011/11/16: DeSmogBlog: Anthony Watts and Defensive Reasoning: Three Episodes
  710. 2011/11/15: ABC(Au): Cardinal Pell needs to practise what he preaches on climate change
  711. 2011/11/15: SkeptiSci: Cardinal Pell needs to practise what he preaches on climate change
  712. 2011/11/15: TPL: Denialist Porn-Chum -- A New Low
  713. 2011/11/14: HC: Parlez Vous Climate *Skeptic* ?
  714. 2011/11/14: TPL: "A Combustible Mixture of Ignorance and Power"
  715. 2011/11/14: ClimateShifts: Wow - Christy's Global Warming Skepticism is Evolving!
  716. 2011/11/13: TP:JR: Wow. Just Wow. Desperate Deniers Sink to All-Time Low to Smear Uber-Vindicated Penn State Climate Scientist
  717. 2011/11/20: Tamino: Tisdale Fumbles, Pielke Cheers
  718. 2011/11/21: moyhu: Observed SST and model trends

    As for climate miscellanea:

  719. 2011/11/15: SP: Climate disasters: quibbling over causes
  720. 2011/11/17: WCEL: Professional associations invited to take Climate Change leadership
  721. 2011/11/15: ClimateSight: Good News
  722. 2011/11/13: JFleck: The economic origins of wildlife refuges
  723. 2011/11/04: AlterNet: When It Comes to the Environment, Are We the 99 Percent or the 1 Percent?

    And here are a couple of sites you may find interesting and/or useful:

  724. Famine Early Warning Systems Network
  725. UNISDR: International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
  726. Public Comment Website for the U.S. Global Change Research Program 2012-2021 Strategic Plan
  727. ICLR: Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction
  728. Initiative for a Carbon Negative Economy
  729. EnerData: Global Energy Statistical Yearbook 2011
  730. CDIAC: Methane (CH4)
  731. Wiki: Atmospheric methane
  732. Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change
  733. EcoJustice

    Low Key Plug

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    My first novel Water was published in Canada May, 2007. The American release was in October. An Introductionto the novel is available, along with the Unpublished Forewordand the Launch Talk(which includes some quotations), An overview of my writing is available here.



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