Freak Summer Snowstorm in Calgary Leaves 30,000 Without Power

I grew up in Calgary and a small bedroom community west of it called Bragg Creek.  This event is not on a par with the flooding of a couple years ago, but it still qualifies as "freaky".

Freak Summer Snowstorm in Calgary Leaves 30,000 Without Power.

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And you certainly want to indicate that a summer snowstorm is an unequivocal sign of anthropogenic global warming?

@1 No, for these types of events we alarmists invented the term: Climate Change.

See? This is why we p0wn septics: we've got all corners covered. Many thanks to Frank Luntz and the conservative party for this brilliant strategy.

Unfortunately, the freak aspect was not the fact of snow (every few years we get snow on Labour Day weekend), but the amount. Such a pile is more common in May, and comes from the collision of a cold front from the North (which pass through all the time) and a moist air mass, and those are increasing with increasing ocean temps. I expect we'll see this a little more often, but it's still fairly uncommon.

"....And you certainly want to indicate that a summer snowstorm is an unequivocal sign of anthropogenic global warming?.....?

So fuckwit freddy - where does it say anything about global warming in Coby's post?

You just have the standard trolling denier version of turrets syndrome. You can't help but deny climate change whenever anyone mentions unusual weather.

Hi Adrian,

I read your post but would really need to see the work behind this statement:
"In closing this solution is cheap, it does not cost a lot of money"

Then it might be interesting to have a closer look at the physics. Thanks for the comment!

Great Poe Adrian. Funniest thing I have read for some time. You should write for The Onion.