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As many of you probably know, when I am not working in the lab or posting here at Obesity Panacea I am also a content editor at Each weekday a different Research Blogging editor selects their favourite posts from the past week in their area of expertise, and you can find my favourite posts on Health and Clinical Research here every Wednesday. Since there are always great Health-related posts on Research Blogging that don't necessarily overlap with obesity/fitness/nutrition, I don't usually cross-post my Research Blogging selections here on Obesity Panacea. But this week there was a wealth of terrific nutrition and obesity-related content, so I have decided to cross-post my selections here.  

  • The Incredible Egg. Are eggs healthy? Colby Vorland of Nutritional Blogma dishes up a comprehensive review of the evidence, and concludes that they're not as bad as we've been led to believe.
  • Obesity: The Role of the Immune System. Byte Size Biology examines how the bacteria in your gut influence your risk of obesity and metabolic dysfunction.
  • Teaching About Diet and Exercise Promotes Anti-Fat Bias. How is that even possible? Dr Sharma explains.
  • Battle of the Diets: Mediterranean vs DASH. Dave Munger of DailyMonthly compares the two popular diets and comes to an extremely sensible conclusion - the best diet is the one you can follow.
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