Worst poll ever

After the scandal of an atheist pointing out the illegality of forced public prayer, the Bastrop Open Enterprise has put up a poll. And what a poll! I had to stare at it for a while to try and figure out what they're asking, and I think they're actually polling on the logical and grammatical skills of journalists at their newspaper, because it makes no sense.

How do you feel about a student at Bastrop High School stating they were an atheist and pledging to contact the American Civil Liberties Union if a Christian prayer were offered at the school's graduation on May 19?

I agree. Nothing should be done to offend anyone regardless of their beliefs. 57%
I disagree. The student should respect the desires of their fellow students. 36%
No opinion. 5%

The choices of answers don't fit the question. The "agree" and "don't agree" choices each go on to affirm the same thing: that the student ought to shut up. Nominally, I'd say the right answer is that I agree with the student going to the ACLU, but it's not because we shouldn't offend; they're turning this into an issue about protecting all religions from criticism.

Whoever wrote this poll was completely clueless about the issues.

I don't normally tell you how to vote (usually it's obvious!), but in this case, I'm going to make a recommendation. Vote "No opinion." Swamp that crap, and make 'em wonder. Maybe they'll track it back to here and discover that we're protesting the false dichotomy they're making.

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