Eric Hovind just can't help lying

Remember how I told you that Eric Hovind was giving away free DVDs for Valentine's Day? And you all rushed over to place your order, and you got the sad notification?

We're sorry, the Valentine's DVD is now out of stock. Thanks to supporters like you, over 2,000 people will get to hear the gospel message!

We pray that the Holy Spirit will use these DVDs to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Awww, out of stock. Oh, well, that's fair enough, you thought, and you turned away to go back to the kitchen and turn the roast-baby-on-a-spit some more. But wait! There's something mysterious going on here!

Try this. Click on this link

And you'll get the sad "out of stock" message.

If instead, though, you copy this same URL and paste it into the address bar of your browser:…

Presto! You show up at the old page that allows you to order the free DVD. You can have your DVD and your roast baby at the same time! Huzzah!

Sneaky Eric put up a redirect to intercept any visitors arriving from Pharyngula to his fake out-of-stock page. He could have been honest, and done exactly the same thing, but have the page say something like, "Please, we are making these DVDs available to our Christian customers. We'd appreciate it if you'd leave them for people who will enjoy the content." And that would have been cool. I think most of us would have just sat back and let it slide by, no problem, dude.

But no! Eric Hovind must really like us, because now we get the roast baby, the free DVD, and we get to point at a creationist and sneer at his pathetic dishonesty! This calls for something more than just a "Huzzah", I think I'm going to give you all permission to run outside with your pistols (loaded with blanks, for safety reasons, of course) and fire them madly into the air while screaming "Yeeeeee-haaaah!".

Thanks, Eric. We knew you were a lying toad, but it's always nice to get confirmation.

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