Skeptics' Circle administrative stuff

This is just a brief announcement to inform everyone that, as part of a project to update and improve the Skeptics' Circle main site, I've updated the link list in the sidebar to cull broken links, add several new skeptical blogs that I've come across (or older skeptical blogs that I've never heard of before), and to eliminate inactive blogs. To me, an inactive blog is a blog where no posts have yet appeared in 2007, a pretty generous definition, if I do say so myself.

If you have a skeptical blog or website that you'd like me to add it to the sidebar of the Skeptics' Circle main site, drop me a line and I'll check it out. If it fits the bill, I'll add it. And, of course, as always, if you want to try your hand at hosting your own Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle, check out the schedule and guidelines and the guidelines for hosting to see if you think it's something you'd like to do. Then drop me a line at, and I'll see about getting you and your blog on the schedule.

Now if I can only get around to updating my own blogroll right on the left sidebar here...

In the meantime, here's another reminder that the Skeptics' Circle is once again fast approaching. This time, the host is Matt over at Pooflingers Anonymous. Matt did an utterly fantastic job the last two times he hosted; so I expect similar levels of quality this time around. You still have until Wednesday, April 25 to get your entries to Matt. The guidelines for submitting are here.

Then join us over at the Pooflinger's place on Thursday, April 26 for another entertaining and educational installment of the Skeptics' Circle.

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