I get email

Some Kentuckians are not happy about my comments about their fake Ark-to-be.


This is a CHRISTIAN NATION if you hooked nosed kikes dont like it then get the hell out. If it were up to me we would have camp agin for you Christ Killing piles of human sh*t. You things are like acid on society you constantly corrode it with your porn, affirmative action, civil rights, fake funny money federal reserve, being totally morally bankrupt,yourselves all of you together are less than pile of dog sh*t. Like CHRIST SAID John 8:44 you are of your father the devil, you are not of God. I will be so glad when you tares are pulled up from among us THE WHEAT and cast alive into hell...........GOOD RIDDANCE .

REV. 2:9
REV. 3:9 CHRIST TALKING you call yourselves jews but do lie and are of the synagogue of satan.......................you disgusting pice of scum!!!!!!!!!

Charles L. Moss

Man, I get so much hate mail from people who have firm ideas about my ethnic background, I really ought to get made an honorary Son of Abraham, or something.


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