Uncertain Dots: Episode 3

This week's hangout with Rhett Allain, in which we talk about how we got into physics, how we find stuff to read, what we enjoyed on physics blogs this week, what we do and don't like about Twitter, and the revenge of the Sith.

The specific blog posts we mentioned:

Frank Noschese's analysis of gravity in Flappy Birds

Ethan Siegel on Hawking and black holes

Bee at Backreaction on what Hawking really said

Timothy Burke on "administrative bloat" and faculty control

Dr. SkySkull on infinite series

Physics Buzz apologizing for starting the infinite series thing

Matthew Francis on polarization in quantum physics

Tune in next week, when we'll likely talk about the process of blogging, and maybe some highlights-of-the-week stuff again, because Jennifer Ouellette is on vacation...

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