Jebus but I despise these people

Most Christians are merely misguided and lazy thinkers; I don't have any particular animus against them, and just wish they'd grow up. However, there's one kind of Christian that makes me furious and fills me with an angry contempt. I have been known to make the most militant atheist response in my repertoire when I encounter them: I might snarl briefly and leave them to rot in their hateful ignorance.

These are the people for whom I reserve the term "demented fuckwits". They are the apocalypse-mongers, the cheerleaders for Armageddon, the monsters who take great satisfaction in their patently stupid belief that the world is going to end soon in a Jebus-spooge of Biblical volume. They aren't just the cretins who fearfully foretell a coming tribulation, but the ones who think it will be a wonderful thing for chaos to erupt and sinners to die horribly so that they, as they believe, will get to sit in a celestial choir singing to drown out the screams of the suffering in Hell, and on their breaks will have the privilege of looking down and chuckling at their well-deserved torment. Anyone who crows about a "laaake of FIIRRRRRRRE" and loves the Jesus of death and damnation is a psychopathic creep in my book, and I want nothing to do with them.

So why do my cruel, cruel readers send me pictures like this? They know I have to watch my blood pressure!


They call it "Family Radio". It's some obsessed fundamentalist lunatics taking joy in their predicted annihilation of everyone else. Yes, they predict the world will end on 21 May 2011. I hope they divest themselves of worldly goods and find themselves broke and shivering and homeless on 22 May; I hope the authorities take their poor deprived abused children away from them and give them a decent life, free of the poisonous religion of their parents.

At the very least, I hope an auto body shop is looking forward to charging them for the van repainting job that will have to be done on the 22nd.

I almost wish that Harold Camping's hell were real, so he could rot in it.

By the way, that van? It was parked in a VA Hospital lot, outside a clinic that specializes in patients with mental illness. That's all they need, these vile parasites to prey on their wounded minds.

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