An image from San Diego

An image from in front of the San Diego Convention Center last week:


I never knew our blog mascot had a second job. I guess working for Fleet must not pay what it used to.


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You've never heard of a Fleet of cabs?

Still, it has to smell better than most taxis.

By notmercury (not verified) on 20 Apr 2008 #permalink

Naught to do with this photo, but on BBC 7 ( they're rebroadcasting The Sunday Format on Tuesday mornings. It's a parody of Sunday broadsheet newspapers, and their lampoon of medical woo that you find in Sunday supplements is brilliant.

By Jeff Rubinoff (not verified) on 20 Apr 2008 #permalink mention Fleet, and the back of the cab has the letters "Ene" on it.......couldn't help but chuckle at that............Fleet Enema........

cool picture though, Orac. I like the plants in the background....

Thanks Orac - you saved my butt... almost literally. I had forgotten that I had to buy two Fleet enemas for a procedure in the morning. Then I saw this blog post and the little mental bell went "ding!" I just got to the drug store in time :)

By The Grey Mauser (not verified) on 22 Apr 2008 #permalink

Oh no, how dare he go out 'moonlighting' on us!
But, if thats what it takes to pay the bills, then ok I suppose.