Tangled Bank #114


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I heartily affirm the inclusion of the off season recipe blog.

More science food blogging!

Hello - entirely OT, but half an hour's complete silliness (and the last of the series) from the BBC. Bleak Expectations is their radio take on Dickensian excess:
(Or go to bbc.co.uk radio 4 listen again bleak expectations)

While I usually love anything to do with food blogging, that post on eggs was drivel. :o(

Whoa. Brain freeze.

Reminder: small doses for me.

Here's my idea: have your confederate actually swallow the cracker, then immediately leave the church, where medical personnel will be waiting to sample the stomach contents. Neutralize the pH and whatever you have to do to stop the digestive enzymes, then see if you can recover human DNA not belonging to your friend. Think of the fun you could have sequencing it!

Even better, if there are any viable cells, you can hire the Raelians or somebody to do SCNT and you will have brought about the second coming. Is that a million dollar idea or what?