Accelerating Universe Talk in Second Life Today

Just a reminder: I'm giving a talk / Q&A session about the discovery of the accelerating Universe today in Second Life. The talk is at 10:00 AM PDT / 12:00 Noon CDT / 1:00 PM EDT / 17:00 UT. Find it by going to this location: Spaceport Bravo (120,65,278).

Also, for those of you who don't know: a basic Second Life account is completely free! Go to the site and register for an account, and download the client to run on your computer. After you get in-world, you'll go through an "orientation island" that teaches you how to move about and look about. The Basic Account lets you get in world and go anywhere in world. You can build things if you find a "sandbox" (which are plentiful). You don't have any money to start, but there are all sorts of freebies out there if you want to customize your clothing and appearance, or if you want random toys to play with. Many people exist with just a basic account.

(A premium account lets you own land-- on which you can build things. You also get a small stipend of "Lindens" (the in-world currency) per week. With just a basic account, if you want to buy things in world, you can buy Lindens with a credit card. There are more details of course (specifically with regard to land; there *are* ways to have land with just a basic account).

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Unfortunately I won't be able to listen in, but just out of curiosity, how does the actual "talk" work? Is there audio? Do you show slides?

In this case, there will be no audio. In the future, as most people have it, I would probably use the "Voice" client feature. It also would have been possible to set up a stream so that I could talk and have that stream forwarded to anybody on the land -- this is how live music performances work. But we didn't set that up.

I'll probably only "talk" for about 15 minutes; I have 6 slides, and I'll just describe the basic measurement we made that told us the Universe is accelerating. After that, I'll throw it open to a Q&A so that anybody present can ask whatever they want.