I Am Poor the iPhone App

I Am Poor, the $0.99 iPhone app:

The mac & cheese, Ramen noodles, and tuna is my artistic rendition of what poor college students eat with their limited funds.

The icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were able to afford this.

But, we all would like to get a little richer so tapping on the info button will let you read on old classic by P.T. Barnum called 'Art of Money Getting' to give you some sage advice to help you increase your wealth.

Barnums "Golden Rules for Making Money" found in 'Art of Money Getting' will pay for 'I Am Poor' many times over.

h/t @ravenme (Apparently it took over 11 months to get approved on the iTunes store.)

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