Accelerating Universe Talk in Second Life

Next Tuesday, July 31, at 10:00AM PDT (17:00 UT), I'll be giving a talk and Q&A session in Second Life about the discovery of the accelerating Universe.

The talk is being hosted by Troy McLuhan of the Science Center Group. I t will be located at Spaceport Bravo (120,65,278).

And now, for no adequately explained reason, I include a picture of my Second Life self wearing M51 on my head:


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Now *I* want a galaxy hat!!! May I have M104, please?

Soon all the kids'll be wearing them.

By Melissa G (not verified) on 26 Jul 2007 #permalink

Well, if you get into Second Life, you can have the M51 hat.... Do a "places" search for "Prospero's Gadgets", and you'll find my Gadget store, which I've converted into a freebie place. Random things I've made I give away free there.


Does Second Life cost money? I can scarcely afford my first life at this point.

By Melissa G (not verified) on 26 Jul 2007 #permalink

The problem is that I want a real M51 hat that revolves around my head. Least ways I want one and don't have time enough in my first life, much less some for a second. Though, if I had a better computer and faster connection, I might be tempted to get one just to go to talks like yours.

By the way, I notice that your avatar in second life, looks quite a lot like you, only rather scowly. I'm not sure why, but I would have pictured your avatar more anime for some reason.

It's because Rob totally has an anime grin!

By Melissa G (not verified) on 29 Jul 2007 #permalink