DNA Artistry will make a special piece of art from your DNA:

i-a2abbed5d911ca60bc12d4a67c6a312d-sample_03.jpgDNA-Artistry: The Art of Science -- creating one-of-a-kind genetic portraits.

DNA-Artistry gives new meaning to the term "original art." It's a self-portrait that's as individual - and unique - as you are. DNA-Artistry uses the science of your individual DNA sequence to create art in the form of your very own genetic blueprint. One that is beautifully - and colorfully - expressed on canvas or in print.

It all starts with a profile: yours.

DNA-Artistry uses DNA profiling, a tool to identify an individual's unique genetic makeup. A sample is collected from the individual using an oral swab. It's that simple. The DNA is extracted and profiled, and set in our patent pending format for viewing.

I am not entirely certain how they are generating these images, but I am pretty certain they are performing RFLP or Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism -- a technique for identifying an individual's alleles for particular genes.


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Actually the technique used to generate those images is PCR (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polymerase_chain_reaction). I have a few of those of myself, it's one of the most essential techniques to the study of genetics. Pretty neat stuff, although it really shouldn't cost that much to get one. Make buddies with someone working in a lab and you could likely get one for free.

As a science teacher, I gotta qualify here. PCR, stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction, which is just a technique to take a little DNA and make a lot of DNA. Then you gotta cut it into different size pieces- that's where the RFLP comes in. Restriction enzymes do the cutting. Then you run the DNA through an electrophoresis gel- the different light colored bands you see are concentrations of DNA that are all the same length- hence they traveled the same distance.

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DO NUT BUY FROM DNA ARTISTRY!!! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!! We tried to buy a kit and they never sent it. It was suppposed to be a present for my birthday from my girlfriend. She ordered it and it never came. On the phone the kit was always on the way. Their payment structure leaves no recourse other than court and they are sure that no one wants to go to court over less than 300 bucks for a DNA kit. We nicely tried to get our money back and they will not return our phone calls. Again, the Paypal payment structure leaves no other recourse than court. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!