Villa Sophia 2007 "Gruccia"

This weekend was "bottling weekend." Here is one of the final products:
That's right, the Villa Sophia, 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon "Gruccia" has found its way, with a little labor on my part, out of the carboys and into the bottle. This year's wine is called "gruccia." You see at one point during the winemaking a bung made its way into the carboy, and well, you can guess how I got it out, can't you?


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Promising :) More drinkable than my last batch, that's for sure.

I am excited to see a posting here on TQP that I can understand! :-)
I am quite intrigued by your enological efforts. One of these days I'll have to take the plunge myself.

Hey there - Congrats on the wine! I look forward to trying some :-)