No! Don't use an octopus for bikini bottoms!

This link is NSFW or for anyone who knows anything about octopus anatomy—it's a couple of nudes with dangerously draped octopuses. I don't mind the nudity but I cringe inside at the thought of where those beaks are.

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Octopi love to eat crabs.

By Great White Wonder (not verified) on 13 Nov 2007 #permalink

What's up with the flesh coloured training bra the bloke seems to have on? I find that more disturbing than the octopus undies.

Just proved there's a fetish out there for everyone. If you don't believe me just google "booger fetish".

By Bride of Shrek (not verified) on 13 Nov 2007 #permalink


Well, now I know what it feels like to clean my sinuses with coke.

Thank you so much.

His does seem dangerously placed. Hers seems to be missing most of its head in or under, but the beak is not dangerously positioned.

By Grewgills (not verified) on 13 Nov 2007 #permalink

I guess I'll find out now whether pictures of boobs are going to set off the IT people in my organisation.

But where's W00t when you need him?

Oh boy, just had a look around the rest of that site. I'm not sure what's more disgusting, the use of semen as "art" or the "pornscapes" page which demonstrates that, even in artistic porn,there is a case to be had for photoshopping out the odd errant haemerrhoid. Uuuurrgghhh.

By Bride of Shrek (not verified) on 13 Nov 2007 #permalink

So they're using octopusses as crotch covers - OK, HOLD THE PRESSES. Did anyone notice the really strange thing? The dude is wearing a MANKINI top.
Any fans of "The Soup" will love this.

"If you can think of it, there's sex of it on the internet."

I thought that was a "Mansierre".

Damnit. I will shoot the next person using the non-word "octopi."

No, Randall, I doubt you are the only one.

And hey--was that Elvira? No, no--the woman, I mean.

By Sven DiMilo (not verified) on 13 Nov 2007 #permalink

you know, it's not the octopus near the private parts that freaks me out. It is the DEAD FISH that happens to be an octopus near the private parts that gives me the screaming willies!

The lady in the second photo, at least, has her octopus beak-side-up. Slightly less alarming, I suppose.

I agree that the most disturbing part of these photos is the 'dead fish on crotch' part.
In the photo with the girl you can even see what seems to be the bag that they pulled to octopus out of, on the floor beside the table. Either that or it is the largest discarded condom ever.

By Kenneth McFarlane (not verified) on 13 Nov 2007 #permalink

I love the comment at the bottom:
"Macché "polipi", quelli son polpi. Ignorantone."

It makes me weirdly happy to know that even in Italy, and even in the face of octopus bikinis, people obnoxiously correct each other's spelling on the internet. It's a nice universal theme.

You mean... it's not octopussies?


Cephalopod sex sucks.

Errr... bites.

It's a head foot squirt fetish thing.

By mayhempix (not verified) on 13 Nov 2007 #permalink

Just proved there's a fetish out there for everyone. If you don't believe me just google "booger fetish".

Disgusting! That's a phrase that should have remained a googlenope.

Bride of Shrek: Neither all the money in the world, nor a gun to my head could ever get me to google "booger fetish."

Octo-dude looks like Jim Carrey. Which is almost as disturbing as his flesh-colored training bra.

Sadly, the "anticlericale" section was 100% cephalopod-free. I was sort of looking forward to a monsignor-squid mashup.

"Macché "polipi", quelli son polpi. Ignorantone."

In Italian "polipi" (plural of "polipo") refers to Cnidarians or to a tumoral tissue growth. That is, nothing to do with "polpi" (octopuses).
Sadly, even dictionaries are being updated so: a sure sign that accuracy is no more fashionable.
BTW, the blog title reads:

I hate blogs, they are the shit of the net

Pyre's comment (the second) is "where are the octopuses' beaks?

#14, #16: An octopus is not a fish. Damnit.

The dude is wearing a MANKINI top.

I love The Soup. I get all my necessary (and also all my completely unneccesary) entertainment news from Joel McHale, and I'm a better person for it.

Sorry, my wife doesn't allow me look at NSFW stuff.

Please tell me you're joking.