Uncertain Dots 22

After a long absence due to travel (some of which is discussed), Uncertain dots returns!

Rhett and I talk about recent travels, how people going into internet-based physics outreach these days would probably do better to make videos than blog, physics in science fiction, celestial navigation, and as always, our current courses.

Some links:

-- Our Eratosthenes measurement from 2012.

-- Divided by Infinity, the best Many-Worlds story ever.

-- Ted Chiang's "Story of Your Life" isn't legitimately available online, but there's a spoilery Wikipedia page about it.

-- An old post where I talk about what Neal Stephenson's Anathem gets wrong about Many-Worlds.

As mentioned at the end of the hangout, we're considering having special guests again. If you know anybody who would be interested, or particularly good to have on, feel free to nominate them in the comments.

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