092/366: Rejected Currency

It's cold and rainy today-- you know, like it's supposed to be in December in the Northeast-- so a good day to stay inside with the camera and be randomly artsy. My desk is currently hosting a larger than usual pile of change because SteelyKid found a coin-collecting thing she got a few years ago and decided to hunt for state quarters. So I spent a little while taking pictures of different configurations of this giant pile of rejected quarters. The two best are GIMPed together in the "featured image" up top, but here they are separately:

Messy pile of quarters. Messy pile of quarters.
Neatly stacked quarters. Neatly stacked quarters.

I'm not sure there's any useful larger point to this, just some fiddling around with depth of field and focus points and so on. I kind of like both of these; if I had to go with just one, I'd probably pick the messy pile, but I don't have to, so I'll put both of them in here.


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