Beautiful pictures of the brain

The NYTimes has a great article, slide show and video with some phenomenal pictures of the brain. Well worth checking out.



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It's time again for fruit and veggie carving season. And what could be better than a carved brain. This time it's out of a watermelon. Enjoy! -via Neatorama-
I feel like posting some silly brain pictures so here they are:
Yesterday, we were putting down media reports on a study that purports that dolphins are not intelligent despite behavioral studies and big brains. Today, NYTimes has a much better article arguing that manatees, despite their small brains, are more intelligent than previously thought. It is a…
When I was a lowly grad student at Columbia U, I was part of a small and cozy department headed by Michael Gershon. Now Professor Gershon is an expert of the enteric nervous system, or the nerve system of the gut. He gained celebrity status due to the fact that he had written a book called The…