Crazier than Ken Ham?

It's hard to believe, but yes, there are Christians who are even worse than Ken Ham, and even more ignorant. Here's one: Pastor Don Elmore of Union, Kentucky. He's written a revealing screed against Answers in Genesis.

It starts gently enough, chatting about their rapid growth and praising AiG for their work against those wicked evolutionists. And then it goes off the rails.

I am aware of the forces supporting "Answers in Genesis", these being the same powers that are supporting similar multi-cultural anti-Christian organizations such as Alpha, Promise Keepers, The Full Gospel Businessmen's Association, Billy Graham ministries, producers of many modern Bible versions, and a multitude of other ministries. These forces are the anti-Christian powers seeking One World Government under man, not God. The essence of my criticism is to show that "Answers in Genesis" supports the humanistic and unbiblical "Brotherhood of Man" doctrine (which also is a Hindu/Roman Catholic/Masonic/Jewish/Judeo-Christian and World-Church belief).

Dang. He kinda hates everyone.

But what really has him worked up is miscegenation! These guys are really still around? The rest of this article is all angry rants about race mixing.

For instance, less than 60 years ago, mixed racial unions were illegal in most of the states in the United States and other White nations. But now, they are tolerated as being supposedly within God's plan. Under the influence and promotion of the Jewish-Masonic-Papal-Communist/Socialist controlled governments and media, Western Christianity has succumbed to the approval of race mixing, and we will be looking at what is behind this. The Bible abounds with evidence of God's clear will that the races be separate in every way. "Answers in Genesis" mould all its answers around Judeo-Christian doctrines and traditions, and claims a different basis and definition of "race" from that which the Bible gives. Furthermore, there is evidence of Jewish Talmudic sources, or of what the Apostle Paul calls "Jewish fables".

That's about as far as I could get without gagging. It wasn't just the anti-semitism and the racism…it was that I was actually sympathizing with Answers in Genesis.

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