Eureka: Quantum Crosswords

My new book comes out one month from yesterday, or four weeks from tomorrow. Of course, yesterday was Sunday, and tomorrow's a federal holiday, both lousy times for promotional posts, so I'll drop this in today instead. Here's a promotional video I put together, about how the history of quantum mechanics can be compared to working a crossword puzzle:

This is basically the talk I gave at TED@NYC last year, done in front of a green screen with slides edited in behind me for that An Inconvenient Truth vibe (Nobel committee, take note...). With some bonus cute kid photos and an explicit reference to the book, which isn't allowed at TED things.

I've got another of these ready to upload, and will be shooting a third at some point, to give you a couple more examples of the central argument and some further cool science. If you like it, I've got a whole book worth of this you can buy. Well, pre-order at this point, but four weeks from tomorrow, look for it wherever books are sold...

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