Evolution caught in a movie

It's a standing joke that creationists demand a complete time-lapse recording of evolution before they're going to believe it. Joke no more: we've got one. It's a movie of bacteria evolving antibiotic resistance. I don't even need to explain it, because the video explains everything that's going on.

Different old joke now: But they're still just bacteria.

Also, you should be horrified by the power of evolution. It took 11 days for the bacterial population to evolve resistance to a lethal, thousand-fold increase in antibiotic concentration.


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Fuck yeah!

So nine days of changes, sounds about right.
Must be the built in dormancies' (genes) most organisms have.
And you wondered what they're useful properties' were> the xtra genes.

Its like saying the data isn't underlying.
Isn't our nature marvelous.

A strong virus would know how to survive, life is equalled to a strong virus, viruses are in universal definition, versatile game players.

"Different old joke now: "But they’re still just bacteria"."

Same old fact: They’re still just bacteria.

By See Noevo (not verified) on 11 Sep 2016 #permalink

"Same old fact:" sn is still willfully dishonest about evolution. (But then, he has said that until an animal of one species gives birth to one of a different species, as evolution says must happen (his words), he knows it is false.

I guess the next step is to examine the genomes of each strain to determine exactly how they developed resistance. If they developed widely different mechanisms, or if we can identify the exact mutations, we can dismiss Ld Elon's idea of dormant genes.

By Wizard Suth (not verified) on 12 Sep 2016 #permalink