About the UBC Talk

About that talk at UBC which I posted about on Sunday...

Q: How'd the talk in Vancouver go Monday, Dave?
D: The slides were awesome and the animations dazzling.
Q: So the talk went well?
D: Don't know. I didn't give the talk.
Q: Didn't give the talk? Why not?
D: Well at the time I was supposed to be giving the talk I was on the US / Canada border.
Q: Oh so you were late for your talk ...due to being stuck at the border crossing?
D: Actually I was heading back into the US at the time.
Q: Huh? Why were you heading the wrong direction?
D: Well because the fireman called.
Q: The fireman? Why did the fireman call you?!?
D: Well he called me to tell me I needed to call my wife.
Q: Why in earth would the fireman call you to tell you to call your wife?
D: Well he called to tell me to pick up my wife's call. Oh and he called on account of the mess in the bathroom.
Q: Mess what mess?
D: Oh well the mess was from the boy.
Q: Boy? Your little boy made a mess in the bathroom and the fireman had to call you?
D: Well the boy himself really didn't make a mess, because well he wasn't quite mobile at the time.
Q: Not mobile? But how was he involved in the mess?
D: Well he was the one who made my wife call the fireman on account of deciding to be born today.
Q: Born today! Well I'll be.... So the talk went well?

Mrs. Pontiff and Baby Bacon are both doing well and soon we will be heading home from the hospital (bringing home the Bacon, so to speak.) This sleep deprivation brings back fond memories of handing in my homework(s!) after an all nighter at Caltech. But at Caltech only a few of my fellow techers spit up quite this much.


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Congratulations dude

Congratulations! Wow!

Congrats Dave - if your "rival" (?) Chad O. can father a cute baby why not you? Furthermore, your appreciation of issues in QM is IMHO superior. That phrase "Mrs. Pontiff" sure does look weird - we're not likely to see that going around in official use for a long time, if ever.

Congratulations Dave! I hope the other 2/3rds of the pontiff family are getting on well. I expect to see Baby Bacon as a co author on your next paper!

Your son has just born and you've managed to find some time to make up a dialogue and actually post it? Wow!

Now, go there, and spoil Baby Bacon and Mrs. Pontiff a little!


By Roberto Baginski (not verified) on 07 Jan 2010 #permalink

Congratulations! I am always in favor of smart people having children.

By Tracy Hall (not verified) on 07 Jan 2010 #permalink

Tiny babies give me the warm fuzzies [and ten years ago, I would have never thought that they would].


Many congratulations! Here's wishing you sleep.

By Physicalist (not verified) on 08 Jan 2010 #permalink

Congratulations! That's wonderful news! My youngest daughter can babysit, if you're in need of a sitter.

Congrats Dave,

But I have a question...is Baby Bacon similar to Suckling pig? If so you should keep the kid away from the Seattle foodies...