Why do I find this funny?

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I haven't posted any comic strips in over a month, so I figured I was due for one. This one comes from the poorly drawn, but always insightful, Toothpaste for Dinner:
quantum-entanglement.gif (GIF Image, 650x374 pixels) Toothpaste for Dinner identifies the first application of large-scale quantum teleportation. (tags: comics physics silly quantum) getfuzzy20183366080226.gif (GIF Image, 600x204 pixels) "Take Bigfoot. You only ever see him in campgrounds and…
Working on for scienceblogs.com, I would say that I receive more interesting emails than the average person. Most of these emails are legitimate such as offers to send me books to read, and those are always appreciated. Some of the emails quote scripture and say that I am going to burn in hell.…

Whatever it is, I have it too. Almost scary what can make one laugh uncontrollably, even for a little while.

By Pierce Presley (not verified) on 17 Nov 2006 #permalink

wow, you shouldn't get caught laughing that hard at work. thanks for the link, too. my fave:

"thousands of scientists have worked together for years, and now, finally, we have cured cancer. however, we refuse to release the cure until nascar is outlawed. it's your call, congress."

Evidently someone else thought it was funny too. It's #3 on Seed's Daily Zeitgeist for 11/20/06

Me? I'm scratching my head - and laughing my patoot off........

By anomalous4 (not verified) on 21 Nov 2006 #permalink

all right,this is funny.