Welcome to ScienceBlogs' new photo blog, Photo Synthesis.

While doing our usual browsing of the blogosphere, we've become aware of the vast number of excellent blogs featuring science imagery, from neural networks captured with a light microscope to images of supernovae billions of light-years away. To take advantage of this wealth of visual content, we've decided to host our favorites here on ScienceBlogs, with a rotating line-up of photobloggers we'll select monthly.

To start us off, we've selected a photoblogger whose subjects are small but magnificent: The members of the class Insecta. If you thought you were familiar with ants, beetles, or wasps—think again. Alex Wild's photography exposes both the beauty and the intricate complexities of their behavior. Wild, an entomologist by day, has spent his career studying such creatures and their evolutionary histories. But we'll let him introduce himself.

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