An anthropologist who thinks we aren't apes


Jonathan Marks has written a terribly wrong-headed article -- it's embarrassingly bad, especially for someone who claims to be writing popular anthropology articles. He's adamant that humans aren't apes. He's not denying evolutionary descent from a common ancestor, he just seems to fail to understand the nature of taxonomic categories.

What are we? We are human. Apes are hairy, sleep in trees, and fling their poo. I should make it clear: Nobody likes apes more than I do; I support their preservation in the wild and their sensitive treatment in captivity. I also don't think I'm better than them. I'm smarter than they are, and they are stronger than I am. I'm just not one of them, regardless of my ancestry. I am different from them. And so are you. You and I have 46 chromosomes in our cells; chimpanzees have 48. They are indeed very similar, but if you know what to look for, you can tell their cells apart quite readily.

Wow. So wrong.

He's confusing species with higher levels of the taxonomic hierarchy, that is, the leaves for the branches. If he's going to take that attitude, there are no apes anywhere -- there is no single species we'd call "apes". Chimpanzees could similarly protest that they aren't apes, they have a set of characteristics that distinguish them from those other apes, gorillas, humans, and orangutans. Gorillas could announce that they are Gorilla gorilla gorillia, not some damn dirty ape like chimps or humans or orangutans. And so on.

Of course we're apes. We're members of a broad group of related animals, and we call that taxonomic group the apes. What he's doing is similar to if I declared that I'm not human, I'm an American -- rejecting affiliation with a general category to claim exclusive membership to a subcategory.

And he goes on and on about it. Sorry, but I detest that definition by chromosome number. Are Down syndrome people not human? Minor rearrangements of chromosomes are fairly common -- do they break some membership rule, so that you're kicked out of the human club if you don't have your genes in the right order?

He also has a cartoonish definition of apes. They live in trees and are hairy and throw poo. Again, it's using the circumstantial to displace the general. "Ape" is a statement of relationship, not an individual -- so to deny your apishness is to deny your history.

He almost sort of gets it.

And indeed we–that is, Homo sapiens–fall phylogenetically within the group that we call "apes." Shouldn't that make us apes?


On the other hand, we also fall phylogenetically within the group that we call "fish." That is to say, a coelacanth is more closely related to us than it is to a trout. So we fall within the category that encompasses both coelacanths and trout, namely, fish.

Yes! He almost has it!

Then, failure.

Yet we are not fish. There are certainly things to be understood by confronting our fish ancestry (such as our gestation in a saline, aqueous environment), but fish can't read, so if you are reading this, then you are not a fish.

Jonathan Marks: go back to school and learn some cladistics. You don't identify a clade by autapomorphies, or traits that are novel to a species, like reading. It's like declaring that zebrafish have horizontal stripes, and fish don't have stripes, therefore they are not fish. It's stupid on multiple levels.

Until you've mastered the basic concepts, I'd appreciate it if you stopped miseducating the public, too.

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Odd that he would, in an election year, cite flinging of poo as a difference.

This seems to be more a dispute over semantics than anything else. Marks isn't denying that humans and apes fall into the same taxonomic category---he specifically states that they do, in fact---his argument is centered more around the unique adaptions that undeniably separate us from the rest of the group. It's rather like the contextual usage of the word "animal"; nobody denies that humans belong to the Kingdom Animalia, but if I said, "You animal!" very few people would take it as a mere statement of scientific fact.

By Juan Diego Rossiter (not verified) on 03 Nov 2015 #permalink

I agree with Juan, it is a dispute over semantics, great apes can be considered as a paraphyletic group excluding humans.

By Daniel Corcos (not verified) on 03 Nov 2015 #permalink

He's wrong on his cartoonish colloquialisms too: What do you call living in skyscrapers and flinging CO2 into the atmosphere? Trees and poo with a bit of technology.

Seriously though, I have never understood (except in a vaguely clinical sense) this need that some humans have, for the belief that they are "better than" someone else, even "better than" other animals. An enormous quantity of evil, racism being the paradigm case, has followed from that.

Re. Juan @ 3: I always say "humans _and other_ animals," because we _are_ animals, and we shouldn't be so hubricious as to separate ourselves from the rest of nature. I'd rather be an animal than a vegetable or mineral, wouldn't you?;-)

This exemplifies a common downfall of rationalist movements: the tendency to start thinking that favored abstractions are more real than the concrete realities from which they were derived. "Fish" don't exist in nature; such words are abstract concepts used to help structure and organize our observations of concrete things that do exist: tuna, hammerheads, morays, parakeets, elephants, humans. You wish to repurpose a common English word that always included only the first three of those six animals to include all of them, simply because your research involves the recognition of monophyletic groups only, and you want a nice short snappy word for that group.

However, for most ordinary activities the most useful abstractions applied to living things are, to use your enshrined jargon, phenetically defined categories that take symplesiomorphies and autapomorphies into consideration (i.e., for the uninitiated, based on overall similarity, including the possession of primitive, or contrarily novel and unique, characters). If one's goal is to obtain food, care properly for a pet, or figure out what animals one's fishing license entitles one to try to kill, the dictionary definition of "fish" is much more helpful than yours. Tell people that they are "stupid" and need to "go back to school" if they persist in using an abstract category that has long-since proven its utility outside the context of phylogeny production, and you just reinforce the impression that the abstraction "ivory tower academics" corresponds to a set of activities that have no relevance to ordinary life.

