Villa Sophia 2009: Il Monstro Viola

This weekend was bottling weekend. Bottled up nine gallons of cab, Il Monstro Viola (this was the year that the purple monster in our front yard died) yielding 55 bottles of wine. Interestingly the two carboys I used had distinctively different tastes, one had a much stronger oak taste than the other. But both batches, this year, had a lot less of that "juice" taste than my previous years. Off to storage you go, Il Montro Viola:




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You can guess who made the labels, and it wasn't Mr. Pontiff :)

I'll take a bottle.

Molto bene, ma {monstro, montro} -> mostro, no?

'Monstro' is a sort of superposition of Italian 'mostro' and English 'monster'. But it is ok, maybe. Also notice that in Italian 'mosto' (no 'r' inside) means 'new wine'. Saluti, s.

Oh, cool. Do you sell your wines? I wouldn't mind cracking open a bottle by a SciBlogger. ^_^

By Xanthir, FCD (not verified) on 29 May 2009 #permalink