This is not a poll

Well, it is, but I don't recommend voting on it. It's on WingNutDaily, and the only way to vote is to register with them…which is not recommended. Them folks is craaaaazy! They were asked their opinion of Obama's birth certificate.

Sound off on Obama's release of his purported long-form birth certificate

The most compelling eligibility arguments deal with parental citizenship, and this document shows Obama's father was not a U.S. citizen, making Obama ineligible40% (93)

Now that Obama is so willing to be open, let's hear him explain why he has a Connecticut-based Social Security Number when he and his parents never lived there12% (28)

I'm with Trump in calling for the rest of Obama's vital documents that he's been concealing for years9% (21)

I suspect the image released by Obama is a forgery8% (19)

I know the image of the document is a fake, just like Obama8% (18)

If the document is so innocuous, why did Obama take so long and spend a fortune on attorneys preventing its release?8% (18)

The release is opening up a can of worms and is creating more questions than answers3% (8)

Obama blinked. I can't wait to see what happens next3% (6)

The birthers will never be satisfied no matter what documents are released3% (6)

All I can think about is Lt. Col. Terry Lakin rotting in prison because Obama refused to release this document before now2% (5)

Let's hope this signals an end to this nutty birther nonsense once and for all1% (3)

Thanks to WND and Trump, Obama was forced kicking and screaming to release his document1% (3)

Face it, Obama has outsmarted the birthers and completely destroyed their issue now0% (1)

Good, let's move on, there are far more important issues for the country to deal with0% (1)

If it had been a poll I could have voted on, I would have picked the very last entry above. Trust WND readers to favor the nuttiest of the choices!

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