Brain Tiles for Baby

i-c12e7eecbc2d55503bcdc12951dc76ba-katelyn_sack.JPG Artist Katelyn Sack emailed me earlier to clarify some info. She shares truth:

The post you link to incorrectly states the series is composed of fridge magnets. While I can make prints, magnets, T-shirts, and even baby bubbles featuring any of my artwork, 'Baby, Be A Brain Surgeon!' as featured on The Science Creative Quarterly this Tues., Sept. 11 is oil paint on 4.25" x 4.25" ceramic tiles. You can see my original blog post on the artwork here, and I also list it for sale on my website here.

i-c9ceee385fb4b0c4eef099a2a9b532f3-BabybeaBrainSurgeon.jpg In her original post, she describes the vision behind her designs. Nursery room decor for a doctor very early in training, the tiles are to be mounted on walls around the baby's cradle.

Training your very own brain surgeon must begin early. The ABCs of neurology should be imbibed with the sunlight of baby's first room.

Baby, Be A Brain Surgeon!

A is for Amygdala

B is for Brainstem

C is for Cerebellum


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Hmmm, I'd like to do one for Information Science:

A is for ASCII, the American Standard Code for Information Interchange
B is for Backups
C is for Central Processing Unit
D is for Database (MySQL)
E is for electron
F is for Filesystem
G is for Gigabyte
H is for Help Menu
I is for Inode
J is for Jump (Or Jump Not Zero)
K is for Kilobyte
L is for Linux
M is for mv
N is for network
O is for Open Source
P is for Program
Q is for Queue
R is for rm
S is for system
T is for tmp
U is for Unix
V is for Verify
W is for Windows
X is for Xenix
Y is for yank
Z is for gzip

I dunno, that's more systems than anything but best I could come up with on short notice.

These are seriously not very good art...