@ Jane
I fully agree with you, except that I would not call "rationalists" people saying that fish do not exist and that one should say "craniata" instead.

By Daniel Corcos (not verified) on 04 Nov 2015 #permalink

PZ Myers' opening remarks are insulting and unprofessional. Professor Marks isn't claiming to write popular articles, he is writing popular articles. This arrogant reviewer fails to understand that there are legitimate alternative interpretations of word meanings, with different usages for different audiences. A physical anthropology text I am using in one class refers to nonhuman tool use traditions as "cultural"; in general anthropology (with stricter definitions of what constitutes "culture"), the word "protoculture" is used. That, too, could be argued that it implies a future evolution into true culture, with integrated elements. There are different contexts in which these words are used.

What is unacceptable is the lack of collegiality required of scientists in Myers' use of "terribly wrong-headed", etc. and
"Wow" and other sneering remarks. Cladistics is not the be-all and end-all of classificatory systems, and Professor Marks does not have to be scolded to "go back to school" or that his work is "stupid". PZ Myers needs to learn to write in a manner that is mature and civil.

By Deborah Swartz (not verified) on 04 Nov 2015 #permalink

Sadly, the more I read Dr. Myers' articles, the more I find him to be on the side of proper science. So he doesn't tolerate poor science writing - where's the problem?

Here are two crappy (imo) articles that appeared in the last week:

The Economist: Greater than the sum of its parts

BBC Earth: Meet a lamprey. Your ancestors looked just like it

Both demonstrate that writers who know nothing about cladistics or basic taxonomy are going to write a bunch of nonsense and mislead the public. These are the people who should be lying awake at night thinking "Boy, I sure hope Dr. Meyers doesn't read my article, because he's going to say some un-collegial things to me!" Or, the magazines could hire a frickin biologist to edit articles their regular editors don't have the background to understand.

So, what did y'all think of the Humans are not from Earth post?

If a software says " I am computer", and a human being think " I am ape", both are wrong. What's a human being is not an issue for evolutionary biologists while neurologist does not know how neurons relates to consciousness. When I think " What I am?" is not my physical body asking, it is my consciousness. It does not matter if my body was raped from apes, it is not my body thinking this question as I doubt that any ape think this question..

And my consciousness is a software inserted into a terrestrial biological body, be it ape or something else. Ehe Windows software came from Bill Gate's mind and not produced by computers, so, it is not logical to think that human bodies produced their consciousness. At last, Science has no data for afirm it.

The fact that we have less chromosomes than apes is due apes are better organic machine than us. And they are better machines because they reproduces faithful the machine that created all living beings here, the Newtonian machine. Human physical body is the necessary natural machine retrocess for nurturing a different origin from a different creator. Which we don't know who is, because we don't know what we are.

This is a science issue? Of course, not. Science deals with objects, real things, it does not makes comparisons of two things, does not do cladistic... humans do it. When Science alone enters in the apes' world in the jungle and in the humans world in New York, Science is dealing with two totally different things and has no real data indicating that one thing is related to another.

One day Science could to prove that our physical body came from apes and our consciousness came from our human brains. But, it didn't yet.

And if you want to talk for Science, you must feel as you are Science, and not a scientist atheist or theist or communist with their private interpretations behind Science.

By Louis Morelli (not verified) on 04 Nov 2015 #permalink

@ GregH
In the present case, Myers does not comment on the Economist or on the BBC. He is insulting a colleague on the ground he considers great apes as a paraphyletic group not including humans. But, as can be seen with the example of fish, considering only monophyletic groups is absurd. Admittedly, grouping otherwise is subjective and relative, but if you consider yourself very close to chimps, I will not insult you.

By Daniel Corcos (not verified) on 05 Nov 2015 #permalink

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GregH - I thought the Economist article on the eastern coyote or coywolf was pretty darned good for science (or anything, really) in the Economist. Cladistics is an abstract mental model, not a full description of the way the world really works. The evidence that gene flow has occurred recently between coyotes and wolves is, as far as I can tell, strong, as is the evidence of past gene flow between Homo sapiens and related hominins that had not yet been rendered extinct by our ancestors. The article coherently and rightly observes that this is a problem for simple definitions of species: hybridization between seemingly distinct species is a common fact that doesn't fit into the framework of strict cladism, but the alternative of decreeing that anything that hybridizes must be the same species no matter what its morphology won't satisfy taxonomists, or the public, at all.

As for the article on lampreys, I didn't think much of the content or style. However, a quick Google for "fish phylogeny" suggests that the lamprey is a very basal lineage, while eels proper (not closely related) are fairly basal as well, and they probably have many plesiomorphic features. That is, they do look like primitive vertebrates and chordates. Even Pikaia looked somewhat like a teeny little eel-like fish. Of course there will be numerous technical characters that differentiate eels from their distant ancestors, but for the public - those lumpen hoi polloi who are supposed to be breathlessly hanging on every word of the folks in white coats, and who have no experience of obscure fossils - envisioning our remote oceanic ancestors as looking like lampreys would be close enough to go on.

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