ScienceBlogs Pie Making Contest!


Image by Pauladamsmith.

So it appears that ScienceBlogs are once again celebrating Pi Day (March 14) by throwing a pie making contest called the Pi Day Pie Off.  ScienceBloggers can take part, but fortunately for us, so can their readers (this is where you come in).  I know that a lot of our friends and readers are foodies (I'm looking at you Summer Tomato), so I wanted to let everyone know about it while there is still time to enter.  It can be any kind of pie (dessert, meat, pizza, or otherwise), so be creative.  Details on contest entry are below the fold. 

To enter, just send us an email (travis at obesitypanacea dot com) including a picture of your pie, your name, and your website if you have one. The Grand Prize is $314, while there are also prizes for Judges' Pick, Most Photogenic, and Best Concept Pie. You can see the full details of the contest here.

I should mention that my girlfriend and I tried to make a lemon tofu "cheesecake" last night which was delicious, but so terribly unphotogenic that we have decided not to embarrass ourselves by posting it online.  I am hoping to take another crack at it before the deadline (this time with our favourite raspberry pie recipe), but I'd love to see what our readers can come up with as well.  I know it doesn't matter in the actual contest, but I will award personal bonus marks if physical activity is somehow incorporated into the pie's design.

Good luck and have fun!

Travis Saunders

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Haha, I know nothing about baking. I'd make an attempt, but I'm heading to SXSW tomorrow :( Next year!! Congrats on the new digs!!


your blog came up at work yesterday. We're working on something with type 2, and I showed the rest of the team. Hopefully, they'll comment!