Orac disembodied

Orac is disturbed.

He had entered the ScienceBlogs network expecting rapid integration into its continuum, allowing him the communing with other science-loving beings that he craved. But it had not happened.

Something was wrong.

The feed through which Orac's insolence was to flow to the world was only partially working.

What was going on?

Orac computed. Multicolored lights pulsated.

Then Orac had the answer. His posts were not appearing on the main ScienceBlogs page, nor had his feed been integrated into the main aggregated ScienceBlogs feed. His insolence, respectful and not-so-respectful, was not showing up.

He had work to do.

Until then, he remains disembodied.

TRANSLATION OF ORAC-SPEAK: Respectful Insolence's feed is presently not being properly aggregated into the main ScienceBlogs feed and the list of posts on the main ScienceBlogs page. Until this problem is fixed and you see Respectful Insolence posts appearing on the main ScienceBlogs page, if you want your fix of Orac's patented Respectful Insolenceâ¢, you'll either have to link straight to this blog's main URL or, if you use an RSS newsreader, use this blog's feed.

Orac offers his apologies for this situation.

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