This never happens to me, either

Tara Smith is off at a science conference, and she tried to buy some souvenirs from a Retail Sales Guy.

[RSG]: But you can't be a scientist!

[Me]: I can't?

[RSG]: No, you don't look like a microbiologist.

[Me]: Um, what exactly does a microbiologist look like, then?

[RSG]: Uh...

[Me]: Because I'm pretty sure that I am one. (Rummaging through bag, digging out ASM nametag). Yep, that's my name, and that's the microbiology conference logo right there.

[RSG]: But you're too pretty! You should be in Hollywood.

Wait, you mean it's not just an atheist problem? Women, I don't know how you cope: you're held to a higher standard than men on your looks, but at the same time, if you're looking good, you're judged not smart enough to be a scientist.

I have had the opposite situation, though, where people look at me, guess my occupation, and say "college professor". I don't quite know what it is, because I do share a family resemblance with my father, who was a diesel mechanic (but didn't have a beard. That must be it!)


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