Mandatory reading to rebut the antivaccine "too many too soon" propaganda

Leave it to an infectious disease specialist (Dr. Mark Crislip) to dismantle the most recent favorite talking point of the antivaccine fringe, namely "too many too soon," that deceptive and scientifically ignorant concept that somehow the current vaccine schedule "overwhelms" the immune system of infants, causing all manner of chronic health conditions and neurological problems, including autism. In his usual characteristic level of sarcasm that earns him a tip of the hat as far as not-so-respectful insolence goes, he entitles his lesson:

The infection schedule versus the vaccine schedule.

It should be mandatory reading for Barbara Loe Fisher, Jenny McCarthy, J.B. Handley, Dan Olmsted, Kim Stagliano, and all the other antivaccine cranks over at Age of Autism and elsewhere who endanger public health with their pseudoscientific cult belief that vaccines cause autism and all sorts of horrific complications. Not that it will do any good. These people long ago left reason and science behind when it comes to anything having to do with vaccines. But I'm an optimist. Hope springs eternal.

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One would hope they might actually read the piece, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Besides, who needs science when you have what they've seen, right before their very eyes! They watched, something never recorded by scientists, their children transform after vaccination (sure, sometimes it was a few hours, sometimes a few days. Others say weeks, and some say up to 6 months later...but there is a connection! They were all after the vaccines!!!). Case closed.

Which brings up some more important points. These methods also applies to, and validates, bigfoot research (now we have official proof!), the Loch Ness Monster, most UFOs, Atlantis, the moon landing conspiracy, witchcraft, episodes that had been previously related to psychotic hallucinations, delusions of grandeur.....and the list goes on.

I for one would like to take this opportunity to that Stagliano and AoA for ushering a new era of science. With individual observations, a "one-size-fits-all" approach to credentials and qualifications in relevant fields of expertise, changing the focus from MMR, to thimerosal, to aluminum, to too many vaccines, to...whatever...and finally, by going straight from hypothesis to a working model without enough satisfactory laboratory research, we can start speeding things up around here!

Who needs doctors, scientists, and the scientific method anyway? With this internet thing-a-ma-jig, we can all be experts!

Well, I bookmarked that article and I'm going to shop it around. I know some woo-sters who, though not anti-vaxers themselves, far from it, still have anti-vaxers in their (magic?) circle of friends, and deplore the attitude.

Might do some good.

For me, I'm going to memorize some of the choicest bits and numeric comparisons, for the next time I run into one of these true believers.


By North of 49 (not verified) on 21 Nov 2008 #permalink

the base logic of the argument to vaccinate or not seems to be lost? What is the fervent push to vaccinate? seems like there are real problems and limited benefit in terms of safety. The primary benefit seems to go to the Companies and those who promote rampant vaccination. I am neither pro or con, but when I am forced to comply with out an abilty to make a descision based on proper informed consent, I see a red flag.

Not to mention when manipulate information and use propaganda (both sides are guilty of) comming from a either camp. One needs to go back to base anti vaccine groups want my kids to die of a deadly disease?? I dont think so! The pro vaccine group appears to have huge financial incentive that out weighs the altruistic motive to help humanity.

So until we can establish a credible level playing field that adresses informed consent issues, all the number crunching and high brow scientific maniplulation is a bunch of "blah blah blah".

wolfbite said "The primary benefit seems to go to the Companies and those who promote rampant vaccination."

Since you even made this statement and continued with more strawman arguments it is obvious you did not even bother reading Dr. Crislip's article in the link.

Do you not think that there is any benefit to avoiding pertussis, measles and Hib?

I had pertussis when I was a young child, it hurt. It hurt a lot. I cracked ribs with my coughing. I sprained my larynx. Slept whenever I wasn't coughing, and ate light. Don't remember how long it lasted, because I was in no shape to pay attention. Mom insisted the rest of her life I had a mild case. If that was a mild case I have no desire to see any child go through a severe one.

I also had polio once. I got real lucky and had it when I was two months old, according to Mom. A very mild case, and I have absolutely no memories of it---naturally. I grew up in a world where kids got polio, bad cases of polio. Knew one man who had a withered right side because of it. He later died of secondary polio.

Chicken Pox, Measles, Rubella, had them all. I was miserable. Mom never did tell me how bad I really got, but I do remember her being very concerned. We're talking about a trained RN here, one who worked at a U.S. Army hospital in New York City in World War II. Raised on a farm on top of it. You don't easily phase a woman like that.

Believe me, the vaccines aint nuttin' next to the disease.

Saw the article, read it. well done piece of work.
But, you know that it doesn't matter... Not as long as Jenny McCarthy stupidly holds onto the idea that the vaccines "made" her son autistic.
(the whole transition from "indigo baby" to autistic baby we'll leave for another time. )

the base logic of the argument to vaccinate or not seems to be lost? What is the fervent push to vaccinate? seems like there are real problems and limited benefit in terms of safety. The primary benefit seems to go to the Companies and those who promote rampant vaccination.

wolfbite, I can't help wondering: how old are you?

I simply can't imagine anybody making such an outrageously foolish statement unless they are too young to have seen friends crippled or killed by polio, and to have personally experienced illnesses like whooping cough or measles.

Alan-- I sympathize. My father had pertussis when he was a child, and it really was horrible. The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks of childhood diseases, which were responsible for so much death and misery (and are once again on the rise, thanks to decreasing herd immunity). By not vaccinating, these parents really are playing dice with their children's lives.

A bit OT but I was just wondering if anyone had any information on why there seems to be a resurgence in pertussis? It might just be anecdotal but I have heard of more than a handful of people being diagnosed with it.

Yes, there has been a resurgance of pertussis. Check out the graphs here: ... and this quote: "Pertussis incidence has been gradually increasing since the early 1980s. A total of 25,827 cases was reported in 2004, the largest number since 1959. The reasons for the increase are not clear."

No amount of logic will persuade the anti-vaccination people, because their opposition is based on a terror of needles.

Nic, more information:

"Permitting personal belief exemptions and easily granting exemptions are associated with higher and increasing nonmedical US exemption rates. State policies granting personal belief exemptions and states that easily grant exemptions are associated with increased pertussis incidence. States should examine their exemption policies to ensure control of pertussis and other vaccine-preventable diseases."