Duke: Good and Bad

Lest it be said that I never say anything nice about anyone from Duke, let me second Dave's recommendation of Al Featherston's article about coaching consistency at the Duke Basketball Report. It being a Dukie publication, he goes on rather too long about the greatness of Mike Krzyzewski, but the opening point about how even the best coaches in the business can't avoid off years is excellent.

Lest it be said that I'm going soft on Duke, though, let me also link to Dave's most-hated Dukies post, with a bonus list of hated Tar Heels. Because nothing's as much fun as ragging on hateable players from teams you don't like.

For the record, my most-hated Duke players, in no particular order:

  • Shane Battier
  • Chris Collins
  • Christian Laettner
  • Jason Williams
  • JJ Redick

Most of these guys make the list through overhype, more than anything else. For example, by the end of his career, I was thoroughly sick of hearing about what a great player Battier was from Dick Vitale, usually during games involving two other teams...

My most hated Tar Heels:

  • Rasheed Wallace
  • Rasheed Wallace
  • Rasheed Wallace
  • Rasheed Wallace
  • Rasheed Wallace

Oh, all right,

  • Rasheed Wallace
  • J.R. Reid
  • Makhtar Ndiaye
  • Shammond Williams
  • King Rice

King Rice makes the list mostly because he was from Binghamton, near where I grew up, and he was kind of a prick. Wallace, Ndiaye, and Williams make the list because they were the kings of the post-whistle tantrum.


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