"It's a monstrosity," Brown said.

A little while ago, intrepid reporters from the Baltimore Sun dropped by my lab to investigate the newsworthiness of a paper (also on the ArXiv) that had just been published, about which I might talk a little bit before Chad gets back. Surprisingly, the article actually got published, complete with photo and great quotes.

I'm tragically not in the picture, as I was gone that day, but also wasn't an author on the paper; the data were taken last summer, before my arrival, which gives you an idea of the delay in this business between data, writing, and publishing. Highlights from the article include us cooling down atoms to -460 Fahrenheit, which if you know your numbers, is below absolute zero. We expect our phone call from Sweden next week, thank you very much.

At the moment I'm sneaking in a few data runs before getting some needed rest; I'm rising early to catch a 6am flight to Oakland, and the BART to Berkeley, to carouse with old chums and watch Cal beat Tennessee. As much as you crave my handicapping insight, I won't jinx things by offering a spread. I'm a little nervous; the further I've gotten from undergrad, the more I've become emotionally invested in Cal football. They've gotten a lot better since the seven straight Big Game losses that started my sophomore year, so I guess it could be worse-- I could be a fan of the (forgive me) L.S. Junior University.

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Hopefully one of these years Stanford football will put you bears back in your place, but I'm not holding my breath.

Not that I'd go to the games anyway, never been much into "school spirit".

Stuart, that's what they all say... when they're losing. :)

Roll on your Bears!

I too remember the seven straight years of Big Game losses, which started the year before my freshman year. I'm happy to say that I returned after graduating and watched us break the streak!

Go Bears.