I love this song

Although if you're at work, it probably isn't a good idea to crank up the volume. Unless you work in a lab, in which case your colleagues might join in on the chorus.

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Man, that's a catchy tune.

That's awsome.

By Kytescall (not verified) on 04 Dec 2007 #permalink

Speaking as someone who has been subjected to the company of Kent Hovind during dinner, that song moved me in a profound way.

I am shocked and disappointed that this is the level of discourse on the blog of a supposedly respected scientist.

Nah, just kidding. That was sweet!

The son of the fucktard is still filing false DMCA claims on his behalf, as well. ExtantDodo were the last of his victims, as far as I know. They decided not to kick up a fuss, though, as their families had apparently been threatened. I don't think that they have their videos back to this day and this happened in September.

They did make this South Park video declaring shenanigans:


He really is a fucktard. Rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble.

Rape Kent for Free Day
Rape Kent for Jesus

Rape = hilarious! I'm so pissed off that rape is used as a joke I don't have the words.

Mentally challenged = hilarious! It is slander to associate Kent Hovind with the mentally challenged.

Think about it.

By evilchemistry (not verified) on 04 Dec 2007 #permalink

believe it or not....this is one of the videos that Eric Hovind and his fellow liars for Christ had removed under false DMCA filings.......how they weren't charged for some of their false filings i will never know


Yeah, I could really, really do without the rape references in the video. I mean, other than that, the song is genius. But rape isn't funny in any way, ever.

Agreed. Rape: Not Funny. (Never understood why prison-rape humor is so popular in cases like Hovind's. Isn't the "prison" part good enough?)


Sweet BG vox singing "I'll swallow your soul": Funny!

Yeah... not a big fan of the emo-vocals... nor the rape jokes... nor the baseness of calling him names...

At least Roy Zimmerman is intelligent and funny...

The Kent Hovind case is beyond absurd... it's really not all that funny...

Hoping he gets raped in prison and comparing him to people with mental retardation...

Not exactly Tom Lehrer is it?

By Christianjb (not verified) on 04 Dec 2007 #permalink

For clarification: the slandered are the mentally challenged and not Kent Hovind.

By evilchemistry (not verified) on 04 Dec 2007 #permalink

The rape thing is bad, but as far as fucktard goes, even though one of the roots of the word comes from retard, it's really doesn't have much of an association with it or the mentally challenged. Its one of those common internet words like asshat... which has nothing to do with hats.

Pretty much it just means "clueless asshole" rather than connoting low levels of intelligence. Personally I can give it a mild pass.

I don't find it as offensive as, say, the current trend of calling things and people "gay" meaning lame.

Me agrees with Craig on "fucktard" and "gay".

"Retard" (noun) is very PunC anyway and its association to the MR is (thankfully) waning... reassigning it to the likes of Hovind is a positive trend IMO. I appreciate your sensitivity to the issue, though, e.c.

Have to agree, I could have done without the rape jokes. It taints what was other wise an amusingly ranty song. (I know there is no such word as 'ranty'. I have watched too much Buffy.)

And I apologize to the physically disabled for any suggestion that being "lame" means you're somehow uncool.

Sheesh, this is a lot of work.

PZ, I am glad you liked it and posted it.



LOL Politically Incorrect, but I have to admit... That was a great start to my day. Thank You!

I sooo want that on a t-shirt!

Anything is funny, if done right. Just not funny to everyone.

(I met Kent at one of his sermons in Shreveport back in the '80s during the "balanced treatment" foofra. He was just as weasely back then.)

-- CV

By CortxVortx (not verified) on 05 Dec 2007 #permalink

What the fuck do you guys use to cope with the vile hideousness of human existence, tranquilisers and a sunny disposition?

Posted by: Goatboy | December 5, 2007 8:22 AM

Why gee whiz, Mr Goatboy! My disposition is so sunny I shot sunbeam out of my ass! And it is all drug free because I luv my fellow humans so much!

Silly git.

I have been singing this all day now, I am really glad someone put up a link to the audio.

I agree with CortxVortx. In humor (and everything else for the most part) nothing is sacred.

Seriously, there is no topic that cant be funny, the only problem is if the joke is done badly.

It wasn't done badly here. I love this video.

By Cat of many faces (not verified) on 05 Dec 2007 #permalink

I have to say that its not like this is new ground here, did the people who take offense at this also have and issue with FPMITAP in Office Space?

In humor, like fantasy, anything goes. Kurt Russell being raped by the Woodland Christmas Critters on South Park a few weeks back was hilarious.

And Kent Hovind is a fucktard, along with the rest of the mouthbreathers who mindlessly cite him as an authority.

RE: 32 -- "Federal pound me in the ass prison" is indeed a funny rape joke, because it fits the tone and context of the movie. The song (which I found mostly funny) is funny because it's the well deserved response to creationism. But "rape Kent for free day" and "rape Kent for jesus" are jarring non sequiturs, because I don't personally want to rape Kent nor do I wish he be raped by a line of eager rapists.

As for the "-tard" suffix, I don't share those quibbles. It has long been reassigned in the pop lexicon, and in any case it's not unfair to imply they're mentally challenged.

By dougie smooth (not verified) on 05 Dec 2007 #permalink

You love this song?!?

Maybe you would like it even better if it had some fart noises in it.

By Ferrous Patella (not verified) on 05 Dec 2007 #permalink

Try calling my son a retard to my face and see what happens. Try saying "that's retarded" or "what a retard" while he's standing there. Same with fucktard, or any other -tard, including tard. Yes, it's OFFENSIVE.

Uhm, it appears I am too late to see what it was all about. When I try to play the video it says it's no longer available...

"Speaking as someone who has been subjected to the company of Kent Hovind during dinner, that song moved me in a profound way."

Dustin, do tell!

Ferrous Patella writes:

"You love this song?!?

Maybe you would like it even better if it had some fart noises in it."

Excellent Idea!! Okay, all you mixmasters out there-- get cracking! EVERYTHING is funnier with fart noises.

And all you lame retards who think this song is offensive need to quit being so gay.

jomega, for the record, I did not say the song was offensive, I found it mildly amusing. I did not like the rape jokes.

And I would advise you to not use the word 'gay' as an insult.
There are people here who are gay and lesbian.

Ah, what the fuck. You're just a schmuck.

And all you lame retards who think this song is offensive need to quit being so gay.

Considering he managed to use every word which was implied to be offensive in this thread, I consider this an excellent joke. ^_^

By Xanthir, FCD (not verified) on 06 Dec 2007 #permalink

Dr. Dino Kent is currently in prison in Edgefield, SC, about 30 miles from my house. Wouldn't it be nice if some of us went over there to visit him. Maybe pose as YECs and get an interview and may be photos with him. That would be funny.

I agree - nothing is out of bounds for humour. What I don't like is not that this song makes a joke about rape - it's that the song celebrates prison rape, which is nothing to be celebrated.

nothing is out of bounds for humour. What I don't like is not that this song makes a joke about rape

To hell with the video. That's funny.

hovind's obvious idiocy aside, this was just.... dumb.