Talk at UBC Monday

Late notice, but I'm giving the theory seminar at UBC tomorrow, January 4, 2010 at noon:

Title: Adiabatic Cluster State Quantum Computing
Location: Hennings 318
Models of quantum computation are important because they change the physical requirements for achieving universal quantum computation. For example, one-way quantum computing requires the preparation of an entangled state followed by adaptive measurement on this state, a set of requirements which is different from the standard quantum circuit model. Here we introduce a model based on one-way quantum computing but without measurements (except for the final readout), instead using adiabatic deformation of a Hamiltonian whose initial ground state is the cluster state. This opens the possibility to use the copious results from one-way quantum computing to build more feasible adiabatic schemes. In this talk I will discuss this and other new adiabatic quantum computing protocols. This is joint work with Steve Flammia (Perimeter Institute).

Always great to visit Vancouver, let's just hope this time I come back with my passport!


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