Science and the Fourth of July

Science and The American Experiment

Click here to find out how attacking science is attacking the Declaration of Independence.

Read this book to discover the link between science and democracy.

We have Three Years to safeguard our climate, and the world probably needs America to take part in that.

From the Striving to Kill Civilization Department

Let's maintain all those racist symbols in America's national parks!

A few hundred armed militia group members, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Ku Klux Klaners, supporters of President Donald Trump, and other self-described patriots descended upon the Gettysburg battlefield Saturday to defend the site’s Confederate symbols from phantom activists with the violent far-left group Antifa

In a related story, a group of yahoos supporting racist iconography in public parks met at Gettysburg. One of them had a gun in a holster, and the gun went off randomly and shot him in the thigh. Later, when the police were trying to unload the firearm, the gun went off again. Pro tip: Don't have a gun that fires itself whenever it feels like it. Pro tip #2: Don't put racist iconography in public parks.

Meanwhile, down in Florida, City Commissioners in Hollywood FL have voted to unname several streets after Confederate war generals. These streets are concentrated in black neighborhoods. Read all about it.

South Park and other immaturities
South Park has decided to ignore Trump.Fora culture-shaping anti-authoritian entity like South Part to ignore trump can only mean a couple of things. One of those tings is that the producers/writers of South Park like Trump, the other is that Trump got to them. I'll leave it to you'all to enter your alternative explanations in the comments below.

When Trump tweets a doctored video of himself beating the crap out of journalist, this guy gets a hard-on:

Political Science

I know this is fake news, since it is from CNN, but still: Forty-four states have refused Kobach's request for voter information

Best Chris Christie Beach Meme:

More like this

There was a story out of New Jersey today that six families who had beach from cottages along the same beach as Christie (they were grandfathered in many years ago) had been told they could be in their cottages this weekend.

Christie showed up and hard park police order the others out under threat of arrest.

The Hollywood FL town council voted to rename streets that are _currently_ named after Confederate generals. The phrasing in this post gives the impression it's the other way around.

Actually, what the council in Hollywood FL has voted on is to vote on giving the streets dual names (new and existing) when they return in August.

From an outsider's perspective it is extraordinary that US citizens, and especially the libertarian ones, are not revolting in the streets at being excluded from a public space, all for the benefit of an indolent whale of a govenor. And the fact that six families that have decades-long property rights to the beach and were still ecvicted with nary a whimper from the libertarians, even after the great unwashed were turned away and the beach was desolate, is even more unfathomable. It's as if the entire country is lining up in a great long row and dropping their trousers whilst they grasp their ankles, and exhort the 1% to give it to them as hard as they can.

For what it's worth, the rest of the world now regards the USA as a laughing stock, and a basket case. The nation has almost NO international reputation remaining for "great[ness]" - and any pretence to the same is regarded merely as bluster. And for any Murikans who don't get the mathematics, that's 93% of planetary surface rea laughing at you, and 96% of the global population.

I weep for my rational US friends, in the rational minority, who have to watch the slow-motion demise of their once-laudible nation.

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[Cue apopletic response to "... all for..."]

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