Mount up, Texans! You have a job to do!

We had hopes that the mad creationist dentist, Don McLeroy, would be booted from the Texas Board of Education. No such luck: I just received this call to action in the mail.

Moments ago at a surprise meeting, the Senate Nominations Committee voted to send the nomination of Don McLeroy, R-College Station, to the full Senate for confirmation as State Board of Education (SBOE) chair. This sets up a major showdown on the floor of the Texas Senate, likely next Monday or Tuesday.

Even though we have already asked you to call your senator about this issue, now we must do so again: please take a moment to contact your senator and tell him or her to vote against Don McLeroy as SBOE chair. (See below for some simple examples of why the Senate should reject McLeroy. Click here to find your senator.)

Though numerous news outlets reported that McLeroy's nomination was blocked after an embarrassing hearing before the Senate committee last month, it appears a flurry of calls from religious-right pressure groups has reinvigorated McLeroy's nomination. Many of these groups are claiming that McLeroy is a victim of religious persecution:

"It is hard to believe that in the United States of America, religious discrimination at the level of the Texas Legislature has occurred. Dr. McLeroy is being vilified and condemned because he is a Christian and holds a Biblical worldview of creation." -- E-mail alert dated May 19, 2009

That kind of accusation is both ridiculous and offensive. McLeroy's nomination is in trouble because the board under his chairmanship has made Texas a national laughingstock. The decision to confirm or deny McLeroy's appointment is a clear referendum on the outrageous antics of the State Board of Education.

It requires just 11 senators to reject a confirmation. But we need your help to find 11 reasonable senators who believe education policy should not be held hostage to the personal and political agendas of extremists on the state board.

The religious right recognizes the importance of having McLeroy as board chair. If we don't match their passion and determination, we can expect two more years of "culture war" battles fought on the backs of Texas schoolchildren.

This is the fool we have to get off the board. The man who declared, "Somebody's gotta stand up to experts".

Please, Texans, save us. Call your representative right away.

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