081/366: Pre-Dawn

For a brief, glorious moment the time change meant that I didn't need a flashlight for my weekday morning walks with Emmy. Sadly, the inexorable motion of the Earth in its orbit means that we are once again into the zone where the sun isn't above the horizon when we take our morning stroll:

Niskayuna High School a bit before sunup. Niskayuna High School a bit before sunup.

That's the high school a few blocks from here. It's not on our usual route, but I detoured over there in hopes of getting a decent sunrise photo, as that's the clearest view we have of the eastern horizon, and there was about the right amount of cloud cover for things to look cool. Alas, the timing didn't work out to see pretty colors. But it at least gives you an idea of what we're dealing with on a typical morning these days.


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