Read More Novels Month

I'm sort of marking time for a couple of days here, for reasons that will hopefully be explained soon. There are some interesting posts in the works, but I want to wait for a few more days. Of course, I need something to fill the time, and indirectly via Drink at Work, I find that Foma* has the answer: National Just Read More Novels Month.

i-0c3a2add7d3371cad93d30d5305c0b06-NaJuReMoNoMosm.gif I hereby, unilaterally and with no other authority that which I have granted myself, declare January to be National Just Read More Novels Month or NaJuReMoNoMo, pronounced Nah-JOO-REE-Moe-NO-Moe if you really think you are going to have a chance to say it out loud and not sound like a total dweeb.

If you're like me, your book purchasing outpaces your book reading by a good margin. The purpose of NaJuReMoNoMo is to get around to reading all the books you buy and put on the nightstand or hide on a shelf and say you'll get around to reading. January is a great month for this since it's the middle of the winter, there are no upcoming major holidays to prepare for, and everyone is flush with Borders gift certificates.

Now that's an awareness month I can get behind.

(Check out the rest of the blog while you're over there. It's pretty good.)


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