Toys of the Monster Dogs

In honor of Halloween tomorrow, a menacing picture of Emmy, Queen of Niskayuna:


Caption: "Don't even think about trying to take my Kong."


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The lunar new year on Janurary 29, 2006 marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog in the Chinese system. We are pleased to present New Year's Greetings from Her Majesty, Emmy, Queen of Niskayuna: Bow before Emmy! Bow before Emmy NOOOOWWWWWW!!!! Or, failing that, at least rub her belly:
I'm sitting on the couch reading when Emmy trots in looking excited. "Hey, dude, I've got a great idea!" she says cheerily. "You know how your puppy is away for the week?" "Yeah." "Well, I think this is the perfect opportunity to class up your blog a little. I mean, you always post pictures of her…
chezjake asks: OK, try this one on for size. Do you have a bias against cats? We know that you have Emmy, and therefore you like dogs, but is there a reason you don't also have a cat? Well, the main reason we don't have a cat is that we have Emmy. She divides the world of furry quadrupeds into two…
It's Saturday, and it's Homecoming weekend at Union, so I'll be over on campus watching sporting events for a good chunk of the day. That means it's a perfect time to pay off another blog purchase, this one from Rajesh Vaidya who asked for LOLEmmys, at least five pictures worth. There are two…