North Dakota, get ready!

I'm traveling to Fargo on Wednesday for a series of events. I think I know what I'm doing, so let me spell out as much as I know.

On Wednesday at 6:00, I'll be speaking at Minnesota State University Moorhead, in room 118 in the Science Lab building, on the subject of "Darwin and Design".

Wednesday evening afterwards? I don't know. Somebody will probably take me by the elbow and lead me to beer.

Thursday morning I'm doing a press conference with the Red River Freethinkers, and then at 11ish, I'm going to be on WDAY radio for a short while. Tune in!

Thursday afternoon at 2:15 2:00, I'll be engaging in an informal panel discussion at NDSU (location to be announced). I'm planning to talk about godless activism, but I'll also address questions, so who knows, we could find ourselves walking down some strange paths.

I just heard from the organizers: here's update information on the Thursday panel.

Jason did all the advertising and scheduled it for 2:00pm 9-24-09 at the Century Theater at NDSU. The century Theater is located upstairs in the Memorial Union on campus. 12th ave is torn apart. I would advise anyone to take I29 North to 12th ave North and go right. On 18th Street go left and then go right on Centennial BLVD. If they have to come from downtown, AVOID Main ave bridge connecting Moorhead to Fargo!

Thursday evening at 6, we'll be watching Julia Sweeney's movie, Letting Go of God, at the Fargo Theatre. After the movie, I'll be making some remarks — I'm going to talk about narrative and story-telling, and its value to atheists.

Sometime after 9, elbow, beer, somewhere, again.

It should be fun! I shall be talked out, all of North Dakota will be tired of me, and I'll go home the next day to shackle myself to the book again!


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