John Oliver schools the MSM on climate change debating

John Oliver on Last Week Tonight shows us a proportionally correct representation of the climate change debate we should actually be seeing on TV.

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I've been a fan of John Oliver for some time and think he even did a better job than John Stewart when he stood in for him for a few months. This is just one of the excellent reports he has done on his new show and hopefully some journalist will take note. Its a shame when comedy shows like this, The Daily Show and the Colbert Report do better journalism than supposedly proper news shows

I like it - shout down opponents without actually proving a point.

By Joe Mehma (not verified) on 16 May 2014 #permalink

Thanks Mack, I loved your comment. I love a good laugh first thing in the morning.

I love it when writers such as yourself produce Poe that is so obviously designed to make deniers look like idiots with their stupid ideas. Keep up the great work and keep exposing those deniers!

Uh, Joe, I think the point is that TV shows are not where scientific points are "proven". And when the expert, near unanimous consensus says one thing and an incoherent opposition says the opposite, sometimes shouting is all that can be done...